What lies in the graveyard of Kirkbury? And is the haunting at the old Karsley place real? A historical RP with some twists and spins.
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Fern Wylde
Okay ;) Well first of all two vampires, Rose and Alice, went into a haunted house to do a séance. A ghost, Alistair, comes out, and eventually Rose and him become friends. Rose was bad before, like Alice, but by talking to Alistair she has a change of personality and becomes good. Then Alice goes and kills some of Alistair's descendants, and turns one of them into a vamp. Then Kyle, a human who has strange visions, comes out because he is the neighbor of those descendants. Rose talks to him and eventually starts to have dinner at his house, but then Henry, who's a vampire who killed Alistair and his wife, comes along to Kyle's house. Alistair comes too and gets angry at him. Rose stands in front of Kyle to try and protect him. And now, Alistair's wife has suddenly appeared and Alistair and him are sort of having a reunion. Tell me if you have any questions :) And sorry if that was kind of long…
4/19/2012 #31
The Primp State

Name: Teo Aljarafe

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Appearance: (except imagine that he likes to wear dramatic makeup sometimes XD)

Family: None

Personality: Out of long habit, Teo talks in jokes and riddles. Sometimes charming, sometimes silly, he often comes off as a jester, or a court fool. However, behind the light and cheery façade he is sharp, alert, and always on the watch for the slightest change in the wind. He acts open, but in reality his feigned naïveté is his protection and a shield; he trusts no one. Teo applies his wit to everyone with a familiarity that completely disregards deference and rank. However, he can just as easily switch to flattery and honeyed speech. He is either loved or hated wherever he goes. Teo is also extremely ambitious and thirsts for something in his own right. He can switch faces from funny to serious in the blink of an eye and one can never know what he really thinks.

Race: Wizard

Other: Teo has a natural gene that gives him magical affinity to illusions, transformation and animation of objects, and flight. He needs only air to live, and eats and drinks purely for pleasure. He now works as a traveling magician, and knowing magic also greatly helps his job, although he is very careful about letting on how skilled he actually is. He is very young for his race, but living amongst humans and extensive traveling has given him the skills he needs to survive.

4/21/2012 #32
Fern Wylde

Accepted! Thanks for joining :D

4/22/2012 #33
The Primp State

Thanks! I was thinking of RPing him in either the Victorian era or the 18th century, but everyone seems to be in modern. :P

4/22/2012 #34
Fern Wylde

Well I'll RP with you if you want to go on one of those topics :)

And I'll ask if anyone else wants to, too ^^

4/22/2012 #35
Alexander Starkiller

I'll rustle up some sheets and roll a new character that I could use for one of those threads. :) Maybe not now, but eventually.

4/22/2012 #36
The Primp State

It's ok, I don't want to pressure people into forcing out new OC sheets. I'll just hang out here and watch the modern RP until inspiration strikes. No worries. ^^

4/22/2012 #37
Time Tinker

Well there is a wizard standing at the door...

4/22/2012 #38
Fern Wylde

Are you sure? Because if you want to start now, I can RP with you :)

4/23/2012 #39
Time Tinker

FERN! 20s?

4/23/2012 #40
Fern Wylde

Sorry! Posting now.

4/23/2012 #41
Time Tinker

Sorry wanted to grab you before you left XD

4/23/2012 #42
Fern Wylde

Hehe, it's okay :)

4/23/2012 #43
The Primp State

Don't worry about it! I'm actually rather tied up in other RPs at the moment, so I wouldn't mind a little break. XD

4/23/2012 #44
Fern Wylde

Okay, sure :)

4/23/2012 #45
Time Tinker

Back! And my phones about to die... *sigh*

4/23/2012 #46
Fern Wylde

Aww :(

4/24/2012 #47
Time Tinker


4/26/2012 #48
Fern Wylde


4/27/2012 #49

Name: Katilette Radley (Goes under the name 'Kay')

Age: 19

Gender: female (pretends to be male)

Appearance: 56 tall, with brown-red hair and brown eyes. She often wears loose clothing, since she pretends to be a boy whenever she leaves the house. Luckily for her, she is extremely under developed and if she just wear boy's clothes and a hat that covers almost half of her face, she easily goes for a boy. The only feminine side she still have is her hair, which she haven't cut, and keep it tied tightly under her hat.

Family: All killed by vampires

Personality: When she was a child she was very cheerful and kind, but after her whole family was killed by vampires she turned cold. She cut off all connections with the people close to her, and went into a shell of herself. However, this was broken when she first met her master. A creature had found her and was close to killing her, when a spear went right through it. She was so stunned that she could barely move. He was a hunter, her master, a hunter of supernatural creatures. She demanded to be his apprentice, but he argued that he could never teach a girl. So she swore from that day that she would never be a girl again, and left the name Katilette behind along with her looks.

Race: Human

5/11/2012 #50
Fern Wylde

Accepted! :)

5/11/2012 #51

Great. :D I'll put her into the story soon. Brb, I will be back in the rp in 20min. :)

5/11/2012 #52
Fern Wylde

Awesome!! Kk, see you then ;)

5/11/2012 #53

Name: O'tho Prosolan

Age: ?

Sex: Male

Fairy Type: Solitary Unseelie

Also known as a Dwt and one of three left in existence.


A Dwt is a humanoid like creature with 'wings' resembling the leathery skin of a fish or a dolphin. They're typically very tall (human or fairy height. They change.) but hunched and skinny. Their skin is a pale color, typically the same color as a fish. O'tho's is dark grey like a sharks. They're classified as fairies because they are known to live either in the trees or in the waters.

O'tho has a slender almost beautiful build with a thin long neck and elegant high features. His ears progress into grey slits at the back of his neck that function as gills and can be hidden by a high collar. His teeth are razor sharp and look like three rows of long toothpicks. His hands and feet are webbed, he hides them with gloves. His nose is flatter than normal but other than that he appears relatively normal. He likes to change his size and attack fairy villages.

He's also handsome for what human parts of his face can be seen. He looks only in his early twenties, and his hair is a dark blue grey that shines.

Personality: Bored. He's so bored. He enjoys a good hunt, but they're so hard to come by. That's why all the Dwt are extinct, they hunt each other. He's got a new fairy on his lines now, and he'll stop at nothing to... Devour her.

9/8/2013 #54
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