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Max Sorrell

It's really not that bad though. I hate when people feel pity for me because of it. I have a great life and I know my parents are only this way because they love me and they're so afraid that I'll make a big mistake. Anyways, I've got to go. I'll talk to you guys later.

9/21/2012 #5,251

Aw :( Can't you contact him otherwise? Or run to him in a shop or so? Why do parents do that to their children? Let them live!

9/21/2012 #5,252
Stetson and Fedora 1103

Bye bye :)

9/21/2012 #5,253

Bye Phantom!

9/21/2012 #5,254
Max Sorrell

Poor Robert :(

9/21/2012 #5,255
Max Sorrell

Bye Thanks for understanding guys :)

9/21/2012 #5,256

No prob, that's what friends are for :)

9/21/2012 #5,257

....my everything hurtsDX *sighs* I guess that's what I get for sleeping in the back of the van on the way home from a concert... *yawns* I would understand just my head, ears and legs but I just feel soooooore...though I don't have it as bad as my sister...I swear like 95% of the people there were drunk...and there was this guy that fell forward behind us and ended up kicking my sister in the back. I think she has a bruise now:I

...I woke up with a kitty in my faceX3 hehe Charlie makes everything better...lol

9/22/2012 #5,258

...geez its so dark in the basementD: and...I wonder how HvZ is doing...hmmm well I'm going back to campus sometime today...I guess I'll find out then *holds up nerf pistol* I think I need a bigger weapon...or another melee weapon:I

when I "die" and "become a zombie" you guys will be the first to know...after I give the person who'll "bite" me my lifecode

9/22/2012 #5,259

Haha this HvZ sounds so funny. XD Well, good luck! I hope you don't become a zombie...

Also the concert sounded really fun! :)

9/22/2012 #5,260

it probably isXD I have never played it before...but its like an RPG version of tagXD ..I hope to last past Tuesday :I

pff it was outside too...same concert I went to before college started just at a differnet venue thank goodness it didn't rain on us

9/22/2012 #5,261

You know, if you become a zobie I'm not sure if I want to see you on cam anymore... ;)

Yay for no rain!

9/22/2012 #5,262

lol meh I can ambush people if I do become oneXD that's what so fun about it and why people get so paranoid throughout the weekXD

...I am tempted to buy a zombie mask nowXD

:D it rained on the way back home thoughXD

9/22/2012 #5,263

You could also pretend to be a zombie by buying a mask or so, and then no one will bite you or whatever they do. And you'll be the last human! XD

9/22/2012 #5,264

ah noXD people can tell if your a human or zombie by the way your bandana is...for humans its on the arm...for zombies its on the head...a stunned zombie is around the neck

9/22/2012 #5,265

XD Can't help but laugh when I imagine you all walking around with bandanas and pretending to be zombies... :)

9/22/2012 #5,266

its a bit like the game Left 4 Dead...*pets cat* so you are basically being chased by zombiesXD they don't stumble or walk weirdly...hords are possible and so is group feedings

oh it'll definately be interesting since I have to observe somethings for a research project for ecobioD: must study...in groupDX

and apparently more and more people are joining the game0___0 it'll stop once it hits tuesday...then whoever is still a human is basically screwed from tuesday until the end game friday

9/22/2012 #5,267

Do you know what's the best way to survive a zombie attack? (hope you don't know the riddle already)

9/22/2012 #5,268

0___0 oh dear...there are already 5 zombies on the loose



9/22/2012 #5,269

What the hell are you making me watch? o.O

9/22/2012 #5,270

I don't know!! I saw the riddle and panickedDX

9/22/2012 #5,271

The best way to survive a zombie attack is to be a cameraman. Honestly, they always survive! ;)

9/22/2012 #5,272


well...so far most of the zombies are the modsXD ah so funny...

*holds up sword* I. AM. NOT. LEAVING. MY. ROOM 0____0

9/22/2012 #5,273

Don't become a zombie!! Nooo! Guard the door! :o

9/22/2012 #5,274

...well the buildings are safe zones...so is class and being with 10 feet of an unlocked door

being outside on the other hand....free game

9/22/2012 #5,275

I knew a funny video about surviving zombie attack but I can't find it :(

Hmm that gave me funny ideas about zombies entering classes, disturbing lesson, ... Can teachers become zombies too? What do zombies do in class? Stare at the teacher like this: o_O the entire time?

Maybe you should run every time you step outside...

9/22/2012 #5,276


well everyone who is playing has a neon green bandana on...except for the mods they have red ones

anyways professors know about this gameXD they don't play...zombies in class are just students...since class is a safe zone humans can't be attacked

i have my inhaler with me and I am going to wear tennis shoes all week

9/22/2012 #5,277

Hahaha your school is so cool!

9/22/2012 #5,278

its collegeXD

we USED to have a Quiddich team...but they disbanded:C

lol you can start just about any kind of clubXD as long as you put effort and stuff into it

9/22/2012 #5,279

Yeah I know but we call school and college the same in Dutch so I do it in English too XD

You. Had. A. Freaking. Quidditch. Team???? O__O Where do you go to school, I'm changing college immediately!

9/22/2012 #5,280
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