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It's always the stairs isn't it? XD For me, it's the corridor... can't stand walking through it at night.

8/12/2012 #3,481

I always bring my keychain flashlight with me to hallways/corridors...and make sure Charlie is by my side...

and I am seeing someone about my anxiety/paranoia problems...they are not as bad as they used to be:I *shifts eyes*

8/12/2012 #3,482

I just make sure to turn on as many lights as possible! To shoo away the shadows and evil ghosts... when I was little, I used to imagine that there was a monster with tentacles that would grab my legs if I didn't run up the stairs fast enough XD

8/12/2012 #3,483

well my little flashlight is really brightXD it has like 5 LED lights on itXD and wow...when I was little I used to imagine my stuff animals were my body guards at night and kept all things evil awayXD although when middle school hit...I don't trust masks anymore:I they EVIL...same with dolls0__0 my imagination is much more dark and horrid than it used to be:I I think of Charlie as my night body guard since he patrols the house at night...well he is in everyones roomsXD he takes shifts...around 3 is when he normally comes to my room...in the basement...

8/12/2012 #3,484

You're kidding! I used to do that too! I have a whole shelf full of soft toys and they're still there today. I used to surround myself with my soft toys, some at the tope of my bed, some at the end and some across the room to watch my bed in case the ones on my bed missed anything XD

Well, at least you don't live in the attic... Wait, which is worse? Attic or basement? :O

8/12/2012 #3,485


8/12/2012 #3,486

And that band would be?

I'd be doing the same thing if my favourite band did that

8/12/2012 #3,487

Hollywood Ending. I need to get tickets to their concert in NYC in September!

8/12/2012 #3,488

XD sweet I'm not the only one!!Lol I still have my old stuffed animals..well some of them...I've been having to get rid of things:I

I used to live in the attic at my old house...I hated parts of my room (that I also shared with my sisterXD she hated it mainly because of the ceiling...it was too low for herXD) it was like half the house and well...at night it just...*shudders* there was something evil about that house...especially the basement I hated even going near the door that lead to THAT basement...so did Charlie...

I guess...it just depends on the house...I really hated my old houseXP and am sooooo happy we moved back...I love my houseX3 though it does get pretty creepy down here at times...

8/12/2012 #3,489

I would never throw away my soft toys, I love them all too much! :3 Either way... I'm glad that my house doesn't have a basement or an attic

8/12/2012 #3,490

Hollywood Ending? Can't say I've heard of it before, are they pretty new? :O

8/12/2012 #3,491

well I didn't throw them away...they went to Goodwill and places like that...I had a ton0_0 now I have at least a fourth of them left...I still have Pattington Bear and Stitch as well as my bunny someone made for meX3

I love my room its just a few instances where I had really bad things...*shudders* I can still remember waking up to the feeling of someone was watching me and as soon as I opened my eyes I see this shadowy figure standing over me looking at me...I felt my heart sink and kind of froze in fear until I started to reach for my lamp near my bed...as I did it looked like its eyes were following my hand (even though its eyes weren't visable) as soon as I turned on the light the shadow thing sank into the ground swept across the floor, up the wall and through my tiny basement window...and while it was on the wall for that split second I swear I saw wings0___0 I haven't seen that thing since but *shudders* its one of the things that creeps me out down here...

8/12/2012 #3,492

I have a Paddington Bear too! And a whole lot of other teddy bears.

Whoa. That's quite scary. I was never really worried about something being under my bed because I have a lot of stuff stored under there like a spare mattress and a few boxes of stuff. I just couldn't understand how a monster could fit under there with everything XD

8/12/2012 #3,493

gah my spellingXD darn fingers hit the wrong keys...hehe Paddington loves his marmaladeX3 like Pooh loves his honey lol

yes...yes it was._. lol now the monsters under beds...I don't worry about them anymore...I remember my teacher in I think 2nd grade read us the Ankle Grabber or something and well ever since I've have my feet wrapped in my blakets to prevent him from grabbing my ankles and pulling me under the bedXD I don't worry about closet monsters either....since well I technically don't have a closetXD

8/12/2012 #3,494

I have a couple of Pooh bears too XD

lol yeah same with the space under my bed, I have too many clothes and junk stuffed into my closet that there really is no way possible to cram another being in there :)

8/12/2012 #3,495



And I'm really really really looking forward to the release of these 2 songs! Why do they tease me with such short previews? D;

8/12/2012 #3,496

Only 9 more days for one and 16 more days for the other one! I have been anticipating this for a whole year O_O

8/12/2012 #3,497


meh...its where I keep my shoes...I used to imagine that the space under my bed was a whole nother universe...like a portal to another world...a very creepy one...creeper to than the universe of AHHH Real Monsters! (ah a Nickelodean classicXD I remember watching it along with Rugrats)

...I think its to get the fans worked up so that way they would buy it as soon as it came outXD

8/12/2012 #3,498

I'd definitely buy them as soon as they came out, I've already pre-ordered the album for one of them. Limited edition too! Anything for The GazettE, I'd do anything! :D

I'll talk to you in a little while CbS, I gotta have lunch now :)

8/12/2012 #3,499

ahXD okay then...sounds like you are quite the fan:3

oh:) kay fill up your belly then:D

8/12/2012 #3,500
Max Sorrell

Hello all. lol Chibi, you love GazettE don't you? XD

I'm happy because CrazedBySugar got me hooked to Within Temptation and Chibi got me to like the GazettE and even though their sounds are completely different I still think you two have great tastes in music! :D

8/12/2012 #3,501

Hey I'm back! Hi phantom :D

I love my music! Can't live without it :) Phantom, if you go back and click the 1st link a few replies ago, that's a short preview of the music video for "Ibitsu", one of the singles from the new album DIVISION that's coming out in 3 weeks! 3 weeks! It seems like only a short while ago when there was 3 months to go! :D

8/12/2012 #3,502

My mom finally comfirmed my suspissions...on the side of our house is where we keep our garbage cans and I swear it smelled like something died over there...my sisters just said it was the garbage but I know it isn't...my mom just told me that she smelled it too and when she was throwing away some stuff she found a dead racoon at the bottom of one of them...I KNEW IT!!! I FREAKING KNEW IT!! and my sisters call me crazy feh!!

...oh hey Phantiom:D and yay your back ChibiX3

8/12/2012 #3,503
Max Sorrell

Thanks Chibi! My internet is running REALLY slowly some reason so I don't think I don't think I'll have much luck watching anything tonight, but I'll make a point to watch it eventually :)

I'm looking forward to the new album too, it's so close to the release date! :D

You told me before that you pre-ordered it right? Does that mean you're going to get it the very day it releases? :P

Oh no dead raccoon. That sounds so gross, but hey, at least you were right... I guess it's all worth it XD

8/12/2012 #3,504

Oh ew a dead racoon :S A rat or something died up in the air vent above my ceiling in my room once, it took a few weeks for the stench to go away

8/12/2012 #3,505

haha make sure you do phantom, it's the best song I've heard in a while, even though it's only a 19 second preview! I keep going back to watch it, I can't get the chorus out of my head :D

Yeah I'm on edge just thinking about it, I'm here to witness the 7th studio album release of the GazettE! I must be fangirling too much XD I'm not sure about that, I might get it on the day that it's released and I might not. It depends when they start to ship it out to customers, I'm hoping that I do get it on the day though. Or I'll go crazy with anticipation...

8/12/2012 #3,506

It is HUGE too0__0 soooooo yeah trash guy doesn't come till wensday and I smelled it since Thursday:I I have seen racoons before...my mom is kind of scared taking the trash out at night because she has seen their eyes in our trash cans before...guess I don't have my outside reading area till trash day:T thats what happens when you live near the woods...

8/12/2012 #3,507
Max Sorrell

LOL wow if you keep watching it over and over and it's 17 seconds it must be good. I might be able to get my internet to try and play it after all :P

Ah good luck with the raccoon thing CBS. I live near a farm... Not nearly as bad as woods though. One of my friends lives near the woods though. Me, him and a few other people got together for a school project and one of the girls ended up getting tics in her hair... :/

8/12/2012 #3,508
Max Sorrell

We got together at my friend's house.

8/12/2012 #3,509
Max Sorrell

lol for the GazettE fan here, I searched the song and found this for you:


8/12/2012 #3,510
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