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Got any fresh ideas for a Horror RP? All vampires, werewolves, zombies, and others are welcome!
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tea and roses
Fill out a sheet? Name: Age: Species: ... Whatever else you can think of. XD
4/19/2012 . Edited 4/19/2012 #1

Name: Kay Dale

Age: lost track of age, but looks like a teen in his 18-19

Species: Spirit/ghost

Appearance: he is about 5^7, and have bleach blonde hair, but dark eyes. He is very pale and is wearing what he wore when he died, which is a black dress-shirt and plain pants. He has a scar right under his eye, but besides that there is no outstanding injuries or bloody spots on his body. People would think he was a normal human, until they realized that he can walk right through them when he chooses to.

Bio: He had, so to say, amnesia when he died, and doesn't remember anything from when he was alive. He started out living in dark places and keep isolated from humans. However, a huge twist happened in his life when he one day met a human girl and fell in love with her. Her name was Mina Dale, and he watched her every-time she went by his dark place. One day he took courage and talked to her, and they became friends. It was her who asked him about his name for the first time and when he said he didn't remember, she named him Kay. But the first time her hand went through him she ran away screaming. He tried following her, but every-time he came too close she would run away. One day he walked toward her on the street, begging her to talk to him, Mina panicked and stumbled out on the street, getting killed. Since then he have kept away from most humans, but also started missing human civilization after he had experienced it. He developed the ability to touch things through years of training, but still have a hard time if he doesn't have absolute concentration.

Other: Have a huge wish for eating food. And is a terrible liar..

4/19/2012 . Edited 4/25/2012 #2
tea and roses

Name: James Callan (His first name is classified for now. :)


Age: Appears to be nineteen


Species: Half-human, Half-demon (Human mother, demon father)


Appearance: Dark hair, dark eyes, pale skin. Good-looking, with the perfect face. He's always dressed in expensive, custom-made clothing that his rich family buys. Often has a smirk on his face.


Personality: Conceited and arrogant. James thinks that the whole world revolves around him, so he'll think that everybody loves him. Because of his rich heritage he always gets what he wants. As some people say, James was "born with a silver spoon in his mouth." Everything about him is rotten, and it makes normal people want to smack some sense into him. Basically, he's got the traits of all snobbish, rude, spoiled rich kids. It just makes it worse that he's a complete moron and thinks that he's always right.


History: He was borne from Victoria Callan, a woman from a rich family, and a sly demon named Luke. (Sadly, James didn't inherit any of his faher's cunningness.) He was waited upon servants and maids ever since he was born. James doesn't have any demon powers, but he does have claws that make other people avoid him. He can't trim, cut, break them in any way since the claws itself are too strong. But James doesn't want to either way. He always threatens other people that he'll kill them. Oh, and he has no shame. At all.


Extras: There weren't any special people in his life. And he's not a psycho. (Haha, my character is a stupid, conceited, spoIled rich kid. )

4/19/2012 . Edited 4/25/2012 #3

Name: Thomas Kastler Age: 18 Appearance: About 5"7, with semi wavy dark brown hair. His eyes are a lighter shade of brown which sometimes appear gold. He wears normal, everyday clothes. Background: Thomas doesn't really have a long and depressing history, even though his father was a werewolf and his mother a normal human. In fact, the only thing noticeable about him out of the ordinary is that he has a wolf's tail, and several animalistic characterics to his father. He keeps the tail hidden, away from other people's eyes...and can be a little shy himself. Also, he can easily be taken advantage of...

4/20/2012 #4

Name: Mina

Age: 17

Species: Shape-shifter

Appearance: it changes, but she does have a preference. She have always liked to keep her natural looks, which is long dark hair a little below the shoulders and bright green eyes. She is very short naturally, but can change her height as well.

Bio: She have been living as a normal teen until she turned 15, and she was at a party. She saw this really pretty girl, with long curly hair and a perfect body. She wished she could be her, however, she didn't expect to wake up the next morning looking exactly like her. Her skin had fallen off, and a new skin had grown underneath, she was so horrified that she ran away, always wearing a cloak, until she was found.

Other: sweets!

4/21/2012 #5
tea and roses

Name: Castalia Muse

Age: She's immortal. Currently about several hundred years old.

Species: Naiad (Greek water nymph)

Personality: Castalia is indifferent to most things, yet she is easily irritated by children and men. Children because they don't obey her, and men because they're a bunch of idiots to her. Castalia doesn't care about what others think about her to the extent of being able to strip down into her under garments in front of others. She often does this when she paints at home, while wearing headphones that are blasting rock music at full volume. She loves to paint rivers, streams, creeks, and Other fresh water sources.

Appearance: Castalia has dark wavy hair that she dyed. Her natural hair color is platinum blonde, but it caught too much attention, so she dyed it dark brown. Her eyes are a greyish blue, and her skin is unnaturally pale. Castalia has a pretty face in general. Outside, she often wears a black tank top and denim shorts, regardless of weather. At home, she usually wears a black bra and comfy black shorts, to keep it appropiate. ^_^

History: Castalia was born in who-knows-when. (Approximately 700 years ago.) She was born in the forest and didn't socialize with humans until she was between four hundred and five hundred years old. But Castalia's been painting ever since she was young and has been a favorite hobby of hers. Now, she sells her paintings for money in the city.


Anyways, guys, what year are setting the RP in?

4/21/2012 #6

Hmm...maybe a modern day setting like 2012...? Or something like 1924?

4/21/2012 #7
tea and roses

Really? I was thinking of a more futuristic setting..

4/21/2012 #8

Oh! Like how far into the future?

4/22/2012 #9

You want advanced technology and all that stuff? If we do that, we could have some supernatural-kind-of-hunters after us. That could be fun. ^^

4/22/2012 #10
tea and roses

Yeah. Something like that. So, what year? Somewhere in the 3000s?

4/22/2012 #11

Hi, can I join?

Name: Konoha

Age: 13(he does remember his real age but he looks like 13 years old boy"

Species: Baku/Dream-Eater

Appearance: Haves short white hair and yellow eyes. A black jacket, a grey sleeveless shuit with blue circles on each side under the jacket, black and blue pants, gray and black boots, black gloves and neon blue headphones

Bio: Konoha was born when the people of a far away city started to have nightmares with out stop, they whished for a Dream-Eater and thus, Konoha was born. After eating the nightmares, Konoha was no longer needed and he falled to oblivion. Years later, after falling into a deep sleep, he wanders around, helping those who have nightmares but always staying in the shadows.

Other: He really enjoys music

4/26/2012 #12
tea and roses

Yeah, sure! The problem is how to put you in the story. But we'll figure it out. ^^

4/26/2012 #13

Maybe a chacracter can have a nightmare...and If you are waiting for Music, she will be here in, like, 3 hours

4/26/2012 #14
tea and roses

Yeah, maybe. Music? Yeah, and Chowder. But we're all usually on at 3:00 PM in my time zone. Wait, how do you know Music's going to go on in three hours?

Which reminds me, where do you live? Time zones and all..

4/26/2012 . Edited 4/26/2012 #15

Mexico :P The desert country

4/26/2012 #16
tea and roses

So how did you know Music was going on in three hours? 0-0

4/26/2012 #17

we know each other from a forum I own, in it Kay is a demon, she told me she lived in Denmark and it aws 11pm there while here was 1pm

4/26/2012 #18
tea and roses

Oh, okay. ^^ I was just curious. And is Konoha a former character of yours, too?

4/26/2012 #19

Yes, he is based off of the Vocaloid song Konoha┬┤s World Situation of the saga Blindfold City Actors by Jin, I just somethings of the character...

4/26/2012 #20
tea and roses

Hmm. Sounds interesting. xD So, to appear in a nightmare, you'll have to wait a few. Is that okay?

4/26/2012 #21

Hellow guys. ^W^ Guess who got woken by her little sister waaay too early. xD


4/26/2012 . Edited 4/26/2012 #22
tea and roses

Oh, look who's here. (: Yep, yep. New buddy! xD

4/26/2012 #23

Name: Rachel White

Age: 25

Species: Human

Appearance: (Sorry I was too lazy to write it out. ^^)

Bio: When she was young her parent got killed by a creature, and since then she have hated them. She went into the military when she was 18, and after that she have used almost all her spare-time to practice her skills. She likes to work alone, and hunt creatures for a living now. She have killed both good and evil creatures in her life. People she helps doesn't see her as a bad person, only creatures finds her evil

Other: Pro with guns

5/1/2012 . Edited 5/2/2012 #24
tea and roses

Accepted. I'm going to make one, too. ^^

Name: Jason Hall

Age: 26

Species: Human

Appearance: 5" 10' Black hair, green eyes. He looks all right.

Bio: His fiance, who was his childhood friend, was murdered by a creature when he was 19. (Yeah, he was young.) Ever since then, Jason has wanted to avenge her death. He works part-time as a chef at a five-star hotel. Good enough to be a professional. The money he earns is enough for him. Jason often goes wandering through the city.

Other: Good with knives and other sharp utensils. (Well, he's a chef. /:)

5/3/2012 #25

Want them to be partners or just two lone hunters? :b

5/3/2012 #26
tea and roses

I've got no idea. Maybe partners.. /:

5/3/2012 #27

That works. ^^

5/3/2012 #28
tea and roses

Ehh. Should I make another thread for hunters? And then combine them sometime later when they all actually meet. 0-0

5/3/2012 #29

No we could just make the line-thingies. But If you think that would be better, then do it. :D

5/3/2012 #30
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