What lies in the graveyard of Kirkbury? And is the haunting at the old Karsley place real? A historical RP with some twists and spins.
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Fern Wylde

Hello and welcome to my RP :) Here you post you character submissions, and any suggestions you might have for the RP, or for a new topic. Here's the form to fill out to make a character (once I accept it you can start RPing):





Family: (optional)


Race: (elf, ghost, vampire, human, etc.)



For example here's one of mine: Name: Rose Blackwell Age: Looks 18, but was born in medieval times Gender: Female Appearance: Dark wavy hair with dark green eyes. Family: (optional) / Personality: Flirtatious, but usually kind with friends. Race: Vampire (elf, ghost, vampire, human, etc.) Other: Nope

FYI: I'll probably be any fill-in characters that might be needed. And then I'll have my few main characters that I'll always be using.

4/4/2012 . Edited 4/21/2012 #1

Name: Alice Blackwell Age: 250 (looks 18) Gender: girl Appearance: Black hair and green eyes. Very light skin with blood red lips Personality: stook up, bitchy, can be very funny and kind to people she liks Race: vampire Other: nope

4/10/2012 . Edited 4/24/2012 #2
Fern Wylde
Accepted! :D Thanks for joining. We could maybe start RPing once there are more people.
4/10/2012 #3
Time Tinker
Name: Lord Alistair Cristov Van Der Donck

Age: Looks 64, but is actually really old. He doesn't even know how old he is anymore.

Gender: Male

Appearance: Black peppered slick back hair that's kept remotely short. Wears a three piece suit. Looks completely silver white most of the time, but can keep a normal looking physic when in public. His eyes are dark brown, to the point they're almost black. 6'2 but a little on the lean side. He often walks with a black cane that has a lion's head on the top.

Family: (optional) -

Personality: Very withdrawn and scary. He doesn't like teenagers at all, and especially hates male ones. He will get violent if electricity is involved, and too see him is rare. He takes a long time to warm up to people, and even appear.

Race: (elf, ghost, vampire, human, etc.) Phantom. Poltergeist. Scary.

Other: He can leave his haunting spot, and wander the world. He walks sometimes in public. Can he be used any when?

4/10/2012 . Edited 4/10/2012 #4
Fern Wylde
Accepted! :) Yeah, he can probably wander all around then.
4/10/2012 #5
Hailo's Angel
Name: Aurora Arriana Kaiser

Age: 300 odd years old, though she looks around 16, 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: She has waist- length thick, wavy whitish blonde hair, light skin that tans easily, and ocean- blue eyes that turns a reddish orange color when she is angry, looking like fire. She is around 5'7, 5'8 ft tall and has a slender, yet curvy, frame, not fat, yet not that skinny.

(this is her, except her hair is white blonde...)

Family: Airmid, Celtic Goddess of Healing, Medicine, and Spring and Loki, Norse God of Magic, Thievery, and Fire.

Personality: Quiet, peaceful, soft spoken, wise, smart, kind, thoughtful, caring, compassionate, and the one who usually broke up the fights and thought of compromises. She gives great advice and suggestions, and is very bright. She is very poised and mature, yet she an act quite impishly at times and can be sarcastic, rude, and has an attitude when she's tired or sad. She is not a morning person...

Race: Daughter of a Goddess(?)

Other: She tells no one that she is the daughter of Airmid and Loki, nor tell anyone that she has her mother's powers and can bring the dead back to life, healing, magic, and fire. ((the last two powers and bringing dead back to life she can't really control, they just come and go...))

4/12/2012 . Edited 4/14/2012 #6
Fern Wylde
Accepted! Thanks so much for joining! :)
4/12/2012 #7
Hailo's Angel
Thanks and no prob! :D
4/12/2012 #8
Alexander Starkiller

[Well, here's my first. As he hasn't lived through all the times, I'll need a few others eventually. :) ]

Name: Kyle Garrett

Age: 33

Gender: Male

Appearance: Taller than the average at 6'1", rugged and--while not ugly--isn't the easiest on the eyes for every one's he known, sturdy and well-built, has a large and ugly scar on the back of his neck to his right shoulder blade along with many other smaller scars, jet black hair, with emerald eyes.

Family: His parents are doing well financially and emotionally somewhere in northern Hampshire, maybe, and his brother and sister are both off in America for their work--also doing pretty well. He's on good terms with all of them, despite staying in limited contact. He had a wife, but she left him for some "hunk" after his injury. He doesn't really blame her.

Personality: At this point, he is at least mildly apathetic with the world. He's a good person, and he means well, he's just not the best at getting to know people, and having them want to still know him. He's loyal, trustworthy, and honest--if said honesty does not get in the way of his loyalty and moral compass. If someone was willing to get to know him, it'd be hard to find a truer friend.

Race: 100% Human

Other: He got the scar during his tour in Afghanistan, fighting insurgents. His company was ambushed along a street and an RPG-7 blew out the back half of his Humvee. He was in the right passenger seat, shooting who he could when that happened. A combination of a nasty crash, shrpanel, fire, and clawing his way out of the wreckage left him pretty messed up. The scar on his neck and back is particularly bad. It's deep and ugly, limiting his ability to turn his head quite a bit, and causing pain for that bit. It also restricts his shoulder movement and how high his right arm can raise. Ever since then, he's had strange dreams or visions of people who aren't him, it would seem.

4/12/2012 #9
Fern Wylde
Accepted! :D Maybe since he was close to death once, those dreams could mean something ;) Oh and it doesn't matter that he hasn't lived long, yet, because we were thinking of starting in the modern era.
4/13/2012 . Edited 4/13/2012 #10
Alexander Starkiller
They definitely mean something. ;) And okay. :)
4/13/2012 #11
Fern Wylde
Yeah :) Should we start now then?
4/13/2012 #12
Hailo's Angel
Could we?
4/13/2012 #13
Alexander Starkiller
I say you supernatural types create your intro posts in the Modern thread first, as you both have more reason to be in a "haunted house" than mine. :) It also gives me some help in forming my character my creating a response for my first post. :P
4/13/2012 #14
Fern Wylde
Yes, we can start now, Hailo. Alex: Got it :) I'll do that now.
4/13/2012 #15

Name: James Lan

Age: 3297 years old

Gender: Male

Appearance: His current appearance is that of a twenty-six year old male. He has black hair and brown eyes. He isn't that tall, only 5' 6". He likes to let his hair grow out until it reaches his shoulders. The body has no visible markings or scars.

Family: (optional)

Personality: He is arrogant, uncaring, and remorseless. He is a very closed off person who doesn't try to get along with anyone. To those that he does care about, he would surely kill to protect that person, but never die for them. He has years of past mistakes lingering on in his head, that he no longer feels the need to care about anyone's problems as they are minuscule compared to his. He also tries to gather as much information he can about anything, and nothing will stop him.

Race: Human sorcerer

Other: James was a local sorcerer for a small tribe. When he turned forty he fell victim of a terrible illness. Not wanting to die, he used the little power he had left inside him to transfer his mind to another body. However the body must be unconscious or dead before he is able to take it over. Enjoying his new body, he decided to ditch all of his teachings and began to learn new ones. He was fascinated by everything he did not know, and went on to learn more. He would jump from body to body, only when his old one was dying.

4/13/2012 #16
Fern Wylde
Accepted! Thank you for joining :D
4/13/2012 #17
No problem.
4/13/2012 #18
Time Tinker

Name: Michelangelo Gabriel DeAngelo

Age: ? Dawn of Time?

Gender: Male

Appearance: Tall with bleach blonde inhuman hair. White marble pale skin and blue eyes. Often shirtless with a pair of white puffy pants and golden sandals. He wears a golden cross around his neck. Muscular, nearly perfect human.

Family: -

Personality: Kind, gentle, caring, sinless. Will hurt if others are being hurt. Mostly a pacifist however.

Race: (elf, ghost, vampire, human, etc.) Angel Other:

4/16/2012 . Edited 5/20/2012 #19
Fern Wylde
Accepted :)
4/16/2012 #20
Time Tinker
4/16/2012 #21
Fern Wylde
Welcome :)
4/16/2012 #22
Hailo's Angel
Name: Lucina Rowan Lucifer

Age: Um, been alive since Ancient Egypt

Gender: Female

Appearance: She has long, bright auborn red hair that has hints of orange and blonde in it, making it seem like it's of fire, dark violet eyes that are almost black, pale skin that easily tans. She is curvy and stands around 5'8, 5'9, having the body of a model. She has a pair of wings that she can turn invisible or make into either the feathered wings or bat wings. One of the perks of being the daughter of such powerful parents...

Family: Her father is Lucifer, her mother is Gweneviere, an Angel, and her half older brother, Diablo, who is fully demon.

Personality: Sly, cocky, temperamental, thinks she's all that, flaunts about everything and anything, a big time flirt, liar, smooth talker, seductress, yet she also has her nice moments, where she is kind, generous, caring, friendly, outgoing, and not that shallow... She can be quite bipolar...

Race: Demon/ angel

Other: She may act like a bee- otch, but inside, she is really insecure and doesn't truly know her place in life, which she covers up with her bee- otchiness. She is constantly in the middle of the age- old fight between good and evil, since she is the daughter of one of the most powerful angels and the daughter of the Devil. No one really knows her mother is an Angel, not a Fallen Angel, who disappeared right after the birth of her daughter, leaving Lucifer and his older son, Diablo, to take care of her. They never talk of her mother, and she has learned to never ask...

4/16/2012 #23
Fern Wylde
Accepted :) Sounds cool! ;)
4/17/2012 #24
Hailo's Angel
Thanks! :D
4/17/2012 #25
Fern Wylde
Welcome :D
4/17/2012 #26
Name: Aya Dale Age: Lost track of age, but frozen in 18-19 Gender: female Appearance: She is about 5^6, and have bleach white hair, but dark eyes. She is very pale and is wearing what she wore when he died, which is a black dress-shirt and plain pants. She has a scar right under her eye, but besides that there is no outstanding injuries (or bloody spots) on her body. People would think he was a normal human, until they realized that she can walk right through them when she chooses to Family: (optional) none Personality: Doesn't say a lot normally, but if she find people interesting she can speak a lot and be very cheerful. She has very little understanding for sarcasm. Race: (elf, ghost, vampire, human, etc.): Spirit/ghost Other: Very deep wish of eating food one day.
4/17/2012 . Edited 4/17/2012 #27
Fern Wylde
Accepted! Thanks for joining :D Jump right on in! Tell me if you need me to fill you in on anything that's happened ;)
4/18/2012 #28
That would be nice. xD just shortly...
4/18/2012 #29
Time Tinker
HEY! Sup, I've got an angel too, head of Vampire heavenly rights stuff, perhaps they could be rivals or friends?
4/18/2012 #30
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