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tea and roses

Alright, then. We'll be officially start RPing here. (:

4/22/2012 #1

Kay sat on the balcony of his room, the night-sky was a deep blue, a blue that was almost black. The moon was full and shone brightly in the night, meaning a lot of supernatural activity was going on. One of his leg was pulled up to his chest and the other was dangling over the edge. Normally a person would have been cautious for the long drop, but Kay didn't care for heights. Maybe because he couldn't die. Maybe because he was a ghost. He let out a sigh and ruffled his white hair.

He had been living in this house as long as he could remember. Him and a lot of other creatures, the man who lived here kept them hiding from the outside world, and Kay had never wanted to leave. He had his own place, his own kinds. However, he couldn't help but glance into the horizon at times, wondering what else was out there. He didn't remember his past, and he didn't need to, but... sometimes he couldn't help but wonder.

(okay if I started? ^^ Or else you can just delete it. :b)

4/22/2012 #2
tea and roses

(It's fine. ^^)

James woke up to the tinkling sound of a bell. He opened one eye and saw a woman next to his bed. He sat up on he magnificent bed and began yelling at the woman for disturbing his beauty sleep. She was at the verge of tears as she set down the silver tray loaded with food, trembling violently. Then, she ran away crying.

James picked at the elegant breakfast, ignoring the foods he hated. After, he lazily dressed in his uniform. James walked down the marble staircase and frowned when he saw the chef bustling around the living room. James tapped the chef on the shoulder. She whipped around and sputtered at his presence.

"G-good m-morning, Master J-James," the chef stuttered.

"Hello, chef, I wanted to inform you that you're fired. A stupid girl like yourself can't even cook slop fit for a dog" James replied with a cold smile.


"There are no excuses. You are dismissed, wench."

The chef burst out in tears and ran as James calmly walked away, humming happily. It was quite a normal morning for James Callan.

4/23/2012 . Edited 4/23/2012 #3

Kay took another second to take a lingering look out of the window. Then he suddenly realized the position of the moon. His lips twisted in a frown, but the he jumped down from his balcony. It was time for breakfast, and even though he didn't eat he liked the company.


Mina let a comb stroke through her hair, looking herself in the mirror. Even as a shapeshifter she enjoyed her own personal appearance. She leaned forward to check her skin for anything that should be fixed, but when she didn't find anything she smiled and laid her brush down.

Her light feet tapped against the cobblestone as they ran out of her room. She liked being barefoot the most. The girl turned a corner and came into the living room where she noticed James talking to the chef, when the chef ran out with tears in her eyes she blinked stunned.

"What did you do to him?" she asked him as she slowly approached him.

4/23/2012 #4
tea and roses

"What did you do to him?"

James turned his head and saw a beautiful girl. Was that Mina? She must have changed again. That little brat.

"It's a her, by the way. Ha ha, my stupendous beauty must make that wench look like a dirty, ugly little man! Don't you agree, Mina?"


Castalia sat in the empty lot before the mansion. She swore that there was someone up in the balcony. She could faintly make out a boy in th dim sunlight of the morning. It was truly an amazing sight. Castalia took out her camera and was about to snap a picture as a reference for a painting, but the boy suddenly jumped down ane went inside.

Had he seen her? Or had he just jumped down? Castalia would never know.

She sighed and stretched as she packed her camera. Castalia pulled down her tank and began lazily walking to a nearby diner for breakfast.

4/23/2012 #5

Mina shook her head lightly at his comment, a slight smile lingering on her lips. "I see the self-esteem haven't changed since last night, James," Mina said.Then she sighed audibly and flung her hands in the air. "Who are going to feed us now? I'm starving." She hit him teasingly. "It's your fault, so you should make me some breakfast or I'll eat you."


Kay stopped just before he entered the house again and looked over his shoulder. He swore he had heard someone. With a curious run he went back to the edge of the balcony and looked. His eyes widened when he saw a girl. Not many people went to this house out of rumors. The rumors were often highly exaggerated, but it still kept them hidden.

He let his eyes follow her until she was out of view, then he turned and walked down the hall. His feet floated half an inch above the ground, and he just went right through the door. Finally he reached the living room and noticed Mina and James.

"Hey guys," he called.

Mina almost got a heart-attack when he appeared through the wall. "Kay! Don't do that!"

4/23/2012 #6
tea and roses

James huffed. It was that stupid chef's fault! Not his. How could Mina do this to him?

"How dare you! I am giving you the priceless opportunity of serving food to this world's only perfect human!"

James suddenly heard Kay's voice and jumped in surprise. Dang this boy. He always did that, showing up out of nowwhere. James really had to teach Kay a lesson.

Mina scolded him for the heart attack she said she'd almost gotten, like always. Now, it really was a typical morning.


Castalia reached the small diner that she always came regularly to. Luckily, Angelina was there. Angelina was a like a best friend to her. She worked as a waitress at the diner for most of her life. Castalia gave a rare smile and sat down comfortably on the seat. She ordered a light meal of a waffle and a cup of milk. She knew it would be a special day. Castalia could feel it in her guts. It was special enough to knock the laziness out of her.

4/23/2012 #7

"Ah, sorry sorry," Kay said and ruffled his white hair with a grin. "What are you guys up to." he floated closer and went through a table like it wasn't even there.

Mina crossed her arms, still annoyed by the shock she had gotten. "Well, someone just fired the chef, so there's absolutely no breakfast this morning." she said and shot James a look, before adding. "Not that it would matter to you, Kay."

"Aw, I liked him," he said and looked at James with sad eyes. "does that mean you're making dinner?" he asked, lifting an eyebrow.

"Yep," Mina said with a grin. "That's the golden rule, the one who fires the chef makes dinner."

4/23/2012 #8
tea and roses

James looked at the two of them grinning at him. He absolutely did not want to work. Dang it! He shouldn't fired that ugly wench. James began to improvise.

"First of all, the chef was a girl. An ugly one, too. I don't see why my mother won't send us any pretty chefs. What's the harm?"

James' hands began to become clammy with sweat as he tried to think of more useless things to say.


Castalia went back to her home and stripped down to her usual home outfit: a bra and shorts. Lazily, she set the clock to wake her up at lunch.

Even if today was special, it could wait after her morning nap.

4/23/2012 #9

Kay laughed at him, and floated around him teasingly. "I wish I could eat, just to eat your food," he sing-songed, but then hurried out of range before James would slap him. He had recently found out that supernatural creature was the only thing that he couldn't go through. It was quite annoying, since he would have loved to walk through them for fun. Both James and Mina could give him some fun with that.

"Come on!" Mina smiled and started pushing James toward the kitchen, "the others are going to come here soon, and you don't want to keep them hungry, do you?" She laughed a little, but then hurried to say. "Oh, and just for the record, she was not ugly. I took her appearance once. I never told you, but it was me, that time with the burned chicken," she smirked.

4/23/2012 #10
tea and roses

James glared at Kay and was about to hit him, but the ghost-boy went too far for James to reach him. Fuming, James stomped towards the staircase, attempting to escape. But Mina foiled his plan by smiling and pushing him towards the kitchen.

"Oh, and just for the record, she wasn't ugly. I took her appearance once. I never told you, but it was me, that time with the burned chicken," Mina said with a smirk.

James cursed in his mind. Other than that day with the chicken, the chef hadn't been too bad. Now, it turned out hat James had fired her for nothing! Oh, he was going to teach Mina a lesson. James would give her hell as much as possible.

"Fine, Mina, I'll make food. But if I burn my flawless skin because of you, I will make youwant to wish you're dead," James snarled, displaying his claws menacingly.


(Castalia's sleeping. ^^)

4/23/2012 #11

Kay floated a good distance behind them with a broad smirk on his face. He loved seeing James getting flustered.

Mina continued pushing him into the kitchen. When he threatened her she paused however, her features hardening into annoyance. "James, you have threatened me with those claws a million times. How many times should I say that I can just repair my face," she smirked. "Now, I want eggs!"

"I want toast!" Kay called, grinning. Mina shot him a strange look.

"You don't eat.."

"I know, I just want him to make it," Kay said and floated closer to the two.

(be back in about half an hour. ^^)

4/24/2012 . Edited 4/24/2012 #12
tea and roses

James sighed but hardened his face again.

"I'm not a shape-shifter like you, so I won't be able to erase a burn mark."

James childishly stuck out a tongue at Mina and went off to prepare the eggs and toast in the kitchen.

As soon as he was sure Mina and Kay were safely in the dining room out of sight, James went to work. First, he heated up he stove and sprayed the vegetable oil on the frying pan. He cracked two eggs into the pan and set the temperaure high. With a nasty grin, James flipped the eggs over onto the other side, while inserting two pieces of bread into the toaster, setting the time to two minutes. After the toast popped back up and added a few things, James checked on the egg to make sure it was just right. Check.

Finally, after setting up plates and cups, he brought out he finished meal out into the dining room, where Mina and Kay were waiting. James set the plate of eggs down in front of Mina and two pieces of toast for Kay.

"Eat up, you evil creatures!" James exclaimed with a smile that just didn't seem right on is face.

But Mina and Kay began eating.

(Hey! Read this! The egg is completely burnt underneath with no salt at all, and I also dumped a bunch of pepper in the toast. ^^ So, how are their reactions?)

(And when you're back, I'll be sleepin'. It's 12:38 AM right now, so... G'night!)

4/24/2012 . Edited 4/24/2012 #13

(G'Night! :D)

Mina pushed James the last way into the kitchen, ignoring him sticking his tongue out and then went back to the dinner table. Kay joined her with a smile, floating above the chair and then sitting down. "I can't believe you made him do that," he laughed. Mina looked cautious and nodded with a suspicious glance toward the kitchen.

"I can't believe he actually did it," Kay gave her a look. "What do you mean?" Mina shook her head. "It's probably nothing."

They talked a little, but went quiet when James came in with their food. Mina beamed him a smile. "Thank you James." She watched him put her eggs on the plate, and the toast in front of Kay. The ghost looked down at the food. "Thanks," he said with a grin.

Mina poked her fork into the eggs, and chewed for a while. Her expression started out with the a smug smile, but suddenly her face twisted into a face of pure disgust. "Ew James!" she exclaimed, and forced herself to swallow. "It's all burned. You b***!" she took her napkin and smacked him lightly with it. "You did that on purpose!" Kay covered his mouth in laughter. Luckily he didn't eat.

4/24/2012 #14
tea and roses

James gave a grin.

"That was all I could do without hurting or scaring you, my dear."

He raised his claws and gently dragged it across Mina's cheek, forming a thin line of blood. It wouldn't hurt much more than a little sting, and there wouldn't be a scar. Even if it did, though, she could easily shape-shift to remove it. But this would serve as a little warning to remind Mina that James could easily kill her. They'd been friends for several years, but it wouldn't make him hesitate to turn against her if the situation called for it.

James turned and headed towards the front door.

"Well, I'll be off now. It's my mother's birthday tomorrow, and I promised to buy a painting for her. If you want to come, let's go," he said, holding up his car keys.

(Ha ha, I'm going to bring Castalia into the picture. :P Want to bring Kay?)

4/24/2012 #15

Mina spit out a few curses by his behavior, but then sat completely still. She suddenly felt something sharp and pointy connect with her skin. She was too stunned to move at first and felt James claw dig into her soft newly made skin. However, when his claw stopped she felt a drop of blood trail down her cheek and the girl woke up. "James! You j***!" she complained, and pressed the napkin she had smacked him with to her cheek. "Do you know how long it took me to make this face?"

She looked over at him by the door, where he had seemingly ignored her words. Then she blinked twice in surprise. "We have to ask permission first, don't we?" Mina said quietly, but still stood up very slowly.


(Yeah sure, I'll bring Kay in. ^^)

The ghost had remained silent, but now he let out a whine. "I want to come too!" Mina looked at him.

"Well, if you want to come, you can't float around," she said, pointing at him, who was always three inches from the ground.

4/24/2012 #16
tea and roses

(Wait, is Mina coming? 0-0)

4/25/2012 #17

(lol, fine, I won't make her come. xD)

"I'll go and ask permission first," Mina said stubbornly and walked off.

Kay looked at James and grinned. "Should we go?" he said, no intentions of waiting for her.

4/25/2012 #18

(o.o How to get into this...)

4/25/2012 #19

(You can met us on our way out, or you can talk to Mina, all we have done is breakfast, just make a post to introduce yourself. ^^)

4/25/2012 #20

(Ok!~ ^^)

Thomas dusted himself off from his unfortunate landing in the dirt and looked about. "Odd place." he thought, frowning to himself. He didn't know exactly where he was and how he got there. All he remember was trailing after an animal, and well that was it. And he was for certain His parents would be awfully worried about him if he didn't get back. "Ah well, at least there is a house." the teen nodded to himself and knocked on the door. "Perhaps they could tell me exactly where I am..."

(Creativity has left me. OTL)

4/25/2012 #21

(no, it's fine. ^^)

Kay turned his head when he heard a knock on the door. "I'll get it!" he yelled and floated toward the door. They didn't usually get visitors, and if they did it was normally "relatives"/creatures, because of the rumors that was going around the place. Because of that fact, Kay didn't think twice about it and simply went right through the front door and said "yes," with a big smile. When he saw who it was he let out a stunned "Oh!"

He hadn't thought of the possibility that a person (Kay doesn't know he's half werewolf), would come by. He stood paralyzed for a second, blinking twice in surprise. Then he slowly floated back through the door, placed his feet on the ground and opened the door.

"Yes," he said with a broad smile, like nothing had happened.

4/25/2012 #22

(XDD Awww~)

Thomas blinked a bit. Maybe his eyes were just playing tricks on him, yeah...that had to be it. Regardless, his body couldn't stop itself from pointing at the ghost.

"Di...Did you just come through that door?" he said in an uncertain voice.

4/25/2012 #23

Kay kept his smile on and faked confusion. "No, no.. why would you think that? I certainly did not," he said, being the horrible liar that he was. He looked up and down Thomas, but didn't seem to recognize him as a creature he knew, so his curiosity was quickly caught. "So, did you want anything?" his eyes still measuring the person, he hadn't seen another human for ages.

4/25/2012 . Edited 4/25/2012 #24

Thshow tilted his head in confusion; he could've sworn....ah well. It didn't matter, he had to get home as quickly as possible. "Erm....well I need to get home and well..erm..coulda tell me where I am?" he blushed in embarrassment.

4/25/2012 #25

Kay nodded quickly. "Yeah, sure! You're at the Gratedale house (random name I just made up. :b)," he gestured to the house, but then hurried to add. "But you would probably know it as the "Gravedale"house, since that what it's called around town," Kay said with a nervous laugh and ruffled his white hair. Then he took a step out of the house, and closer to Thomas, leaning forward to get a better look at him. "I'm Kay, who are you?" he grinned.

4/25/2012 #26

Thomas frowned in thought. "The name sounds familiar...I wonder why they would call it that!" he glanced about. "Seems as normal as it could possibly be." he grinned a bit as the other said his name. "Nice to meet you, my name Thomas Kastler..." He extended out his hand to the ghost.

4/25/2012 #27
tea and roses

(Mind the language, but holy s***. I checked my email on my iPod and nine messages in a row with "Fictionpress" on all but one of them. -_- And, hi Chowder ^_^)

James peeked through the peephole in the door, seeing Kay and another person that he didn't recognize. Well, it didn't really matter much. The new guy must have been one of "them", even if he didn't look it. Take James himself as an example. Who would think his perfect self would be a half-demon?

Oh, it looked like Kay was having a hard time trying to lie. Well, James couldn't blame him. The new guy looked like a normal human, and Kay had just flown though the door. Even James couldn't tell whether or not he was one of "them".

4/25/2012 . Edited 4/25/2012 #28

(haha. :D)

"It's really nice to meet you huma- I mean person- I mean... Thomas," he stammered and smiled awkwardly. The ghost felt an over-load of pressure and looked back after James. What was he doing? He looked at Thomas and laughed again, running a hand through his white locks of hair. "Well, I don't know why it's called that. Nope. Perfectly normal house, filled with supernatural creat- I mean living things... humans... people." Kay mumbled and coughed.

4/25/2012 . Edited 4/25/2012 #29
tea and roses

(XD Good job with Kay's terrible lying skills.)

James crouched down and cracked up at Kay's terrible lying skills. Should he help...? Nah. Watching would be so much more fun. Maybe he would come out when Kay really couldn't take it anymore.

4/25/2012 #30
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