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Wight Mamba

Shelia came and she made sure Kit lapped up every last bit of her Cum

"I think you deserve a reward, but what?" Shelia asked

"Can I get back to sleep?" kit asked

"No you knew that you where going to sit he and fuck and be fucked" Shelia said


Kin opened a chest ful of various "Fun" toys "Take your pick"


"Get ready because here it comes....oooohhhh goooddd yeessss!" Leo shouted as he came hard inside Asuka

7/4/2012 #1,231
Lobo Argost

Daisuke felt himself harden and pulled out of Kit, looking at Shelia. "I want to fuck you now."

Asuka screamed as her belly bulged from all the cum pouring into her womb. "So good! So much cum flooding my womb!"

7/4/2012 #1,232
Phantom Blaster Loki

Miyuki picked up a large double-sided strapon vibrator

7/4/2012 #1,233
Wight Mamba

"Hmmmm go ahead, my nice little whore here warmed it up for you" Shelia said as she pinned him down "But I like to be on top if that is alright with you?" She said after putting a collar around Kit's neck "Fox slut you sit and watch and get off by watching us do it"

"Very well" She said as she began fingering herself


"Oh nice choice if I do say so myself"


Leo then bent over and said in a sexy tone "I'm still good if you want another round with wolfie?"

7/4/2012 #1,234
Phantom Blaster Loki

"Thanks," Miyuki smirked, putting the toy on

7/4/2012 #1,235
Lobo Argost

Daisuke grinned. "Not a problem at all."

Asuka pinned Leo to the floor, absorbing his cum already. "I'm not done with you yet," she purred as she impaled herself on him.

7/4/2012 #1,236
Wight Mamba

"I'd hope not" Leo said grinning as he felt the warmth from he cunt


Shelia pressed into his cock and took missionary postition and started to ride him


"Well you just gonna sit there or are you going to put that big fat thing to use?" Kin said

7/4/2012 #1,237
Lobo Argost

Asuka started riding Leo and moaned loudly, dangling her breasts above his face.

Daisuke groaned and held Shelia's hips as she rode him. "You're tight."

7/4/2012 #1,238
Phantom Blaster Loki

"Don't worry," Miyuki grinned, pinning Kin to the wall, "We've got plenty of time." She pushed the strapon into Kin's ass


Debiru was in his room, playing video games

7/4/2012 . Edited 7/4/2012 #1,239
Lobo Argost

Elena walked into Debiru's room. "Hey, sweetie."

7/4/2012 #1,240
Phantom Blaster Loki

"Hey mom," debiru said grinning

7/4/2012 #1,241
Lobo Argost

Elena sat down with him. "Want to play with me?" she asked, letting her kimono fall off her chest.

7/4/2012 #1,242
Phantom Blaster Loki

"Of course," Debiru grinned, dropping his controller

7/4/2012 #1,243
Lobo Argost

Elena reached over and paused the game before grabbed her son's crotch. "How bad do you want to fuck your pregnant mom?"

7/4/2012 #1,244
Phantom Blaster Loki

"Very!" Debiru said, he was already hard

7/4/2012 #1,245
Lobo Argost

Elena smiled and undid his pants, rubbing his cock. "You're really hard."

7/4/2012 #1,246
Phantom Blaster Loki

"Well you're here," Debiru grinned

7/4/2012 #1,247
Lobo Argost

Elena leaned down and started sucking Debiru.

7/4/2012 #1,248
Phantom Blaster Loki

Debiru groaned in pleasure, putting his hand on her head

7/4/2012 #1,249
Lobo Argost

Elena sucked harder and massaged his balls.

7/4/2012 #1,250
Phantom Blaster Loki

"I love having a perverted mom," Debiru groaned

7/4/2012 #1,251
Lobo Argost

Elena moaned and sucked him harder.

7/4/2012 #1,252
Phantom Blaster Loki

"Gonna cum...." Debiru groaned

7/4/2012 #1,253
Lobo Argost

Elena sucked faster and moaned more.

7/4/2012 #1,254
Phantom Blaster Loki

Debiru came inside her mouth

7/4/2012 #1,255
Lobo Argost

Elena swallowed his load and took her kimono off after pulling away. "Come eat your mama out," she purred as she sat and spread her legs.

7/4/2012 #1,256
Phantom Blaster Loki

Debiru licked her heat

7/4/2012 #1,257
Lobo Argost

Elena moaned in pleasure. "Yeah, baby."

7/4/2012 #1,258
Phantom Blaster Loki

"Tasty," Debiru said, sticking his tongue inside of her

7/4/2012 #1,259
Lobo Argost

"Feels good, baby," Elena moaned, spreading her legs further.

7/4/2012 #1,260
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