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Awed, Alex thought, The Moebius spell. I hope we learn about that soon! With the older kids, he felt somewhat left out in studies. For example, the augureys earlier that day. Many people had knowledge of them except him. It wasn't that cool.

To his surprise, his fellow classmates had no idea what the professors were talking about and then felt slightly relieved. This was something they were altogether in, for once. They would learn something together.

"Am I mature enough to learn something in the forbidden section?" Alex teased Lei, then immediately quieted down. He processed the words of the professors, slightly leaning away from the door. He was deep in thought. "I reckon the spell around the Misty Marshes was different," he pointed out. "They said something about... leaks? And redoing the spell? Usually there isn't a barrier around the Marshes."

When Lei shushed them, he pressed his ears against the cool metal frame once more.

3/31/2012 #31
The Primp State

While they had been talking, the teachers had moved on to a slightly different vein. Racha refocused her attention, stepping back a bit so that people without enhanced hearing could get closer to the door. Headmistress Linde was now speaking. "...Alistair, you are our official Elvish representative, so the chances of your success in this area are the greatest. This may be a long shot, but..." At this point her voice dropped so low that even Racha couldn't hear what she was saying. The reaction of the professors, however, was more than audible enough. A wave of murmurings and exclamations broke out.

"With all due respect, Ingrid, this has to be a joke," said the voice of Professor Zann, the Astronomy professor, over the hubbub. "We don't even know if he's still alive!"

Despite the apparent gravity of the situation, Racha couldn't help but snort with laughter at her werewolf adviser's tone. "Funny, I don't remember anyone retiring in the last few years. This guy must be really old-school." Unable to resist, she added snarkily, "What are they going to do, dig up his grave?"

4/1/2012 #32

Nicholas strained to hear more, to figure out exactly who they were talking about, and what it had to do with Saint-Clair. He remained utterly silent, his body steady against the door as he tried to pick up on as much info as he could with his keen elven ears.

4/1/2012 #33

Lei bit back a grin, but shook his head. "Maybe they're looking for some old elf dude, since they're asking Professor know anything about that, Nico?" he questioned, tilting his head to the side as he glanced at the elf.

4/1/2012 #34

"I wouldn't know," Nicholas answered Lei in a hushed tone.

4/1/2012 #35
The Mango Tree
Desmond scrunched his brows together. "What the heck are they talking about?" He whispered, then stayed quiet himself as the teacher's talked more. He was rather confused at the whole predicament, hoping someone would explain to him when they didn't all have to be silent.
4/1/2012 #36

Monica thought for a moment. "The guy they're talking about is an elf, right?" she asked. She was trying to remember if any of her older siblings had told her about an elf, or anyone, retiring from the school, but she couldn't think of anything.

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The Primp State

"...plenty of elves, vampires, and werewolves who are well over 800 years old," argued the voice of Professor Akizuki. "Certainly many choose to die after a several centuries of life, but for every one who does so, there are always just as many who take full advantage of their immortality. It's a matter of personal choice, and we shouldn't rule it out for him until it can be disproved."

There was a murmur of assent, although several teachers still seemed skeptical. However, the headmistress once again took control. "Yumiko is right," she said. "And in the meantime, we need to be careful. Double-check the spell's reinforcements, make sure there's no tear, and above all, say nothing to the students. Not until we know more about what's going on. We don't want to cause unnecessary panic, but if this starts getting out of hand, we will have to inform the International Council. Alistair, you will see if you can get in contact with him. Cebrián -"

"Yes, Ingrid, I'll try to cut down on cultural superstitions in my lectures," the history professor replied, sounding amused.

"Then I believe we are done here. Thank you for your time, everyone, and good night." A scraping of chairs ensued, followed by the sound of footsteps approaching the door.

"Get back!" Racha hissed. There wasn't enough time for them to slip through the outer doors without the teachers seeing them open and close. Grabbing the shoulders of the two people nearest to the door, which happened to be Nicholas and Desmond, she flattened herself against the oak-paneled walls of the foyer, pulling them with her.

4/1/2012 #38

Realizing that the door would be opened, and feeling Racha's hand on his shoulder, Nicholas drew himself back as he was pulled to flatten against walls of the foyer. His emerald eyes strayed to the side, trying to ensure the others manage to conceal themselves.

4/1/2012 #39

By this point, Alex wasn't even paying attention to the conversation happening behind him. He gathered that there was a spell, an elf, and immortal people. Finally, he realized that he shouldn't ask the professors anymore questions. Then he began debating. If he inquired about the incident earlier, perhaps they wouldn't suspect they had been listening. It was possible that the professors were being confusing because they were aware that they were eavesdropping.

"Oh, shit," he cursed when he heard the footsteps. They were coming. Fast. He pulled his ear from the door and immediately his ears transformed to their mundane form. No doubt he would start freaking out if they walked past them.

He pressed against the wall farthest from their sights, and hoped that the others would follow. A light sweat began to gleam on his forehead. His back was flat against the cool wall, heart drumming in his chest. Glancing to his left, he saw in relief that they had done the same thing. Alex was reassured that Lei, Monica, and Desmond's cloaking spells worked, but the professors would suspect anything.

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The Mango Tree
Desmond was pulled back by Racha. He flattened himself against the wall and held his breath so the teacher's wouldn't hear him.
4/1/2012 #41

Monica threw herself against the wall, and, spreading her arms against as many people as possible, quickly cast the first illusion spell that came to mind. It was one that gave the castor, and all those they touched, a translucent appearance. It didn't make them completely invisible, but, with the dim light of the foyer, it made them harder to see.

4/1/2012 . Edited 4/1/2012 #42

Lei narrowed his eyes and pressed to the remaining empty wall. There, he muttered softly, reinforcing the spells he had cast earlier. They couldn't get caught...not now! The teachers would probably send them back if they saw them. After a moments afterthought, he also added another silencing spell, one he hoped would ensure silence from everyone until the teachers left.

Seeing Monica's illusion spell, Lei steeled himself a bit more, and his eyes flashed with a slight yellow-ish color as he added his magic to Monica's in hopes of strengthening it.

4/1/2012 . Edited 4/1/2012 #43
The Primp State

Not a second later, the teachers all filed out of the Headmistress' office, with Professor Aljarafe bringing up the rear. As he left, about to shut the door behind him, he turned so he was facing the little group of students.The wizard paused, and as his eyes swept over the empty hall, they seemed to look straight at each and every one of them in turn. Racha, who was still holding on to both Nicholas and Desmond's shoulders, unconsciously tightened her grip until her knuckles turned white. Can he see us? Or...

The werewolf realized with a sudden jolt that wizards could read minds. But Aljarafe's back was to the light, and it was impossible to read his face. After a moment, or two, the history professor seemed to decide that nothing was there, and quietly followed his colleagues out, closing the door behind him.

Racha let out the breath she had been holding in a long sigh, only seeming to realize that she had Desmond and Nicholas in a death grip. "Whoops. Sorry 'bout that, guys," she whispered, grinning apologetically at them both. She then grew serious again, and glanced at the Headmistress' door. "C'mon, let's get out of here."

[Racha to hallways]

4/1/2012 #44

Nicholas rubbed his shoulder. "No trouble," he said with a sloppy smile before heading after Racha.

(Nicholas to Hallway)

4/1/2012 #45

Lei grimaced, feeling that the Wizard professor would probably have some idea he'd done something bad. "Gret." he muttered, shaking his head. "I'm getting rid of these spells in the hall," he said, looking fairly tired.

With that, Lei headed down the stairs, trying to ignore the foreboding he felt.

(Lei to Hallway)

4/1/2012 #46

Monica sighed a breath of relief as the last teacher left, and headed out to the Hallways with the other.

(Monica to the Hallways)

4/1/2012 #47

They didn't notice us. Thank god. Alex sighed in relief, and his head pressed against the wall. Aljarafe seemed to stare right through his soul. Did the guy have super vision or something? It was crazy. "I'm out," he muttered. That said, he slipped past the shadows and through the door.

(Alex to hallways) 4/1/2012 #48
The Primp State

[From Dining Hall #793]

As Racha rounded the corner to the headmistress' office, she suspected that this time, getting in wouldn't be nearly as easy as it had been the last time. Sure enough, guarding the outer entrance to the office was a young Circus official, no more than a few years older than they were. "Great," Racha muttered. To her surprise, however, Lazare was also heading towards the double doors, and without any spells to cover him up. As he got closer, her jaw almost hit the floor in shock. Were those tears running down Lazare Saint-Clair's face?

4/30/2012 #49

(From Dining Hall)

Nicholas was at Racha's side, his eyes quickly falling on Saint-Clair. Lazare? Crying? Well, he was human (figuratively speaking, of course), so why shouldn't he be able to cry? And if something brought tears to Saint-Clair, what could that possibly be? It was worriesome.

He looked over his shoulder for the sorcerers to back them up with spells.

4/30/2012 #50

(From Dining Hall #798)

Paige was about to march up the wooden doors and firmly knock when she saw the elf. She had immediately retreated, pressing her back against the wall out of eyesight. What was he out of all people doing here? She scowled. Obviously she wouldn't approach the place with him standing there.

4/30/2012 #51

(From Dining Hall #798)

Lei gave a thumbs up to Nico, grinning as he set up more silencing and invisibility spells. His eyes widened at Lazare's tears, and for a moment, he almost spit out the falafel he'd eaten. But, he refrained and swallowed, looking at Racha questioningly.

4/30/2012 #52
The Mango Tree

Desmond followed the others, but upon seeing Lazare's crying face, he stopped, his brows raised. It couldn't be good if the little smug elf was crying. "We should find out what's going on with him," he whispered to Racha. "It's gotta be important,"

Eilin came around the corner, still muttering her spells with a very concentrated look on her face. She didn't want to mess this one up. She saw the elf that spoke to the portrait's earlier crying, and she tilted her head in curiosity.

4/30/2012 #53

Casting their own mixture of spells, Michelle and Tony came up behind the others just in time to see Lazare.

4/30/2012 #54

(From Dining Hall)

Monica crept along the hallway, casting a few silencing and invisibility spells. When she saw Lazare, she stopped, a puzzled look on her face. Lazare? Crying?

4/30/2012 #55

Lei frowned, this time, not because of Lazare. No, it was the taste of the falafel coming back to haunt him. "Racha, this stuff is poison!" he muttered darkly, grimacing. "I need sweetness...I should've grabbed some donuts or something..."

4/30/2012 #56
The Primp State

"This is the biggest mindfuck ever," Racha whispered back to Desmond. "Did the manticore whack him on the head when none of us were looking?" Despite her sarcasm, however, she was beginning to feel concerned. Lazare never showed any emotion other than elation or annoyance. This was troubling. "Calm down, Lei. It won't kill you," she told her friend with a slight grin before turning back to watch.

The young official stepped forward as Lazare approached, and for a moment, it was clear that he was taken off guard by the raw emotion on the boy's face. Then he straightened, his bland professional guard mask kicking in. "I'm sorry, but no students are allowed beyond this point."

"I...I'm sorry, sir," Lazare choked, his voice quivering. "But it's - it's just that I really - really need someone to talk to. I've already been to the professors' offices, but no one's there, and Professor Mackinnon - " At the elvish professor's name, Lazare's voice cracked and broke off. Then, with an effort, he pulled himself together, raising wide, pure silver eyes that brimmed and overflowed with tears. "A-anyways, my mother's in there with the headmistress right now, s-so, would it be all right if I just went and sat outside until they finish? I promise not to -"

"Wait a moment," the young guard interrupted, frowning slightly. "I'm sorry - did you say your mother was inside?"

Lazare nodded. "Achiel Saint-Clair," he confirmed, wiping his face discreetly. "I didn't know she was even here, but I saw her with Head Councillor Wytham, so I came straight to Headmistress Linde's office."

"You've got to be shitting me," Racha muttered as she realized what he was doing. Even so, she couldn't deny that there was admiration mixed in with her incredulity, although she would never admit it.

4/30/2012 . Edited 4/30/2012 #57

"...Bullshit." Nicholas let out a huff and crossed his arms. Never again will he even try to feel sorry for Saint-Clair.

4/30/2012 #58

Lei's mouth dropped open. "Goddamn...Saint-Clare has some sneaky shit stored in that annoying head of his..." he muttered, grudgingly giving some admiration. "Still doesn't make up for the fact he's a douchebag."

4/30/2012 #59

"He's actually quite good at it." Tony noted as he stroked his chin with a thoughtful look. "The tears defiantly add to the effect."

4/30/2012 #60
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