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Indian-Russian Spy

Sarah entered the Vampire Dorms, her dog Patrick following her. She brought out a book and began to read, bored.

5/20/2012 #31

Roshawna sat on a chair, silently reading a book. She was only somewhat paying attention to what was written on the page, mostly lost in thought.

5/23/2012 #32

"Roshawna! Good morning!"

Kacie smiled brightly as he bounced up to the girl, eyes bright. "How are you?"

6/5/2012 #33

Roshawna looked up from her book and blinked at the boy. His name escaped her at the moment, but she recognized him to be the same boy who had talked to her near the beginning of the year. Refraining herself from saying "You again?", she smiled at him. "Hello," she greeted.

6/5/2012 #34

Kacie smiled at the girl, before looking curiously down at her book. "What'cha reading?"

6/5/2012 #35

"Mud City by Deborah Ellis," Roshawna said, glancing at the title of the book. "I'm not a huge fan of it, though..."

6/8/2012 #36

"Hmm...don't think I've read it." Kacie hummed, looking thoughtful. "Why don't you like it?"

"Oi, Kace!" Severin walked downstairs, grinning. He was dressed in a costume that had once belonged to his brother before Aramis had lost interest in video games. Noctis had always been one of his favorite characters, and it was pretty lucky he had found it in time. "You coming?"

Kacie paused, looking back at Roshawna. "Are you gonna head upstairs?"

6/11/2012 #37

"Roshawnaaaaaa," Aidan said, barging into the vampire dorms. The girl was, as usual, sprawled out on a chair. Aidan had noticed it had become a habit of her's ever since the year began; she would just hide out in her dorms.

"What is it, Aidan?" Roshawna asked, not looking up from the piece of paper she was doodling on with a pen.

"Get out of your chair and come do something with me," Aidan said, going up to her and yanking on her arm.

"No," Roshawna said, sounding annoyed. "Go away."

"Come on!" Aidan whined. "You're going to waste away in here!"

"What if I wanna waste away?" She snapped. "Go and be social without me."

Aidan huffed, frustrated. He could never get her to do anything. Rhashan could've; if he'd been here, they would have been gone already. Sighing, he sat down in a chair beside her.

6/13/2012 #38

Andrew was bored out of his mind... this stupid fish bowl thing or whatever it was. All he knew was there was going to be desperate girls and he was going to be their man... Well, they were going to think that and then he was going to get some ass.

He walked down from his room to see Aidan and Roshawna talking or whatever. He flopped down into a chair, watching the cieling.

6/21/2012 #39

Luna walked inside and sat down on a nearby chair. She was bored, for sure, but there was nobody to talk to. She was a newbie, as people call it, and nobody would want to be friends with her. She barely talks....and if she does say anything its simple words. Hi, How are you, bye, nice.

She looked around and hoped that maybe, she would get a friend.

6/22/2012 #40

Andrew evantually looked around the room and when he saw the newbie, Luna. Not that many peple knew her name, but he did because he has to know every female's name. He wondered if she needed a date to the ball, but if it was him he wouldn't be able to look or dance or kiss any other girls beside her, but it makes sure that he has something to entertain him afterwards. And it's easy to talk the new ones into sex.

Andrew smirked, getting up lazily. He made sure to make his walk look careless as always. He leaned over the back of Luna's chair, grinning with his usual charm. "Luna is it?"

6/22/2012 #41

Luna was surprised that someone had talked to her. She looked at him and saw that it was a boy. She ounced up all of her courage and thought happy thoughts when she finally decided to talk.

She looked him straight in the eye and said, "Yeah it is...I'm sorry but I don't know your name"

6/22/2012 #42

Andrew gasped with mock hurt. "Well, damn, you're about the only girl that doesn't." He held out his hand in front of her. "Name's Andrew Addams. Pleasure to see your sensational beauty."

6/22/2012 #43

Luna made a small smile and her cheeks turned a very faint color of red. "Nice to see you Andrew. And you look, uhh nice too?" She took his hand, "Mind if I ask but, How do you know me?"

6/22/2012 #44

He brought her hand to his lips, still smirking. "I make sure to know everyone's name. It's the nicest thing I can do."

6/22/2012 #45

Her mind was racing on all the possibilities of why he was doing this. Why her? "That is nice. Umm you called my name so uhh what do you need?"

6/22/2012 #46

Jackpot. "Oh... I just wanted to talk to you about the ball tonight... You see, I don't have a date and I rather not go stag, so I was wondering if I would have the honor to go with you?" Andrew walked to the front of the chair, going down on his knees to look up at her. "Please," he begged.

6/22/2012 #47

This seemed like a really big request. She had no idea what to say. She's never been to a ball and she might never get asked again. "Ummm sure...okay."

6/22/2012 #48

Andrew slowly grinned. This was going to be too easy. "Do you have a dress?"

6/22/2012 #49

"I think so, I'll go check" She said, then got up and walked to her dorm and was back in a flash. "Yeah I do"

6/22/2012 #50

Andrew was sitting in her chair with a grin. "May I have the color of it?" He openned his arms, wondering if she would sit on his lap.

6/22/2012 #51

Luna wondered why his arms were open. Is this a trick? she thought. "Its Black. What are you wearing?" She looked around for a seat and soon found his seat. She brought it closer to where he was sitting and sat down in it.

6/22/2012 #52

Andrew sighed and put down his arms. "I guess I'll be wearing a regular tux, yeah?" He checked her out obviously with a growing grin.

6/22/2012 #53

"Okay, cool. How long have you been Nightshade and stuff?"

6/22/2012 #54

Andrew frowned when she didn't blush, but soon smiled. "A long time, you?"

6/22/2012 #55

She wondered why he frowned but decided to brush it off and she made a small smile. "I am new here. I mean I've been here for a few days but other than"

6/22/2012 #56

"Ah, you hear about what happened at halloween?" Andrew smirked, wondering if he could scare her into his arms.

6/22/2012 #57

Luna wondered what he was up to. He had something in mind..something he wanted.

"No...what happened?"

6/22/2012 #58

"Bunch of clay hands came outta nowhere and started grabbin' students." Andrew watched her expression, trying to look uninterested.

6/22/2012 #59

"Oh My God. Thats, thats horrible" She made herself looked shocked, when in fact that was kinda normal to her. "Thats crazy...what..what happened to the kids?"

6/22/2012 #60
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