What lies in the graveyard of Kirkbury? And is the haunting at the old Karsley place real? A historical RP with some twists and spins.
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Fern Wylde
(Kirksbury in a modern era.)
4/4/2012 #1
Fern Wylde
Rose sat cross-legged on the dusty floor of the old mansion, next to Alice. "Spoooky, isn't it?" she laughed and placed her hand on the ouija board, "Ready to start?"
4/13/2012 #2
"What ever, your the one who draged me here!" she said but it was obvious how much she really was excited. "Lets talk to some none existan ghosts!"
4/14/2012 #3
Fern Wylde
"Yup!" Rose giggled, and then asked in a spooky voice, "Is a spirit present?"
4/14/2012 #4
Time Tinker
The thing after a little bit, spells out the words. 'Yes. Please leave.'
4/14/2012 #5
Fern Wylde
Rose looks at Alice, "That's not funny." she says coldly.
4/14/2012 #6
Time Tinker
The board moves again.

"I don't like being tampered with. Does my death amuse you? It won't very soon." The board spells quickly, but at a level she can read it.

4/14/2012 #7
Fern Wylde
Rose looks around, and snarls, her fangs shining in the moonlight. "Your death does not amuse me, neither does mine. Who the hell are you? I thought this house was abandoned." she says.
4/14/2012 #8
Time Tinker
'Please leave.' The board spells out after a long period of waiting.
4/14/2012 . Edited 4/14/2012 #9
Fern Wylde
Rose crosses her arms stubbornly and says, "Not until I find out who...or what you are!"
4/14/2012 #10
Time Tinker
'Ghost. Leave.' It spells and a vase shatters, as if hit by a baseball bat, or a cane.
4/14/2012 #11
Fern Wylde
Rose hisses and says, "Actually, I feel like staying. Maybe you should come out to meet your guest." Rose smiles, and sits down on a dusty velvet chair.
4/14/2012 #12
Time Tinker
"You're hurting me." A quiet voice says. The voice is deep and dark, befitting a ghost.
4/14/2012 . Edited 4/14/2012 #13
Fern Wylde
"That's what my lunch said before I drunk her blood." Rose said, sounding bored.
4/14/2012 #14
Time Tinker
She's forced back into her chair, a hand clamped firmly around her throat. The ghost hisses.

"I know how to deal with your kind. Where's your dirt I wonder? That would solve my problems..." The ghost pushes her head back hard on the chair.

"I may be hurt... but the more wounded I am the more violent I become. It's in your best interests, to flee." The board is upturned, and footsteps are heard.

4/14/2012 #15
Fern Wylde
Rose steps back cautiously and opens the door to the house. She screams and slams the door, her burned face heals quickly. "The's risen." she says, "I can't leave."
4/14/2012 #16
Time Tinker
"Then I suggest you get whatever electrical devices you have, including the one in your pocket, as physically far away from me as possible." The ouija board spells this for her.

"Or I'll turn into a bogart, a poltergeist..." He states and all the blinds shut with a bang. The house is dark.

4/14/2012 #17
Fern Wylde
Rose sighs, relieved at the darkness. "Why? You scared of it?" she asks playfully.
4/14/2012 #18
Time Tinker
"It's electric. It's my equivalent of sunlight." He cracks a shutter a little, and the tip of a black shoe can be seen.
4/14/2012 #19
Fern Wylde
"Alright then," she says, looking nervously at the blinds, "If you keep the blinds closed, I'll keep this, over here." She puts her cellphone next to the door. "Why don't you come out? I mean we're both dead, anyway." she says, looking at the black shoe.
4/14/2012 #20
Time Tinker
It disappears again and the shutter closes. The fireplace starts and footsteps are heard.

"I don't like company." He states.

4/14/2012 #21
Fern Wylde
"Well you're going to have company until sunset, so you might as well come out." she says, staring at the fireplace, "I know you're there somewhere!"
4/14/2012 #22
Time Tinker
An elderly man appears by the fireplace. He's sitting with his back to the flame. His lame leg is stretched out, and he rests a cane atop a blended knee. His facial features are dark and his skin is light. He glows a faint silver. He look up at her with dark eyes.

"Why can't you leave me alone?" He asks her quietly.

4/14/2012 #23
Fern Wylde
"I'm bored and would like to meet you," she says, looking curiously at his transparent body.
4/14/2012 #24
Time Tinker
"Well I'm old and crabby." He disappears again.
4/14/2012 #25
Fern Wylde
"I don't mind," Rose says, grabbing a blood bag from the hospital to drink.
4/14/2012 #26
Time Tinker
"Why not let me be..." He asks quietly. "It's clear I don't want to talk... Leave me alone..."
4/14/2012 #27
Fern Wylde
"Pretty please?" Rose asks, sipping on the blood and making her lips an even more vibrant red than before.
4/14/2012 #28
Time Tinker
He appears again, this time on accident. A hand is over his face and he's shaking slightly. He disappears again.

"I... I'm squeamish." He says quietly. "And a pacifist when I'm in my right mind."

4/14/2012 #29
Fern Wylde
"Doesn't matter to me. I'm used to squeamish people, they have the most tasteful blood." Rose said, "Can you show me around?" (maybe he could change ages and shapes. Like at one point he's 80, then 13, then 30 or something.)
4/14/2012 . Edited 4/14/2012 #30
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