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Phantom Blaster Loki

Makoto walked with his sister up the many steps to the shrine

Taya was sitting in front of the shrine drinking, looking like she does in the pic

4/22/2012 #1
Lobo Argost

"Excuse me," Elena called when Taya was in sight.

4/22/2012 #2
Phantom Blaster Loki

"What'cha want big tits and tall dark and four-eyed?" Taya slurred

4/22/2012 #3
Lobo Argost

"We want to get married," Elena said.

4/22/2012 #4
Phantom Blaster Loki

"And I want a hot girlfriend," Taya said, fixing her outfit sighing, "But I guess one of us should get what we want..."

4/22/2012 #5
Lobo Argost

"Thank you," Elena said.

4/22/2012 #6
Phantom Blaster Loki

"Come with me," Taya said stumbling into the shrine

4/22/2012 #7
Lobo Argost

Elena smiled at Makoto as they followed Taya into the shrine.

4/22/2012 #8
Phantom Blaster Loki

Makoto smiled and walked with her

"Alright...We'll be doing the short version if that's all right with you two," Taya said, taking out a piece of paper, "Good. Now what are your names?"

"I'm Makoto," He said

4/22/2012 #9
Lobo Argost

"Elena," Elena said.

4/22/2012 #10
Phantom Blaster Loki

"Alright, do you Makoto take Elena to be your lawfully wedded wife?" Taya asked

"I do," Makoto smiled

"And do you, Elena, take Makoto to be you lawfully wedded husband?" Taya asked

4/22/2012 #11
Lobo Argost

"I do," Elena said, smiling as well.

4/22/2012 #12
Phantom Blaster Loki

"I now pronounce you man and wife," Taya said," I may now kiss the bride." She then gave Elena a drunk, impassioned kissed and then walked off, "Good night, sign the document before you leave."

Makoto blinked confused

4/22/2012 . Edited 4/22/2012 #13
Lobo Argost

Elena shrugged and signed the marriage certificate. "She's a good kisser."

Daisuke was walking into the shrine past the newly weds, completely ignoring them in his search for the shrine maiden.

4/22/2012 #14
Phantom Blaster Loki

"Looked like it," Makoto said, signing it as well

Taya resumed drinking in the next room

4/22/2012 #15
Lobo Argost

Elena jumped into Makoto's arms. "Shall we go home now, husband?"

Daisuke found Taya. "Excuse me. Are you the shrine maiden?"

4/22/2012 #16
Phantom Blaster Loki

"Or our honeymoon," Makoto grinned, walking out of the shrine, carrying Elena

"No, I'm Santa," Taya said, "What would ya like for Christmas?" She chugged more sake

4/22/2012 #17
Lobo Argost

"Actually, I'd like to talk," Daisuke said, sitting in front of Taya.

4/22/2012 #18
Phantom Blaster Loki

"We don't do confessions..." taya said

4/22/2012 #19
Lobo Argost

"I know. I don't want to confess anything. Just to talk," Daisuke said, blushing at the sight of Taya's cleavage.

4/22/2012 #20
Phantom Blaster Loki

Taya sighed, "What?" She scratched her breast

4/22/2012 #21
Lobo Argost

Daisuke found it difficult to talk, with his shyness kicking in. "Well, I uh... I want to... lose, lose my virginity. But I'm too shy to do anything."

4/22/2012 #22
Phantom Blaster Loki

"Oh, that's more of you problem," Taya said, "But for a donation, I can probably make you something that'll help a little."

4/22/2012 #23
Lobo Argost

"Uh, okay," Daisuke said, pulling out his wallet and handing Taya some money.

4/22/2012 #24
Phantom Blaster Loki

Taya put the money in here cleavage. Then shell ruffled through some stuff and found a vile. "Here," She said giving it to him, "Drink this when you see a girl you want, drink this and you can get any straight or bi girl you want. I'm lesbian, so don't even think about it boyo."

4/22/2012 #25
Lobo Argost

Daisuke took the vial and looked at Taya. "She was quite attractive. Pulling the cap off, he downed the stuff in one gulp.

((Thought Taya was bi.))

4/22/2012 #26
Phantom Blaster Loki

(I forgot to change it to lesbian when I copied the profile, but I changed it. Try Miyuki lol)

Taya raised an eyebrow

4/22/2012 #27
Lobo Argost

Daisuke wandered out of the shrine and into town.

((Where can Miyuki be found?))

4/22/2012 #28
Phantom Blaster Loki

(I'll post her in the city)

4/22/2012 #29
Phantom Blaster Loki

"Here we are," Taya grinned as she and Lyan reached the shrine

7/4/2012 #30
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