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The Primp State

The rooftop of the school is a very popular hangout spot for students on sunny days.

3/14/2012 . Edited 12/4/2012 #1

The moment Lei took one step onto the familiar tiled floor, Xiaodan gave a loud meow, jumping off his shoulder. Lei watched his go, before making his way to a bench that gave him a fair view of the lake. Now that he was alone, the familiar feeling of nostalgia hit him, his dark blue eyes softening slightly.

Xiaodan looked at his owner with his head tilted slightly, before hopping onto the bench beside him. Lei gave the cat a half-smile, before looking out at the lake once more and humming an old lullaby his mother had taught him."Dào tiān míng bù gǎn qù shuì, dān xīn nǐ hàn liú jiá bèi....."

(From Dining Hall #129)

3/18/2012 . Edited 3/18/2012 #2

(From Wizard Dorms #3)

Duncan walked onto the rooftop, looking around at the serene place. It was so beautiful... He sat down, not noticing the soft humming coming from the other side of the roof. Looking that way, he saw another figure sitting on a bench, along with what appeared to be a cat. 3/18/2012 #3
Xiaodan's ears pricked at the sound of another person, and gave a quiet mew. Lei blinked, pausing in his humming and looking down at the cat. "What is it, Xiaodan?" he murmured, looking around. He then noticed the boy who had suddenly appeared, and, mentally cursing his carelessness, gave a grin and stood, striding over.

"Hey, you're Duncan, aren't you?" he said easily, pausing in front of the boy's bench. "You were in the Wizard Dorm with me last year...I think our beds were next to each other."

3/18/2012 #4

"Yep," Duncan said, nodding. "And you're Lei." He stated it more as a fact, rather than a question.

3/18/2012 . Edited 3/18/2012 #5

Lei smirked. "Why, yes I am." he said, looking down at the boy. "What're you doing up here, anyway? Don't you know, there are dangerous people who come around here at night, just waiting for a little boy to prey on."

The last comment was punctuated with a look down to Duncan. Despite the fact the boy was the same height as him, he was still shorter when sitting on a bench.

3/18/2012 #6

"I doubt there's anyone here to prey on me," Duncan said, raising an eyebrow at Lei. "Besides, I needed some fresh air; I hate being cooped up inside for too long."

3/18/2012 . Edited 3/18/2012 #7
Lei's boyish face went into a rather cute pout, before the boy gave a grin. "Well, then would you mind accompanying me on a trip around the grounds?" he asked innocently. "After all, there are lots of scary things that like preying on me. Like a certain werewolf who likes crunching on demon fruit." he said, thinking back to dinner.

Then he shook his head, once more grinning down to Duncan. "It'll give you a way to stay outside still~!"

3/18/2012 #8

"Sure," Duncan said, standing up. "I'll go."

3/18/2012 . Edited 3/18/2012 #9
Lei nearly pouted again at the lack of enthusiasm, but he would not be defeated! The challenges were always fun, and right now, the challenge was to get this guy to be more enthusiastic!

Xiaodan looked at his owner with amusement flickering in his eyes. Shy and flustered, his tail. He was still such a little kid. However, when Lei looked down at his cat with a frown, the cat hid his face, moving to nudge his head against Duncan's leg.

"Huh, looks like Xiaodan's taken a liking to you," he commented, grinning. "Maybe this time, he'll stick to someone else while I'm on the grounds." he said, starting for the door.

3/18/2012 #10
[From Dining Hall #132]

Bianca entered the rooftop and spotted two wizards chatting nearby. She ignored them and went the opposite direction and inhaled the evening breeze. The rooftop was a beautiful spot, she wished that she was alone at the time, though she didn't mind company at all.

3/19/2012 #11

Duncan reached down to pet Xiaodan, then followed Lei to the door. "So, where are you from?" he asked him, thinking it was probably an Asian country.

3/19/2012 #12
Lei raised a brow. "Bit personal, huh?" he said jokingly. Then he grinned. "Just kidding. I'm from China, a little village you've probably never heard of."

Lei opened the door, motioning towards it. "You first?"

(Lei to the Grounds)

3/19/2012 #13

"China? That's cool," Duncan said, smiling and stepping through the door. "I've never been to China... Never really been out of Scotland, actually. 'Till I came here."

(Duncan is now at the Grounds)

3/19/2012 . Edited 3/19/2012 #14

It was a beautiful and airy day. Hail was glad to spend some of it outside. The white-tiger shifter was resting his elbows on the parapet looking out at the grounds below as he waited for Victoria and Cam.

3/24/2012 #15

(From Werewolf dorms #16)

Tori quickly opened the door, grinning as Cam gave a happy woof and ran towards Hail. The larger dog jumped towards Hail in it's enthusiasm, tail wagging rapidly.

Tori's eyes were amused as she also ran over, hoping to see Hail's reaction to Cam's doggy-tackle.

3/24/2012 #16

Hail turned towards them before they had even arrived and, when Cam came towards him, grinned and greeted the dog, rubbing him behind his ears. "Good to see you again, Cam," he said. While Hail didn't have the natural easiness with dogs as full-blooded werewolves, that didn't mean he could still be good with them.

3/24/2012 #17
Cam woofed happily, tongue hanging out and tail wagging as he nuzzled Hail's hand. Like his owner, Cam was a pretty loving dog.

Tori smiled. "Cam's really happy to see you again~" she said brightly. She pulled out two dog toys from behind her back, a Frisbee and a tennis ball, depending on which one was chosen. "He's been stuck inside all day too."

3/24/2012 #18

"I know dogs well enough to assume that the fella is probably restless at this point," Hail mused as he continued to scratch behind Cam's ear, now looking up at Tori.

3/24/2012 #19

Cam's hind leg shook slightly as he was scratched, looking happy. But then his impatience hit him, and he barked at the two. Tori gave a grin, holding up the two toys. "Here, pick one, Hail." she said, smiling at the boy.

3/24/2012 #20

Looking briefly at the two toys, Hail took the frisbee in his hand. "Let's see how good a catch he is." With a brisk motion of the wrist, the shifter threw the frisbee spinning across the rooftop.

3/24/2012 #21

The moment the frisbee left Hail's hand, Cam spun around and raced after it, eyes focused on the plastic disc. While it was still fairly high, the large dog jumped up, snagging the plastic disc in it's mouth, before turning around and racing back to Hail.

Tori grinned. "Have to do better than that." she giggled.

3/24/2012 #22

"Mm, I'm not sure this rooftop will be big enough to out-throw this dog," Hail said with a short laugh before attempting another throw.

3/25/2012 #23

Cam's eyes flashed as the dog whipped around and chased after the frisbee with almost child-like enthusiasm. He jumped up and caught it, wheeling around and heading back to the two.

"Well, that one seemed close! Maybe you should flick your wrist later, and it'll fly farther?" Tori suggested, really not knowing how to throw it. She usually played with the ball, so frisbees were not her forte.

3/25/2012 #24

"I'm almost worried it'll end up flying off the roof," Hail said with a slight grin. "Though I suppose I would certainly beat Cam if that happened."

3/25/2012 #25

"I'm pretty sure Cam wouldn't appreciate it if it flew off the room," Tori giggled, eyes amused. "But at least you'd even the score a bit, right?"

Cam woofed impatiently, frisbee in it's mouth. Tori looked down at her dog, smiling before glancing at Hail. "Can I try?"

3/25/2012 #26

"Of course," Hail said with a nod of encouragement.

3/25/2012 #27

Tori smiled, turning and taking the frisbee from Cam. Then, she straightened, looking past the dog. Then, she grinned and pulled her arm back. Then, she flew the frisbee forward, hoping it would fly farther. Unfortunately, it only flew about two feet.

Cam looked towards his master with a seemingly withering look, before turning and trotting towards the frisbee, picking it up in his jaws and padding back, this time heading for Hail. Tori gave a sheepish smile, looking back at Hail. "Guess I'm not too good..."

3/25/2012 . Edited 3/26/2012 #28

Hail laughed softly as he took the frisbee from Cam. "Like everything else, it just takes practice," he said. And, as he tossed the frisbee, went on to say. "It's as you said so yourself; it's all in the wrist, not the arm."

3/26/2012 #29

Tori nodded, smiling, before her eyes widened. That was...

Terror flashed in Tori, and she whipped around. "Oh god...those are augureys!" she cried, eyes wide. She knew all the stories, her mother had told her...they were demon creatures! "Hail...we've got to get to the Grounds! People could be in trouble!" she said, turning and racing to the door, Cam giving a worried look to both of magical beings before turning and racing after his master, the frisbee forgotten.

(Tori to Grounds)

3/26/2012 #30
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