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I have attended 5 anime conventions in my life ( all within 3 years ) and I must say I really enjoy the con-going experience ! Infact I think I am addicted ! I attended like 3 anime conventions the past year , Otakon , Anime Usa & Anime Mid-Atlantic and now I am flat broke ::sigh:: , but thats what I get . Anywho The Pro's & Con's of anime convetions : Pro : It's a great way to meet people who share your passion Con: Some of thoose people are freaking lunatics and won't leav you alone ! Pro : If you paraded around in your cosplay no one cares because everyone else is doing the same thing . Con : If you wear a cospaly outfit you take the risk of getting severly mistaken as other characters by noobies ! For example : I wore a Merle cosplay out fit to two convetions this year . At Otakon no one ever mistook me for anything but Merle and I was like a celebrity walking around there ( people would shout my charaters name and just randomly hugg me ^ ^ It was great ) but at Anime Usa this stupid noobie had the NERVE to ask me if I was dressed up as PIKACHU !!!PIKACHU !!!!Then later that same day some guy asked me if I was from a Henti called Dragon Pink ( Keep in mmind my outfit was NOT sluty in ANY way !) ! I looked up photos of the character and it didn't even resemble mine ! Agggh ! I hate noobies , if they don't know for sure who the character is they should SHUT THERE MOUTH ! ( I was really close to punching the girl who called me Pikachu ) Pro : the merchandise !Ah the merchandise is heaven ! Con : At the end of the Con you wonder wherethe hell all your money went because all you have to show for it is a key chain and a pillow . Well thats all I ahve to rant about for now !WHtas yallz pro's and con's for Anime Con's ??Or your experience at them ?
1/11/2007 #1
LOL! I never went to one... cosplay freaks me out! Sounds like fun, though.
1/11/2007 #2
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