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"Not in the teenage sense, no," Nicholas confirmed with a slight grin, looking on almost distantly at the dancing pair. "Though understand that I do love Racha. She's my sister, my brother, and my friend, and while I care for her no less than a loving husband towards a wife, we could never be a couple; we're too much like family." His eyes softened as he continued to watch his soul-bro dance with the Hybrid. "Truthfully, I've never seen her act this way around a guy. Never have I seen her blush in such a way."

7/15/2012 #391

Eventually, the chain of events caught up in Tori's mind, and the werewolf felt a flush on her face as she returned the Tiger's grin, albeit somewhat shyly, and she nodded. "A drink would be heaven right now," she said, sounding grateful. "Thankfully, it's not nearly as crowded as earlier."

7/15/2012 #392
Lady Phantome

Arashi nodded in reply as Caesar left, however the sorcerer's eyes narrowed in suspicion as he saw the two professors leave together. He frowned and rose from the table unnoticed as he tried to see where they went.

'I never trusted them or rather, I have a hard time trusting them.' the sorcerer thought as he walked through the corridor and felt his eyes widen as he saw the ice spikes outside. Arashi's blue eyes narrowed as he subconsciously fingered the tanto he had hidden away in the folds of his jacket.

Someone could have been killed tonight.

Turning his eyes away from the scene, he walked back to the ballroom but bumped into Caesar on the way and saw his face deep in thought. Immediately, the younger sorcerer knew that he must have heard something or someone. "Do you know what Knollys and Hughes were talking about?" Arashi asked softly enough for only Caesar to hear.

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"I reckon there's no use in this anymore." Alex sighed, but ended up attaching the spring of mistletoe to the frame of the door instead. Luckily, he went unnoticed. It wouldn't be good if some girls began screaming "that boy is hanging mistletoe!" and all expected him to push them under with their crushes.

7/16/2012 #394

Mimi giggled at Racha's apprehension. "Aww, it's not rigged, Racha. Why would I try to ruin a ball?" she said, mock hurt. Grinning as Alex planted a swift kiss on her cheek, Mimi glided over to the drinks table, suddenly thirsty. Though most of the bowls were empty, some, such as the bowl in front of her, were still nearly full with a sweet-smelling juice with real berries.

The glass punch bowl was a thing of beauty-at first it looked like it was merely tinted pink, but it actually was lightly glazed in all the colors she could think of. The design of the glass itself was designed to resemble a lady's head and shoulders at rest. Looking closer, she saw that it was a young maiden, wearing a mantle about her and holding a pale brown bloom in one delicate hand. For a moment, though, she was frightened of it for no discernible reason...

"Can you please move?" said a voice. Mimi turned around to see a younger girl in a cool blue half mask. The girl glanced at the punch bowl once, make a little start, and turned towards the vampiress again.

"I'd stay away from that, if I were you." the girl (Achilea, her memories supplied) said before filling a cup from another bowl before going on her way. Shrugging, Mimi did the same before leaving, feeling a tell-tale twinge in her foot but ignoring it.

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The Primp State

Racha was clearly amused at Des's spinning like a small child would, her eyes bright with fun. As the hybrid nearly tripped over his own feet, she quickly and instinctively stepped in closer, placing a hand on his shoulder to help keep him from falling. "Careful there, Michael Jackson," she teased with a grin, although she refrained from laughing too much at the redness in his face. Still, she didn't think too much of it, and added playfully, "Maybe you should think about re-choreographing your moves."


Lazare was shaken out of his reverie by the sight of Morgana walking past him with a potato, the sight of it stirring something rather ominous and uneasy in the back of his mind. Perhaps someone had just walked over his grave. Shaking his head and blinking a few times, he looked at the punch table. People were still drinking from the large bowl, and as far as he could tell, no one was delusional (more than usual, that is) or appeared to be high, both of which were the first immediate symptoms of belladonna poisoning.

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Calla had never been able to sit still for long so she got to her feet, shaking her hair out of her face as she turned to Jeff.

"I'm going to get a drink," she said with a bright smile, "are you coming?" Her smile turned a bit sly as she raised one eyebrow. "Although didn't you say something about Carrie?"

With that she swept away, dancing her way across the floor wth various people she knew before reaching the drinks table.

7/16/2012 #397

"Carrie?" In the past half-hour or so, Jeff had totally forgotten about her. Talking to Calla and watching the dances had caused his previous thoughts to wash away. He mentally facepalmed himself and scanned the room for Carrie. "Where did Miss Carrie Lynn go off to..." Finally, he spotted her outside with some other girls and Alex, and made his way over to her.

Alex pointed upwards. "So I stuck mistletoe up there. Grab a date if you want a kiss, but I'm out of here. Chelsea? May I have this dance?" He held out his hand for her to take it.


When Michiko turned away from the drinks, she wasn't surprised to see Aaron staring at her with a funny grin on his face. He was asking most of the dateless girls to dance with him, which was sweet of him in her opinion. But what did he really want? A date? Raising an eyebrow, she sipped her drink. "Yo," she said.

"Yo," he said and took her hand. "Say, Mitchie. Would you like to dance with me?"

She finished her drink and placed it on the table next to him. "Me?" she asked again. She knew it was coming, but now that he asked her, she couldn't believe it. Mitchie pursed her lips and said, "Yeah, sure. Take it away, Romeo."

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"Hey Lazare, you okay?" Dany inquired as she approached the older elf with a glass of punch in her hand.

7/16/2012 #399

Calla watched with a fond smile as Jeff approached Carrie before turning to the drinks. She was a bit struck by all the choice and so just stood there for a bit, looking at the table. Eventually she chose the punch as it looked the prettiest, admiring the color as she poured it.

7/16/2012 #400
The Mango Tree

Desmond laughed and spun Racha around once more. The song ended perfectly with his twirl and he bowed down toward her as a new song came on. "I will. And when I perfect my new circle, you'll be the first one I teach it too." He walked with her back to the table where Nicholas and Eilin were chatting.

Eilin smiled slightly at Nicholas' response. She was happy to hear that Nico cared for Racha so much. "I'm glad you guys have each other." She said simply when Desmond and Racha came walking up. "Hey guys. Nice dancing out there." She noted that Desmond was still grinning like an idiot.

"Bye Alex. Have fun Chelsea." Carrie grinned at the couple and looked back up toward the mistletoe. She turned when Jeff came over to her. "Hey Jeff. How's your night going?" She asked with a flashy smile.

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"'Sup, babe," Zander said to Calla. He was grabbing some drinks for his date, who was laughing somewhere with her friends. He retrieved his ukelele after the dance and was looking forward to perhaps singing to his date later on. "I like your dress."

Jeff grinned at her. He nodded to the first year next to her, but most of his attention was focused on Carrie. "Everyone loves the outfit, thanks to you," he cheerfully said, tapping the side of his bright yellow vest. "I figured I would thank you for it."

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Nicholas tilted his head up and grinned as Racha and Desmond approached. "Fine dancing, I see," he commented casually, leaning back against the table.


She had seen Morgana walking along with a potato, and that almost made Kari wince, though it certainly made her scowl. Through with water, she put her empty cup down and decided it was time to see what Saint-Clair had to say about Hughes and Knollys. Her eyes falling on the said elf, she noted that Dany was there too.

Good...the more minds the better. Well, in this case at least.

The she-wolf pushed herself away from the table and headed over to where her two elven friends were.

7/16/2012 #403

Calla raised her eyebrows as she turned to face Zander, taking note of the ukelele.

"Thanks," she said with an easy smile, "I like your...ukelele?" she laughed slightly, taking a sip of her punch.

7/16/2012 #404

"My uke?" Zander took the instrument off his shoulder to look at it with a proud grin. "Well, thanks. Calla, meet Rafiki. Rafiki, meet Calla." To imitate the character he named his ukelele after, he sang, "Asante Sana, Squash banana. Wewe nugu, mimi hapana!"

7/16/2012 #405

Calla nodded teasingly towards the instrument.

"Pleased to meet you," she said casually and then laughed again at the little song.

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The Primp State

"Of course. Why shouldn't I be?" Lazare asked, although he unconsciously eyed the punch in Dany's hand like it was a vat of brightly colored hydrochloric acid.


"Thanks," Racha said, grinning at Eilin. "Though that's the limit of my ballroom dancing. Clearly there are more talented people out there," she laughed, nudging Desmond playfully. A smile still lingered somewhere in the back of her eyes as she looked at the sorceress and her soul-bro. "Have you guys been having a good time?"

7/16/2012 #407

"Well, you're staring at my punch like it's Darth Vader to begin with," Dany raised an eyebrow as she watched Lazare's gaze.

7/16/2012 #408

"You missed what has been going on with Knollys and Hughes it seems," Kari commented, coming up beside Dany. After the icicle incident with Hughes, the she-wolf was also a little weary.


"Just a blast," Nicholas said with a sly grin towards his soul-bro. "As you seem to be having."

7/16/2012 #409
The Primp State

"Darth what? No, of course not," Lazare said, frowning at the Star Wars reference - not that he knew what that even was. "It should be safe, though," he remarked just as Kari came up. "They wouldn't - and can't - have contaminated the entire supply." The last part was said to himself, low under his breath as an afterthought.

7/16/2012 #410
The Mango Tree

Desmond laughed awkwardly and scratched the back of his head. "I'm gonna get some water. I'll be right back. Want any?" He asked the others, but mainly Racha, since Nicholas already had his own.

Eilin shook her head no, but she doubted Desmond was even paying any attention to her.

Carrie grinned. "Well you're the one pulling it off! It looks great on you." She snickered a little. "You should wear it around school more."

7/16/2012 #411

Looking from Lazare to Kari with confusion, Dany placed her cup on the ground. "Right...What exactly happened while I was getting a snack?"

7/16/2012 #412

"If they did I'd be feeling it by now," Kari assured, coming down beside Lazare before looking to Dany. "They had a tense conversation, Hughes and Knollys, one that involved what seemed to be a threat on Hughes' part. After that, Lazare was nearly impaled by an icicle." She frowned. "We're not sure whether Hughes saved us or warned us."


Nicholas kept his gaze lightly on Desmond, flickering curiously from him to Racha before settling back on Eilin. He was silent for the most part, thinking, and taking a brief look about the ballroom.

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The Primp State

"Sure, why not?" Racha said with a smile of thanks, although a part of her was scratching her head in puzzlement. Guys almost never treated her with this kind of courteousness, unless they were Nicholas, her father, or on occasion, her older brothers. Again glossing over it, she grinned at Nicholas' comment. "Oh, this the part where I attempt to explain to you that my running off with another guy isn't what it looks like? Although you don't seem to have suffered much." She turned and looked at Eilin, her grin become more sly and Cheshire-like.


Lazare had sunk back into his half-hypnotized, glazed-eyed state, while Kari explained. An overarching train of thought was beginning to take shape in his mind; although many of the links were still missing, he was starting to get a basic idea.

7/16/2012 #414

"He likes you too," Zander cheerfully said, slinging Rafiki over his shoulder again. He poured the drinks he came to get but ended up setting them on the table to talk to Calla. "Are you a fan of The Lion King?"

"Me?" Jeff thought of his usual baggy jeans and t-shirts and shook his head. He also tried to imagine him wearing suits like this every day and laughed. "Nah, no way. Gotta save up these things for special occasions so people think I'm decent."

7/16/2012 #415

"Hang on, Lazare was almost impaled by an icicle?" Dany said with an alarmed look. "And apparently there could be something wrong with the punch now or later?"

7/16/2012 #416

"I won't have to if you're not replacing me," Nicholas said with mock hurt and pupppy eyes to his soul-bro while he slung and arm around Eilin's shoulders. "My dear sorcerer here is the only one to fill any gaping hole you'll leave in my heart while you go drink punch without me."


"The situation has possibly become a little more...dangerous." He voice was soft and Kari's eyes fell back on Lazare, her gaze keeping steady on the elf. She said nothing more as she watched him intently, knowing that something was working in his mind and didn't further speak.

7/16/2012 #417
The Primp State

"And so could have everyone else, if they had gone inside first," Lazare reminded his 'dates', briefly coming back to earth before slipping off again.

7/16/2012 #418

"It's my little sisters favorite film," Calla said with a smile, "so I know all the songs." Her expression softened as she thought of her little sister as it always did. A moment later and she was laughing again though. "And I must say you performed that snippet very well," she said, chuckling.

7/16/2012 #419
The Mango Tree

Eilin blushed a little but it quickly faded and she started to laugh. "See what you did to the poor boy, Racha? You and the punch are killing him inside."

Carrie giggled at the thought of Jeff dressed in the suit all the time. She actually wouldn't mind seeing it, since she thought tuxedos were extremely attractive, but one shouldn't mess with another's style. "Of course you're decent; you look fantastic!" She said truthfully, eyeing the boy a little more.

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