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Phantom Blaster Loki

"Good," Taya said

(Should Miyuki be with her?)

8/6/2012 #151
Wight Mamba

(Of course)

"Some one is being nuaghty" Lyan said

8/6/2012 #152
Phantom Blaster Loki

"No shit baby," Taya said kissing her

8/6/2012 #153
Wight Mamba


8/6/2012 #154
Phantom Blaster Loki


8/6/2012 #155
Wight Mamba

Kin arrived wearing a collar and a corset as well as a thin G-string holding a potion case

8/6/2012 #156
Phantom Blaster Loki

Miyuki walked with her, completely naked

"Hello" Taya said, sitting out front, simply wearing a towel

8/6/2012 #157
Wight Mamba

"I am guessing this is the right place then?" Kin said

Lyan came out and said "Come here little kitty, I'll ring your bell" to kin who was blushing

8/6/2012 #158
Phantom Blaster Loki

"Yay! Taya's sex party!" Miyuki grinned

"Let's go inside," Taya said, getting up and heading to her room

8/6/2012 #159
Wight Mamba

Lyan pulled Kin's collar which was made to constantly administer a tiny amount of an aphrodiasac as long as she wore it and lead her to the room

8/6/2012 #160
Phantom Blaster Loki

Miyuki skipped after them

"So what potions do what?" Taya asked

8/6/2012 #161
Wight Mamba

"Well some work only if you are part animal and others basically make you go wild and start fucking any girl you see and not remember any of it, and this one lesbian succubus potion and it has several effects and the rest are just stuff to increase breast size and make your body more fuckable, and there is one that make your body unable to stand any fabric" Kin said as her face became fluched from the collar's

Lyan picked the lesbian succubus one "well let's just see what this one does"

8/6/2012 #162
Phantom Blaster Loki

"I'll take the fabric one," Taya said, picking up the vile

"This one," Miyuki said, randomly grabbing one of the generic ones

8/6/2012 #163
Wight Mamba

Lyan felt funny as here tits got hard and here body got curvier and more attractive and she also got horny and she went to Kin and stripped her down and also made her drink a slave potion

As Kin was forced to drink she felt her will leave and felt only the desire to serve Lyan

8/6/2012 #164
Phantom Blaster Loki

Taya began writhing in her towel, moaning loudly

Miyuki's tits got bigger and her ass became more smackable

8/6/2012 #165
Wight Mamba

Lyan took a chian and attached it to Kins neck and said "Crawl whore!" In as increbily sexy voice which could make anyone horny

8/6/2012 #166
Phantom Blaster Loki

Taya was basically having sex with the towel

Miyuki went over to Lyan, getting wet from her voice, "Can I be your whore too?"

8/6/2012 #167
Wight Mamba

"Shut up and get on your knees!" Lyan said while she was fingering Kin who had a submissive look on her face

8/6/2012 #168
Phantom Blaster Loki

Miyuki dropped to her knees

8/6/2012 #169
Wight Mamba

"Now my slaves have sex for my enjoyment" Lyan said in a voice that could make even the gayest man horny for her

Kin came from the sound of Lyan's voice and crawled to Miyuki

8/6/2012 #170
Phantom Blaster Loki

Miyuki pulled Kin to her and kissed her passionately

Taya had her towel soaked by this point

8/6/2012 #171
Wight Mamba

Kin responded in like

Lyan smiled as she got horny from watching

8/6/2012 #172
Phantom Blaster Loki

Miyuki pushed her onto her back and got into position to begin scissoring Kin

8/6/2012 #173
Wight Mamba

Kin moaned while fondling her own breasts

8/6/2012 #174
Phantom Blaster Loki

Miyuki moaned as her pussy rubbed against Kin's

8/6/2012 #175
Wight Mamba

"ooohhhh" Kin moaned as her whole body burned

8/6/2012 #176
Phantom Blaster Loki

"So good!" Miyuki moaned, bucking her hips harder

8/6/2012 #177
Wight Mamba

Kin groaned with her eyes closed getting wet and tryign to keep up with Miyuki

Lyan watched and began to rub her own pussy

8/7/2012 #178
Phantom Blaster Loki

"G-Gonna cum!" Miyuki moaned

8/8/2012 #179
Wight Mamba

"Me too" Kin said

8/8/2012 #180
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