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The Primp State

The vampires' common room is in the west wing of the academy.

3/13/2012 . Edited 12/4/2012 #1
The Primp State

*TUESDAY MORNING - September 3rd*

4/2/2012 #2
The Primp State

*Timeskip to Friday, September 6th, just after class*

4/13/2012 #3

[From Dining Hall #738 (Woot first post! XD)]

Bianca entered the common rooms, which was almost deserted. It was expected, she rarely came here herself. There wasn't much to do here, for a vampire anyways. Bianca strode to the dorms and plopped on her bed, her mind racing. Nala stealthily climbed on her bed and snuggled herself on her master. The vampire unconsciously stroked the feline's fur.

4/23/2012 . Edited 4/23/2012 #4

(From Dining Hall #742)

Minerva bid her siblings goodbye, walking upstairs with a yawn. She shoved her hands in her pocket, only to pause as she felt a point. "Oh shit..." she muttered, realizing she'd stolen a fork. Again. "Oh well. Not too important," she decided, shrugging as she continued up the stairs and sat in her bed. "Hello, Bianca."


Severin yawned, slumping int a chair downstairs. "Hey, Ara, I've got ten more bucks," he said, smirking. "I'm gonna bet on...that Racha girl pulling some crap at the dance." he said, sending the ten-dollar bill he'd folded into a paper airplane towards Aramis. The older vampire caught it, smoothed it out, before recording it in the notebook.

"Noted." Aramis said, snapping the book shut. "Where are you getting this money?"

"Easy. People say I'm not willing to do things, they end up losing their money," Severin responded easily, grinning.

4/23/2012 #5

"Oh, hey Minerva." Bianca greeted absentmindedly.

4/23/2012 #6

Kacie walked in, yawning adorably with Kailani in his arms. Severin looked up, giving a soft smile. "Hey, Kase, come here," he said, patting the seat next to his on the couch. Kacie nodded sleepily, curling into the spot and laying his head on his brother's lap. A few moments later, Kacie was fast asleep, Kailani soon following.

"I swear, he's not fourteen," Severin said in amusement, tousling the smaller boy's hair lovingly. Aramis rolled his eyes, before shrugging. "We may as well sleep down here. No point leaving Kacie by himself." he said, watching Severin nod. A few moments later, Aramis and Severin had made themselves comfortable, and were asleep.


"What's up?" Minerva asked, looking at Bianca curiously. It wasn't often the other vampire was absentminded more than she was, and it piqued her small curiosity.

4/23/2012 . Edited 4/23/2012 #7

Bianca blinked and turned her attention to Minerva. "Just thinking about things." she said, scratching Nala's belly.

4/23/2012 #8

Min tilted her head slightly, thinking for a moment. "Anything to do with what happened at the party?" she asked curiously.

4/24/2012 #9
The Primp State

Sunday September 8th, 3:58 am

Throughout the halls of Nightshade Academy, there is silence. Aside from those that are tossing and turning in their sleep, the school is at peace. But suddenly a piercing wail shatters the stillness and idyll, like a dying pharaoh before the pyramids, shaking even the bravest to their bones. It is followed by a melodious call, like the lower notes on a flute blended together with a trumpet, or a French horn. Then all at once, the noises disappear, and the academy plunges into a deathly hush, leaving students frozen in fear and confusion, and professors very worried indeed.

Unbeknownst to the students, the Headmistress is nowhere to be found.

4/24/2012 #10
The Mango Tree

Blake nearly jumped out of his skin as he had heard the noise. Of course, he hadn't been sleeping, or even been the nearest bit tired, but the sound that he heard seemed to wake him up more than he had ever been, as his eyes were wide open and his was quivering a little. "What the hell?" He asked aloud to the other students in the dorm area. Then, his eyes grew wider as he thought about Renza and JJ. He wondered if they were okay, or if something had happened to the two. He didn't know if he should go out or not.

4/24/2012 #11

Bianca strode down from the dorms to the common room, calm and collected as always. She saw Blake and shrugged. "Who knows what that was. But whatever it is, it's not normal. And this is a magical school." she said looking around. It made her curious though...

4/24/2012 #12
The Mango Tree

"Right," Blake sighed to the other vampire. He was extremely worried about his friends. "I'm going to go and see if everyone's okay. Would you happen to know where the Wizard dorms are?"

4/24/2012 #13

Bianca nodded. "I'll show you the way, if you want. I want to go to the Sorcerer's dorms myself."

4/24/2012 #14
The Mango Tree

"Okay, thanks, let's go," Blake said, letting Bianca lead the way since she knew where she was going. He decided to check on Renza first, then on JJ.

[Blake to Hallways]

4/24/2012 #15

Nodding again, Bianca led him out to the Halls, eyes sharpened cautiously.

[Bianca to Hallways]

4/24/2012 #16

Minerva's eyes widened, and she raced downstairs, ignoring the protest of her cat. The strange sounds had been followed by the sound of Kacie's rather panicked cry, and she spun past the stairs, eyes wide. "Is Kacie okay?" she demanded.

Severin looked over at her, as Aramis was consoling their wide-eyed brother. "Yeah. Min, come with me! We're checking this out!" he said, racing out. With a nod from Aramis, Minerva followed after him quickly.

(Severin and Min to Hallways)

"Brother, where are they going?" Kacie whispered, looking up at Aramis. The older boy paused, but shook his head. "Brother?"

"Come on, Kace. We've gotta make sure they don't get into trouble." Aramis said, standing. With a moment's hesitation, Kacie and Aramis left the dorms after their siblings.

(Aramis and Kacie to Hallways)

4/25/2012 #17

[From Hallways #262]

Bianca entered the hallways and headed for the dorms immediately. Sleep of course was impossible so she just lay there, absentmindedly petting Nala.

5/5/2012 #18
The Primp State

*Monday, September 9th - Day Off*

5/5/2012 #19

Roshawna sat on a chair in the common room, absentmindedly throwing a ball against the wall and then catching it. Ever since she had come back to Nightshade, everything had felt different. The halls felt emptier and the classrooms seemed lonelier. She was so used to having Rhashan with her all the time... Suddenly angry, she chucked the ball against the wall, watching as it bounced around.

5/9/2012 #20


Kacie winced as something hit his forehead, and he reached up and caught it as it bounced off him. He looked at it in confusion for a moment, before noticing Roshawna sitting down in a chair. He brightened, walking over. "Hi! This is yours, right?" he asked, tilting his head slightly as he offered the small object to the girl. He briefly thought about how it was a good thing he'd gotten it, and not Min, considering, hobbies.

5/9/2012 #21

Roshawna looked up at Kacie. "Oh, yeah," she said, taking the ball back and tucking it away. "Sorry for, um, hitting you with it..."

5/9/2012 #22

Kacie gave a smile, shaking his head. "It's okay~!" he hummed. "I wasn't hurt, so as they say, no harm, no foul." he said. Then he looked at her curiously. "You're name is Roshawna, right?"

5/9/2012 #23

"Yeah," Roshawna said. "And you are?" This year, she hadn't bothered to acquaint herself with the first years; Rhashan used to make her do it. She frowned, picking at the fabric of the chair.

5/10/2012 #24

Kacie smiled brightly at being right. "My name's Kacie~! Kacie Sharpe." he said, giving a smile to the girl and holding out his hand like he was used to. "My brother, Aramis, is in your class," he said, explaining how he had known the girl's name.

5/10/2012 #25

Roshawna looked at Kacie's hand for a few seconds before grabbing and shaking it. She nodded at Aramis's name. Though she didn't know him too well, she had talked to him a few times over the years.

5/10/2012 #26

Kacie smiled. "Do you want to come get some Dinner?" he hummed, looking at her with his head tilted. He was hungry earlier, but he wouldn't leave behind a hungry person!

5/10/2012 . Edited 5/10/2012 #27

Mimi walked into the large, airy Vampire dorms. "So, any other ideas on the plan?" she asked her best friends.

5/10/2012 #28
The Primp State

*Tuesday, September 10th - Morning*

5/11/2012 #29

Kacie smiled as he hummed on his way down the stairs. Severin walked behind him, watching in amusement. The two had gotten up late, and of course, had missed their older siblings on their way to breakfast. With a brief, 'wait up!' in his younger sibling's direction, he hurried after.

(Kacie and Severin to Dining Hall.)

5/11/2012 #30
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