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"Time to bolt!" Nicholas said in a quick and hushed voice to his companions. He bolted away from the door, quickly getting out of the way before the professors could see him.

(Nicholas to Hospital Wing)

5/1/2012 . Edited 5/1/2012 #91

Lei nodded, turning and racing after Nicholas. "Move it or lose it!" he muttered to the others, darting out the door. Stupid Saint-Clare and his acting skills...he doesn't have to run... Lei pouted, slipping out before he could be caught.

(Lei to Hallways)

5/1/2012 #92

Monica quickly turned on her heel and making her way towards the exit, casting another invisibility spell around herself. She looked back at the others, and decided to cast a spell around them as well, in case they didn't make it out in time; at least they'd have a chance of not getting caught. Turning back to the door, she sped out of the office.

(Monica to the Hallways)

5/1/2012 #93
The Mango Tree

Eilin heard people coming and immediately bolted to the hallways along with Desmond. "Where should we go?" She asked Bianca once they were safe. Desmond, on the other hand, brushed right past them and followed Nicholas to the Hospital Wing to meet up with Racha.

[Desmond to Hospital Wing]

5/1/2012 #94

"Let's go." Bianca told Eilin as she followed the others to the hallways. She wasn't planning on getting caught, though she still wanted to listen.

[Bianca to Hallways]

5/1/2012 #95
The Primp State

Linde looked surprised to see Lazare sitting in the hall when she opened the door, but upon seeing his face she didn't look suspicious, or ask him what he was doing, or otherwise question him in any way. His mother wasn't so easily fooled, but she could hardly say anything in front of the Head of the Council. Lazare's gaze fell on the group, and he studied them carefully, although outwardly he looked as distraught as ever.

Aliena Wytham's team of officials, analysts, trained security forces and special circumstances agents consisted of a group of about ten or twelve men and women, most dressed in dark navy suits. Four or five, however, wore uniforms of a different kind, of pure black. They nodded briefly to him as they exited, followed by the teachers and headmistress. When they were gone, only the two Saint-Clairs were left in the office, and Lazare braced himself for the lecture he knew he was going to get.

5/1/2012 #96

Paige held her breath as she was the last to reach the door. She bolted upright and stood straight as a pencil, staring at the professors inspecting Lazare. It's always me. Her fingers flicked, conjuring more spells to shield her from the professors, and luckily they didn't notice her. As they passed, she swore she could feel their breath on her skin.

Discreetly, she waved her fingers at Lazare and managed to slip out of the doors.

(Paige to Hallways)

5/1/2012 #97
The Primp State

"You presume too much," Achiel said quietly as soon as the door shut behind Paige, her voice icy and dangerous. Everyone had gone by now, but she switched to French, just in case. "Simply because I am on the Council does not mean that you have the right to use that as leverage. No matter how you may be treated in this school - "

"Which isn't much above everyone else," Lazare interrupted. "Calme-toi, Maman. The teachers don't play favorites here. I believe Akizuki once called me a pain in the - well, essentially, at least," he amended, holding back the swear word just in time. "Besides, you may have noticed that I don't exactly see working in politics as a point of pride." He smiled faintly, a sardonic glint in his silver eyes. "No one knows we're related."

Achiel resisted the urge to give her younger son a good hard whack on the head. "I wonder what I did to make you turn out like this," she muttered. "I have to leave now, but believe me, we are not done here. We are going to talk about this the minute you come home for Christmas break. And not a word of this to your friends, do you understand?"

Lazare refrained from cheekily asking what a 'friend' was, and instead quietly left the office after his mother. It was nearly time for dinner, and for once he was hungry, so he made his way straight to the dining hall.

[Lazare to Dining Hall]

5/1/2012 . Edited 5/2/2012 #98

Quickly recasting several spells, Michelle and Tony slicked past the officials as they followed Paige.

[Michelle and Tony to Hallways]

5/2/2012 #99

(From the Rooftop)

Malcolm ran towards the door of the headmistress' office, letting go of Mazi's hand. "Hello, Headmistress?" he called, banging on the door. "Hello? Are you there?"

6/12/2012 #100

[From Rooftop #618]

Mazi watched Malcolm, biting her lip. "Mal-Malcolm... What if she's in on this? What... What if she isn't there? What if those things come after us here?! I'm not good at fighting!" She was shaking uncontrollably, holding herself.

6/12/2012 #101
The Primp State

Surprisingly enough, the door was actually slightly ajar, leading into the lobby area and the inner door. That entrance was slightly open too, and the door swung slightly on its frame, as if someone had ran out in a hurry just moments before and forgotten to close it properly.

6/12/2012 #102

Furrowing his eyebrows, Malcolm pushed the door open, walking inside silently. Seeing the door to the main office open, he hurried towards that, pushing it open, as well. "Headmistress? Are you here?" he called, stepping inside. It didn't seem like she would be; it looked more like she, or someone else, had left in a hurry, seeing as the doors were open.

6/12/2012 #103

Mazi hurried after him. "Malcolm! You're not listening!" She looked around. Why were the doors open? The doors were never open... well, from what she's seen. "Malcolm... I don't think we should go any farther... What-What if the person..." She grabbed onto his arm, staying close. Oh, she couldn't take this anymore...

6/12/2012 #104

"It's alright Mazi," Malcolm said, stepping out of the office. "It doesn't look like she's here. We should go back to the party; maybe she's there already." Turning around, he headed back for the rooftop.

(Malcolm to the Rooftop)

6/12/2012 #105

(Minerva and Kacie from Grounds, Lei from Hallways.)

"Stupid brother. Stupid, idiotic, annoying, incredibly arrogant bastard of an adrenaline junkie brother!" Minerva muttered, heading up to the office, tugging Kacie behind her.

"He was just worried about us, Min." Kacie said, trying to soothe his sister's irritation.

"Worried or not, he's still a stupid bastard." she responded, looking around. "I don't think anyone is here yet..."


"I stand corrected," Min said, turning and glancing back as Lei ran in, looking around for Duncan.

11/15/2012 #106

[Natasha from Dining Hall]

Covered in dust and debris, Natasha nearly tripped over her own feet as she slid across the floor, nearly colliding with Kacie. "Oops."

11/15/2012 #107

Kacie yelped slightly, but turned and caught the girl before she fell. "Careful," he said, looking down at the shorter girl in concern. "You okay?"

11/15/2012 #108

(Duncan from the Hallways)

Duncan couldn't say he was very surprised when he heard Lei's voice behind him. "Lei, what are you doing?" he asked, turning around and walking over him. "I thought you were going to the grounds. Though I should have known you wouldn't." he added in a quiet voice.

11/15/2012 #109

"I refuse to leave without you," he replied simply, looking at Duncan defiantly, daring the boy to try and make him go. His mouth twitched up when he heard Duncan's quiet comment, and he was tempted to grin and say something snarky. But he didn't, choosing instead to walk up to the group that had gathered, crossing his arms. I almost lost him once. I won't let it happen again.

11/15/2012 #110

[Renza from the Hallways]

Despite the previous warnings, Renza pounded on the Headmistress' door. "Professor Linde!" she wailed, hoping by the slight chance that she or one of the teachers would slam it open and bring them to safety.

11/15/2012 #111

"Hey, screaming and pounding won't do us any good!" Minerva snapped, glaring at her. "It'll just alert them we're down here and make things worse!"

11/15/2012 #112

Duncan shook his head at Lei, following him over towards the group. "Is she even in there?" He asked, glancing at the door as Renza pounded on it.

11/15/2012 #113

"All the teachers are out fighting," Lei said, shaking his head. "I can pick the lock though, and we can get in." he said, digging through his pockets.

11/15/2012 #114
The Primp State

(Be warned, the door will take more than ordinary lock picks to break through. If Aljarafe's door has massive defenses on it, you can probably imagine what the headmistress' is like. I hope you have sorcerers with you...or you could just burn the door down. X) That would be funny. XD)

11/15/2012 #115

(The arsonist, Lei. :) Well, he's got lightning affinity, I could attempt to burn it with some of those powers...)

11/15/2012 #116
The Primp State

(Whatever you want, as long as it's amusing. XD And Natasha has fire affinity too, I think...there's a lot of wizards in here. Bring on the elements! XD)

11/15/2012 #117

Renza shook her head. "No way," she said to Lei. "This is Professor Linde. I don't think picking her lock is going to let us in."

11/15/2012 #118

"Then move your arse, and let me do what I do best. Make trouble." Lei said, giving a devious grin and straightening up. "By the way, you're water. So I suggest you stand behind Duncan, because his element is less conductive than yours."

11/15/2012 #119

Duncan reached over, grabbing Renza by the shoulder and gently pushing her behind him. "Should I make a shield for this?" He asked, scuffing the stone floor with his foot. Not only were shields protective, but they could also be used to attack people, which could come in handy in case anyone... unwanted appeared.

11/15/2012 #120
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