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Phantom Blaster Loki

Name: Roze Kannari

Age: 15

Class: Freshman

Height: 5'5"


Bio: Parents recently deceased and only got into Bara Academy on scholarship

Personality: Rather shy, but she is nice and kind. Easily flustered and is booksmart

Anything Else: Never been with a woman, or anyone, before

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Wight Mamba

Name: Kimiko Hayabi

Age: 18

Class: Senior

Hieght: 5'10"


Bio: She was sent to Bara Academy to de far from here ex-boyfriend, but now she likes girls and has tries to have sex with any girl who wants it

Personality: Flirty, and tends to were skimpy clothing when she is not in uniform or when she is in her room or out

Anything else: Likes to go out and get drunk at a lesbian bar using a fake liscense

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Phantom Blaster Loki


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Phantom Blaster Loki

Name: Hana Suzugamori

Age: 27

Class: Nurse

Height: 5'7"

Looks: ab15181b299f.jpg?233566

Bio: Former student and now full-time nurse at Bara Acacdemy

Personality: Enjoys teasing the young girls at the Academy, claiming her sexual advances to be medical tests.

Anything Else: Knows how to make aphrodisiacs

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Wight Mamba

Name: Kana Honamuri

Age: 25

Class: Teacher

Height: 6'1"


Bio: Former student and biology teacher

Personality: Playful, bubbly, and but has a talent for making her student metally undress her

Anything else: When she tutors they students learn a lesson they won't forget

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Phantom Blaster Loki


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Wight Mamba

Name: June Hanabi

Age: 15

Class: Freshmen

Height" 5'2"


Bio: She is usually picked on for being tall and the fact that most of the clothes she is assigned don't fit her. She also has been a target for older girls since she developed early.

Personality: Bitchy, yet easily flustered and she uses her attitude as a defense mechanism

Anything else: Gets turned on incredibly easily, and is often seen naked because the other girls take her clothe and hide them, she also ends up waking up in different parts of the school completely naked and smelling of sex and sweat

2/10/2013 #7
Phantom Blaster Loki

Name: Asuna Katsuragi

Age: 18

Class: Senior

Height" 5'3"

Looks: aefa8107a91c.jpg?62567

Bio: Captain of the Kendo team

Personality:Appears quiet at first, but is really quite devious. She love teasing the 'underlings' on the kendo team, but loves testing out new members even more. Thouh she will be genuinely concerned if anyone comes to her with a problem

Anything else: Not really

2/10/2013 #8
Wight Mamba

Name: Kagome Asarigi

Age: 29

Class: Gym Teacher

Height: 5'9"


Bio: A gym teacher who likes giving girls private work out sessions and also showers with the girls after class. Most of the senior students have seen her naked, but when she teached gym clothes her breasts will sometimes spill out of her top since she she never wears a bra because she finds them constricting and when she is in her office after hours she is always naked sometimes with students and teachers.

Personality: she tend to make her students relaxed to the point of actually getting comfortable to be nude in her presence or even to let her feel them up.

Anything else: Kana and her were in several porn videos when they were younger and still meet each other for the occasional sexual expreince,

2/17/2013 . Edited 2/24/2013 #9
Phantom Blaster Loki


Name: Emi Sendou

Age: 12

Class: Freshman

Height: 4'0"

Looks: a1323e098122.jpg?926818

Bio: Skipped several grades due to her high grades

Personality: Book smart, but still naive. She's a bit arrogant due to her intelligence, but can still have a 'little sister' mentality

Anything else: Nope

2/18/2013 #10
Wight Mamba

Name: Nowi Ryuken

Age: 17

Class: Junior

Height: 5'6"

Looks: the one on the left

Bio: Came to schools with her twin Nah

Personality: She has a tendency to prank other girls, by either taking their cloths and hiding them or by locking them in rooms naked with other girls

Anything else: Has an unhealthy sexual relationship with her twin sister Nah to the point that she will publically have sex with her


Name: Nah Ryuken

Age: 17

Class: Junior

Height: 5'6"

Looks: the on on the right

Bio: Same as her sister

Personality: Brash and is proud of being a lesbian , sh eis also intimidating

Anything else: Is in love with Nowi and when they spend every moment in there dorm having sex and Nah is also prone to walking around naked making Nowi do it as well as well as habit of making out with Nowi at anytime she feels like it not caring who sees

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Phantom Blaster Loki


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Phantom Blaster Loki

Name: Maka Doryu

Age: 38

Class: Principal

Height: 5'4"

Looks: 38c1.jpg

Bio: Has been the principal for the past 5 years of the academy. Holds a special contest every semester with unspecified means of winning, but the winner gets to stay with her over vacations and have weeks of pleasure at her mountain cabin(in winter) or her beach house (in summer)

Personality: Very motherly, but in a perverted way. Wants to the students to do well and her "punishments" are made according to the person

Anything else: Generally makes teacher meetings a giant orgy

3/18/2013 #13
Wight Mamba

Name: Dania Kuroneko

Age: 17

Class: Senior

Height: 5'6"


Bio: Her mother was a former (Neko race) student who went to the school and was sent because her mother wanted her to go, she is fairly niave and can be convinced to do anything if some one tempts her with the promise of food, she has an odd habit of misplacing her clothing. She also gets aroused from simple things and if she gets kissed she is easy to take advantage of.

Anything else: Her body developed early due to her race

Personality: Scatterbrained and Naive, playful and overly trusting

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Phantom Blaster Loki


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