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Wight Mamba

Name: Shelia Hukuma

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Species: Witch

Sexual Oreintation: Bi

Height: 6'1"

Bust size: DD

Looks: like a cute lab worker, she never wears clothe past very revealing lace underwear and a lab coat, she has dyed blue hair with yellow highlights

Personality: She is very kinky and has a tendency to overly slutty

Bio: Nothing worth mentioning. except she has like to mix potions and that have very nuaghty after effects such as a sex change potion, or a potion that makes you attracted to the same gender as you

Powers: Witch powers

6/6/2012 #31
Phantom Blaster Loki

(Accepted :D)

6/6/2012 #32
Wight Mamba

(where could I post her?)

6/6/2012 #33
Phantom Blaster Loki

(We can either have her join the threesome or meet Sakura lol)

6/6/2012 #34
Wight Mamba

(What threesome)

6/6/2012 . Edited 6/6/2012 #35
Phantom Blaster Loki

(Well, its not a threesome, but it can be lol. But I actually really wanna break Sakura XD)

6/6/2012 #36
Wight Mamba

( I would rather the three way)

6/6/2012 #37
Phantom Blaster Loki

(Okay then :P)

6/6/2012 #38
Wight Mamba

(What thread?)

6/6/2012 #39
Phantom Blaster Loki

(Well, Taya and Lyan are in the Hot Springs...)

6/6/2012 #40
Phantom Blaster Loki

Name: Yamamoto Kamikira

Age: 17

Species: Human

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Height: 6'2"

Length: 14 inches


Personality: Fun-loving and likes sluts and such

Bio: Just your average High School student

Powers: not much

6/9/2012 #41
Wight Mamba

(Shelia's familairs/testsubjects/sexual playthings)

Name: Gremilkin

Species: Cat (but can take the from of a woman)

Sexual Oreintation: Lesbian, but will do guys if Shelia tells her to

Height 5'1"

Cup size: d cups

Looks: when in human form

Personality: Lazy, but very odeinant and does whatever her mistress wishes without question

Bio: A cat famialiar mad from Shelia's blood and given life and shape

Powers: Can turn into a cat or a human woman


Name: Leo

Species: Wolf

Sexual Oreintation: Straight

Height: 5'7"

Length: 12inches

Looks: Like man with a with ears and tail, and long flowing hair

Personality: Quiet and cool

Bio: A male wolf familiar made from Shelia's blood and given shape and life

Powers: can become a man or a wolf


Name: Kit

Species: Fox

Sexual orientation: Bi

Height: 6'3"

Cup size: D


Personality: Playful and flirty and was made intentionally for soemthing to test aphrodiasacs on so is usually very horny

Bio: Made from Shelia's blood and was given shape and life

Powers: Can become a woman or a fox

Other: The only famialar of Shelia's who is not allowed to waer clothing save for a see through bra and a revealing G-string unless Shelia is present otherwise she is always naked

6/28/2012 #42
Phantom Blaster Loki

(All accepted)

6/28/2012 #43
Wight Mamba

(They would probably be in the city)

6/28/2012 . Edited 6/28/2012 #44
Phantom Blaster Loki

(Then I'll have Miyuki meet them :P)

6/28/2012 #45
Wight Mamba

(They would be in Shelia's potion shop)

6/28/2012 #46
Phantom Blaster Loki


6/28/2012 #47
Wight Mamba

(Shelia will probably have another familiar at some point but I don't know what animal to make it)

7/4/2012 #48
Phantom Blaster Loki

(Sea otter? They're supposed to have a really high sex drive]

7/4/2012 #49
Wight Mamba

(Not something I would really consider cute as a animal person like how all her familiars keep their tails and ears)

7/4/2012 #50
Phantom Blaster Loki

(Ah, um......Bunny?)

7/4/2012 #51
Wight Mamba

Name: Mokaoshi (Moka for short)

Gender: Female

Species: Raccoon

Sexual Oreintation: Straight (But will do lesbian thingsif ordered to)

Height: "5'2

Cup size: D-cup


Personality: Shy and Submissive, but slightly mischievious

Bio: Same as all of Shelia's Familiars

Powers: Can become a human female

Extra: She is a nudist and refuses to wear anything at all

7/4/2012 . Edited 7/8/2012 #52
Phantom Blaster Loki


7/4/2012 #53
Wight Mamba

(Shelia has a messed up little menagerie)

7/4/2012 #54
Phantom Blaster Loki


7/4/2012 #55
Lobo Argost

Name: Kyrie

Species: Human

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Height: 5'4

Cup Size: F-cup

Appearance: Flowing brown hair, blue eyes, petite figure.

Personality: Kyrie is a nice, if shy, girl who is also a virgin. Given the right push though, she could really become a sexual deviant.

Bio: Just your average human with a small trace of succubus heritage.

Powers: None really.


Name: Shin

Species: Monkey (Can take human form)

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Height: 5'5

Length: 13 inches

Appearance: Brown hair, green eyes, muscled in human form.

Personality: Shin is highly loyal to his mistress, and eagerly fucks her when she tells him to.

Bio: Shin is a recently created familiar of Hitomi's to help her out and fuck her every night.

Powers: Switching between human and monkey form.

7/8/2012 #56
Phantom Blaster Loki

(Double accepted)

7/8/2012 #57
Phantom Blaster Loki

Name: Byron

Species: Wolf Furry

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Height: 6'6"

Length: 13 inches


Personality: Calm and cool, unless aroused. He'll turn into a wild animal

Bio: Blah blah blah

Powers: Strength and speed

7/8/2012 #58
Lobo Argost

Name: Minatsuki Kamikira

Age: 21

Species: Human

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Height: 5'11

Cup Size: E-Cup

Appearance: Flowing blond hair, blue eyes, leather strapless top, leather short shorts, and leather boots that go to mid thigh. All black.

Personality: Fun loving and loves sex.

Bio: Who gives a fuck? (Pun intended.)

Powers: None really.

7/10/2012 #59
Phantom Blaster Loki


7/10/2012 #60
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