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Why do you like anime and manga?
12/22/2006 . Edited 12/22/2006 #1
Force Edge
For the same reason that I like some movies, shows, and video games: they have a good storyline, good humor, and cool action scenes.
12/31/2006 #2
Eh, I'm not one to brag, but some people don't get the fact that this would be considered a "fan" forum in FP rules, and "fan" forums are supposed to be posted at FF?
12/31/2006 #3
Well I like anime & manga becuase it has a very unique art style and great storie lines that run more adult-ish then american comics/cartoons . I find american comics & cartoons ( beside a few exceptions ) very juvinille and don't even begin to capture the beauty of many manga and anime that are out there . Like Escaflowne is by far a wonderful piece of art and story telling that no american cartoon can compete with , well maybe besdies Avatar ( because american cartoonist finally got the idea that just because kids watch it does not mean that it has to be about some one farting or learning some lame life lesson ) . As far as american comics go , they are more mature but they lack something that does not capture my intrest , unlike manga . Maybe because the japenese and american stroy telling styles are diffrent. I don't know what it is I just like manga better .
1/4/2007 #4
XxXKristie MarieXxX
I've never really thought about it... hmm.. Yeah great story line action. It also seems more real than other things to watch and I get more into when I read manga. My favorit anime is Inuyasha and Sailor Moon.. which they dont play anymore here :( and everyting else confuzzld-mesaid.. I agree with!
1/5/2007 #5
Oooh... I love both thsoe animes... I have fanfiction about them... as crossovers and such. LOL
1/6/2007 #6
yeah, American comics lack emotion in my opinion. their expressions are dull and try to be dramatic bt to let you know what they're feeling, they have to add a whole bunch of words while an manga needs few words to show the emtion of whats going on.
1/6/2007 #7
XxXKristie MarieXxX
Yes I totally agree.
1/8/2007 #8
Charming Dice
American graphic novels overall, in my opinion, are equal in quality to mangas. The difference is that they get far less publicity, taking a back seat to traditional comics such as Spider-Man, X-Men, etc. Check out series like Hellblazer (which was turned into the movie Constantine) or Sin City, and you'll see that they can be as good as any manga. So I like manga for the same reasons I like graphic novels: great art and storylines.
1/8/2007 #9
i like manga and anime because i think they are more interesting than some american shows that in my opinion have gotten pretty stupid, especially some of the cartoons. i also like anime cause it sort of makes me different than most of my friends (though two of them are into anime and manga themselves). i also just like the imagination that the japanese but in them. And there is always something different there is never the same manga and there are different varieties and i also just love the style of their comics.
1/9/2007 #10
I enjoy manga for several reasons. One, it's an art form in it's own right. I see a lot of comparison to American comics here - that somewhat annoys me. Manga is not the same as a comic book. And not all comic books are created equal. A lot of American comics are drawn either realisticly (superman) or almost grotesquely mutilated (Anything my little brother watches on Cartoon Network), but there are thousands of styles out there. The idea that all of these different art forms are connected only because their 'stories with pictures' is, in my opinion, incredibly silly. I personally think that, like 'real' art, they should be catagorized as said. Perhaps that's why I love manga so much - each manga style, as distinctive as it is, is still in the geanra 'manga.' While it is, in the most simple deffinition, a 'comic book', it is catagorized in its own way. It is it's own distinctive style - you can have 'Japanese Comicbooks' that are not the same as mangas. (Wow, this is getting long) Okay, reason two. The plots. Many manga, in my experience, can make me laugh out loud and cry in the same series - they have such a high run of emotions, and such a sense of depth, while still keeping the ability to laugh at themselves. I have instant respect and love for anything that can do that. And it's harder than it seems, to get a series to be really, honestly deep yet exhuberantly hilarious. I'm not saying every manga can do that. I've run across many mangas which only concentrate on one or the other (which is still fine) or, holy terrors, whose only purpose i fanservise. X_X. Kinda creepy, those. I still maintain a respect for manga, however. For the same thing, I still like American cartoons. While things as superficial as Superman fairly make me sick, I do not condone every American comic to that fate. 'Maus' and 'the Far Side' are not the same genre at all. Well, in very long words, that's all!
1/13/2007 . Edited 1/13/2007 #11
I like the way manga smells..... You know? When you get a new episode of Naruto or something and you open it up and it smells....good.
1/14/2007 #12
. . . you're right. Especially if it's not from borders, but from one of those shops that gets it straight-from-Japan. Borders is good too, though. They let you read the manga without buying them down in the cafeteria. ^^
1/15/2007 #13
lol I think all us mangaholics go sit down at borders and read for hours on end . Lol . I know my friends older sister spent like 6 hours reading manga in borders .Well luckily for me my older sister works there now so I just get her to borrow some books for me ( borders employes *sp* are allowed to borrow hard back books as long as they don't damage them ( mangas are consider hard back !) ) ^ ^.
1/15/2007 #14
XxXKristie MarieXxX
That would be nice. But all the stuff i've seen around here isn't. But I get way more into manga than I do any other reading. Not that I'm dissing american stuff. Just Manga is so much more fun to read and its addicting. Plus they make really good money. The keep going and pulling the reader into buy more. In america its like 2 or 3 books then its done. Clever! I get books from friends and I order manga stuff and we all share and trade. It usally only takes me a day to read an entier book and half another. Thats how addicting it is.
1/17/2007 #15
Basically, i just like the action in it(although there is an exaggeration of blood in most, ie. bleach). It's just a good entertainment source though most parents usually outlaw these books/shows.
1/23/2007 #16
XxXKristie MarieXxX
I've heard alot about Bleach.. Its on TV around here. But I can't watch it long enough to no waht its about. It just doesn't capture my intrest. But they way people talk about it, it does catch it.. but I just can't see mto get into it.
1/24/2007 #17
I've heard of Bleach also but I don't know what its about though. One of my friends buys the Naruto manga when the Englissh versions come out. Most of my friends and I borrow them from her. I've read other manga but not in order. I only own about two or three myself.
1/24/2007 #18
Bleach is basically about this boy named Ichigo who has hieghten spiritual powers and accidently steals the power of a shinigami , a soul reapper and he goes around beating up Hollows ( bad souls ,or souls that were turned bad ) . Thats the jist of it ,I'm sorry if I offended and bleach fans by my sucky summary ! But it's pretty good if you follow along in order ! Oh and Naruto completely rox ! You can find the latest chapters , straight from japan & all nicely translated online ! Right now Naruto is on chptr 339 or something of the sort ( there are over 30 volumes thus far ^ ^) .
1/24/2007 #19
actually, japanese manga came before American comics so i dont think it's fitting to call American graphic novels 'traditional.'
1/24/2007 #20
Diclaimer: I know this is extremely biased but i dont care. I like it from its style. I mean, yes their eyes are unrealistically HUGE. Yet, they bring emotion into the storyline unlike those of american graphic novels. The comics are all dialogue and no action. (which is the reason i gave up on death note) Yes the comics have action but they are more about the muscles and such. They never really care about the facial features and emotions they bring out. So when you look into a comic, its a lot like just staring into a emotionless drawings. No offense really, the art really does show emotion but its only things like surprise and gratitude. Manga has more realistic art like sadness, tears(very big thing in every manga), happiness, ectasy, etc. Also, what is it with the storyline with comics? No offence, but its always, damsel in distress, mayor in distress, or city in distress and always, always big bulky muscular superhero (ie. superman with his outside underwear) coming in the last second to save the day. everytime. everyday. every single day. There some sidekicks, few villians, but no plot. It's always save, save, save. Oh yeah. And more saving. And even in the attempt to make it as realistic as possible, nearly all the events are fictional. Even batman, where the main character is merely a strong, brave human, the archenemy, the Joker, is purely fake. I mean, who ever heard of a clown who just so happened got mad at the main character and became a mad clown with sharp paper cards able to slice through thick cloth? But manga on the other hand, is meant to be fictional. (SHounen) Most of the time, they have the main setting fictional(bleach) or based on Japanese mythology(Inuyasha)Even death note, [q]set in the modern world is based off 'shinigami,' japanese death gods. The mangakas understand all these are fictional so they dont focus on the everyday life of the citizens or main characters - unlike the comics where everyday there's a new disaster to be ended by the needed hero - instead they focus on the events following up to clear plot.(ie. bleach - stop aizen, naruto - get sasuke back, d. gray man - stop the earl) Even in shojo, girl's manga, although it's fictional, the artist always steer clear of the really fantasy side and show more [/q]of the emotional side in high school and such. Yes I know most of the story plots are highly exaggerated, but isnt that like Degrassi, an American produced series? Like in Hanazakari no Kimitachi e(hana kimi) where the main character dresses like a boy to be with her idol, that is still possible. And instead of focusing on only the boyish group, as used in the American commericial comics, the Japanese mangakas spread their creations to a variety of selections such as boys, girls, adults, and even homosexuals. There's also the widespread of Japanese and asian culture. To most American eyes, the asian language is always alien and 'ching chong chang' which causes most asians(like myself) to be greatly enraged by their uncultured and biased minds of the countries on the Pacific rim. They are not introduced to the oringiality of asian cultures and find themselves obliviously racist and confined.
1/24/2007 #21
just read scans on the internet.
1/24/2007 #22
that is soo true! i always hate it when my mom tries to imitate the japanese along with any other asian language when ever i talk to her about this stuff. I also hate it when people say the names wrong. like my friends at school when i was reading a Inuyasha manga they would always say inuwasha or something like that and i always got annoyed by that. but that's just because most of my friends are not into the whole manga things like me and three of my friends are. I know i'm kinda insulting us americans but i must say that american comic people have no sense of plot or anything. it's like they have no sense of passion or anything. which is another reason i like anime and manga they have passion and makes you go in supense or makes you go "awwww!" when something cute happens and makes you feel the characters emotions and makes you laugh at the same time.
1/24/2007 #23
i love Japanese music (this is somewhat linked to the fact i love anime and manga)
1/24/2007 #24
woot ! J-rock rox ! I luuuuv Asian Kung-Fu Genereation ! And I am currently obsessed with Miku from An Cafe !
1/29/2007 #25
XxXKristie MarieXxX
Man, maybe i'm not as a big of a fan that I thought I was. I Have like no idea on half the shows you people talk about. :(
1/31/2007 #26
PLASTIC TREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yay!
1/31/2007 #27
yes! japanese music rocks! they just have a nice beat don't ya think? though the only japanese music that i have listened to were inuyasha and kenshin.
2/4/2007 #28
bwa ha ha ha ha....gendou....
2/4/2007 #29
Sailor Moon also has awesome japanese music... especially.. can't think of the name of teh song. -ighs- I Love Inuyasha' japanese music!
2/4/2007 #30
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