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I have attended 5 anime conventions in my life ( all within 3 years ) and I must say I really enjoy the con-going experience ! Infact I think I am addicted ! I attended like 3 anime conventions the past year , Otakon , Anime Usa & Anime Mid-Atlantic and now I am flat broke ::sigh:: , but thats what I get .

Anywho The Pro's & Con's of anime convetions :

Pro : It's a great way to meet people who share your passion

Con: Some of thoose people are freaking lunatics and won't leav you alone !

Pro : If you paraded around in your cosplay no one cares because everyone else is doing the same thing .

Con : If you wear a cospaly outfit you take the risk of getting severly mistaken as other characters by noobies ! For example :

I wore a Merle cosplay out fit to two convetions this year . At Otakon no one ever mistook me for anything but Merle and I was like a celebrity walking around there ( people would shout my charaters name and just randomly hugg me ^ ^ It was great ) but at Anime Usa this stupid noobie had the NERVE to ask me if I was dressed up as PIKACHU !!!PIKACHU !!!!Then later that same day some guy asked me if I was from a Henti called Dragon Pink ( Keep in mmind my outfit was NOT sluty in ANY way !) ! I looked up photos of the character and it didn't even resemble mine ! Agggh ! I hate noobies , if they don't know for sure who the character is they should SHUT THERE MOUTH ! ( I was really close to punching the girl who called me Pikachu )

Pro : the merchandise !Ah the merchandise is heaven !

Con : At the end of the Con you wonder wherethe hell all your money went because all you have to show for it is a key chain and a pillow .

Well thats all I ahve to rant about for now !WHtas yallz pro's and con's for Anime Con's ??Or your experience at them ?

1/11/2007 #1
why the hell are there two of these things ? I only pushed create once .I don't get it !
1/11/2007 #2
Don't worry... lol! It's okay! It happens, could you read my story 'Miracle KNights' or 'dark Knight: Haji Escuro Espirito'
1/11/2007 #3
Sure I would love to ! I love reading new stories !
1/11/2007 #4
Thanks a lot!
1/11/2007 #5
Have you read the stories yet? Could you review?
1/15/2007 #6
How much do they cost?
1/24/2007 #7
Wow I thought I repsonded to this ! guess not . Well con's vary *sp* from price to price , depending on how big or small the con is , and how long you plan to go ( all 3 or just one ) , and if you are going to pre-reg. or just pay at the door . Like I know pre-reg. for otakon is 50 odd some dollars for 3 days , at the door for 3 day's is 60 plus dollars . For one day at the door is like prbly 35 or 40 .
1/29/2007 #8
that's still expensive
1/29/2007 #9
Yes , yes it is . Then if you add how much the hotel is ( if u stay @ one ) , how much for food , how much for travel expenses , it gets pretty pricey .Seriously . Lol no wonder y I spent so much money on Con's this year ,but I think the price is well worth it because it gives you a chance to meet ppl who have the same pasion as u . ^ ^
1/29/2007 #10
lol. I always wanted to go to one...
1/29/2007 #11
Go! They are a blast ! Seriously , but I advise at ur first con keep ur mouth shut if you don't know what it is w/e it is . Because if you say the wrong thing you will die a horriable death by angry otaku's . Just wait and drag a friend aside who has more knowledge on such and ask them quietly . Man I about killed a noobie for thinknig I was Pikachu ! Nob's should know how to remain silent .
1/29/2007 #12
well...i might as well not offense but I'm kinda disturbed by cosplay....For some reason, it kinda scares me...the skits are nice just not the people...cuz theyre always girls acting a bishies...
1/29/2007 #13
lol cosplay , sacry ? Well sort of when you ahve 300 pound guys running around in a mini skirt w/ nothing on underneath :;shivers:: , I can see how you think it is scary . Yes those girls scare the crap out of me ! OMG I freak when some weird , really weird ,prsn comes up to me and starts like petting my head and making weird noises . But despite all that stuff it's fun and you get to splurge on goodies ( like mokona plushies !Wee I need a black one now ^ ^)
1/29/2007 #14
I WANT A MOKONA PLUSHIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GIMME! ...but itd be really cool if they get someone from oricon to sing mika.....I LOVE MIKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you happen to know anyplace that translates oricon? my kanji and japanese is a little bad...
1/29/2007 #15
noo ::frowns:; sorry my japense sux really bad and is very limited ( I'm working on it ) , but I'm sure if you look around you can find someone who can do it ^ ^.
1/29/2007 #16
that friend found a forum with 2005's oricon....but she wont tell im just looking everywhere...
1/29/2007 #17
lol, thats good ^ ^.
1/29/2007 #18
what? how is that good? I'm looking high and low but wherever I go, I end up in the japanese version!
1/29/2007 #19
It's good because you are presistent and not giving up !
1/30/2007 #20
1/30/2007 #21
Keba Si Rota
I went to an anime convention, once. I think it was called Anime Central. A friend invited me and my brother along with a few other people for her birthday party. I didn't dress up 'cause I didn't have a costume, but my brother went as the main character from FLCL (whose name escapes me). We kind of wandered around the place and observed all the things that people were selling. Then we had lunch. Then we wandered around some more. Then we bought (expensive) stuff. I have a feeling that I was missing out on the experience, somewhat.

For the two following years, my brother went back to the convention with his school anime club. Both times he went as Shino from Naruto (he made the costume, himself). During one of those times, some random fangirl came up to him and asked if she could take his picture. And I think he let her. Also, he brought me back a plushie-- both times! Plushies are so cute! ^_^

2/16/2007 #22
Plushies freaking rock ! ::squeezes mokona plushie::

I just recently ( like yesterday ) went to Katsucon and it was ok . I guess it depends on the con you got to , some ahve alot of activites then some just don't ::cough cough ::Katsucon:: And I guess it depends on how many days you go too , and what day .3 days are the best ,you are broke ,tired and grumpy when you leave but it is well worht it for the whole con expereince .You get to make some new friends ( you'd be surprise how many ppl u recogonize that go to alot of the anime con's in ur area ) and buy some awsume things ( Pocky !!!) .

I've cospalyed as Merle from Escaflowne ( T.V. series version ) and Misaki ::sp:: ( I can nvr rember how to spell her anme I'm such a envious creature) .

2/18/2007 #23
OMG! EVEN IF IT'S SHONEN AI, IT'S JUST IMPOSSIBLE TO NOT LOVE LOVELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!....a little contradictary there....BUT THEIR ART IS SO PERFECT!!!!!!I'M SO ENVIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2/18/2007 #24
::grumbles:: ok I ahd more to say but apprently the forum cut-off at what I ahd wrote ! What the heck ! Stupid thing was suppouse to say Misaki ( don't know how to spell her name from Angelic Layer ) and then I wouldn't dress up as a naruto character untill after the craze died down because I ahte seeing people with the same character as me 9 I am such an envious creature) : that was what it was suppouse to say .

I love Loveless ^ ^ by the way , kitty ears tooo cute .

2/19/2007 #25
I KNOW! AND THEN THE EARS GO droop AND perk AND ITS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2/19/2007 #26
Kyaa ! I know ^ ^ but how odd would it be to come home one day w/out your ears and tails ! Everyone will know you did something...ahem .
2/19/2007 #27
Kyaa ! I know ^ ^ but how odd would it be to come home one day w/out your ears and tails ! Everyone will know you did something...ahem .
2/19/2007 #28
yup...but my greatest fear about conventions is that if i walk in and the first thing i see in a fat guy cosplaying as someone like soubi or dark or some bishie. o.0))
2/21/2007 #29
::shivers:: or old man cosplaing as sailor moon ::shivers:: unfortunatley those ppl do appear anbd are rather scary , but I tend to ignore those aspects and just focus on the good .
2/21/2007 #30
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