What lies in the graveyard of Kirkbury? And is the haunting at the old Karsley place real? A historical RP with some twists and spins.
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"You could," James said. "But not only is it dangerous to you, but it is to everyone else. You know the whole 'don't mess with time' thing. Also since it is a different time, than one that you know of, it is stressful on your mind. Stay there too long and you'll die of an aneurysm."

5/4/2012 #1,471

(read what I said please)

5/4/2012 #1,472
Alexander Starkiller

"What?? Why would you die so soon?!" Kyle asked, confused.

5/4/2012 #1,473
Fern Wylde

"Unless we could make it so that no one could see us and we couldn't touch anything, I have to say I agree with James..." Cyra says quietly.

5/4/2012 #1,474

"It wasn't lies, you were keeping me from my studies, so I had to leave you for time to be alone so I can learn more, you just thought I meant I was going to lock myself away," James said.

5/4/2012 #1,475
Time Tinker

Alistair gets up and limps off to find his wife.


"Hello dear," He waves at the ceiling. He smiles and looks at Rose.

"Play your cards right." He sighs and stretches his wings out, standing up. They crack.

5/4/2012 #1,476

Mary, Alistairs wife, was infront of him the second he started to look for her.


"Oh right and the fact where you brock my hear, twice!!, doesnt change a thing does it?" she snaped at him. "Now one of you get me dry, or I will turn him into durty black water!"

5/4/2012 #1,477

"No," James said. "When we first met I told you I wasn't interested in any relationship. But you must not have heard that."

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Fern Wylde

"I..." Rose trails off, "Well never mind that, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it." ~~~ Cyra threw Sabrina a towel from her swimming bag. Then she sat down and watched them argue, deciding not to say anything.

5/4/2012 #1,479

"Oh and stop a mermaid from dreaming will you!" she snaped back at him dragging her self closer to him. "Thats like telling a Vampire to stop drinking blood! Besides, it didnt seem like you didnt want me the second time!!"

5/4/2012 #1,480
Fern Wylde

Cyra went red in the face, slightly embarrassed with what was going on. She looked away.

5/4/2012 #1,481

"That meant nothing," James said. "No matter how you look at it. Your sister is still chasing after me for the exact same thing. It only happened because I lost my notebook and did not remember anything of it."

5/4/2012 #1,482
Fern Wylde

"...You like him?" Cyra asks, looking at Sabrina, "Oh my god, 'Brina! This is the guy you couldn't tell me about, isn't it?"

5/4/2012 #1,483

"Duh!" she said to her. "What by Poseidon is that supposed to mean?" she snaped back again.

5/4/2012 . Edited 5/4/2012 #1,484

"I am a man of science, not love. Anything I do is to increase my knowledge," James said. "I don't see what you are so worked up about."

5/4/2012 #1,485
Time Tinker

"Good luck on Midsummers." DeAngelo sighs standing.

"I'll be hiding out in Russia."

5/4/2012 #1,486
Fern Wylde

Cyra walks up to them and says to James, "She likes you. Don't you get it? Don't tell me you haven't ever liked anyone before."

5/4/2012 #1,487
Fern Wylde

"So I just drink all of the potion and I'll be fine?" Rose asks.

5/4/2012 #1,488

"Of course I understand," James said. "But following the rules of my tribe I can't get married or go into a relationship."

(Got to go)

5/4/2012 #1,489
Fern Wylde

"What?" Cyra asks, surprised, "What kind of a tribe is that? Why make a rule like that?" (Kay :/ See ya)

5/4/2012 #1,490
Time Tinker

"Yes, you'll still need to worry about Al." He sighs.

5/4/2012 #1,491
Fern Wylde

"Don't you have a potion to give him?" Rose asks, "Thank you for the potion but...I mean...why me? You seem to know him better, anyway."

5/4/2012 #1,492
Time Tinker

"Well, he's become more controlled over the years." DeAngelo sighs.

"And it's your first. We only have so much."

5/4/2012 . Edited 5/4/2012 #1,493
Fern Wylde

"Oh..." Rose says, understanding, "But...but later, if I keep on taking the potion, I'll never learn to control it."

5/4/2012 #1,494
Time Tinker

"We'll wane you off it." He smiles. "We've got a system."

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"Oh, right, what am I worked up about?" she almost scream. "Oh I dont know, maybe its because you hucked up with me and now I hear that you did just brake my hear, but you also only did that to 'increase your knowledge'?"

5/4/2012 #1,496
Time Tinker

(Aphrodite Egypt?)

5/4/2012 #1,497
Fern Wylde

"Good," Rose says. ~~~ Cyra steps back, not wanting to get in the way while Sabrina was angry.

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Time Tinker

DeAngelo smiles slightly and pats her back.

"You're going to be fine, just don't go outside."

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