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*tackles Xeno* make me feel better
2/9/2013 #10,021
Sir Maple the Grand

*pats on head* im sure she'll understand

2/9/2013 #10,022
she did and she is considering coming back if I help her with something
2/9/2013 #10,023
*hugs tightly and buries head in the crook of your neck* I don't like hurting those I love
2/9/2013 #10,024
Sir Maple the Grand

i can tell

2/9/2013 #10,025

Hi everyone :)

2/9/2013 #10,026
H-hello...have we met?
2/9/2013 #10,027
Sir Maple the Grand

hey waffle

2/9/2013 #10,028
Am I making you uncomfortable? *tilts head to the side*
2/9/2013 #10,029

No I'm new *hides in the corner* PLEASE DON'T HURT ME!

2/9/2013 #10,030
Haha just making sure :D its wonderful to meet you *holds out hand*
2/9/2013 #10,031
Himawari No Hana
Hey Kait, I'm turning my phone off. It's been one of those days again and I just wanna get away. Just wanted to let you know in case you were going to get in touch with me.
2/9/2013 #10,032

You two :D *shakes*,I can tell you already met my good friend Jakel.

2/9/2013 #10,033
*gets ready to burst into tears again* please tell me everything is okay
2/9/2013 #10,034
Sir Maple the Grand

yup, me and him had a bit of a....uhhhhh..."conflict."

2/9/2013 #10,035
*laughs nervously* yeah..the guy I thought was a girl for the past like 3 months
2/9/2013 #10,036

Yeah I've heard xD,you two got into a "scuffle"

2/9/2013 #10,037
Pfft Xeno, a little conflict?!
2/9/2013 #10,038
Himawari No Hana
Yeah I guess it's fine. I'm just really stressed, sick, and depression decided to be a pain in the ass again.
2/9/2013 #10,039
Thank god. I hope you feel better love and be sure to stay warm and get plenty of rest. Cuddle a kitty.
2/9/2013 #10,040

LOL you thought he was a girl xD

2/9/2013 #10,041
Yes! For the longest time! *huffs* I even sat on him and called him a her hahahaha that's when I was told the error of my ways. I had to break up that "scuffle" *rolls eyes* boys
2/9/2013 #10,042

But I'm a boy too O_o

2/9/2013 #10,043
Himawari No Hana
I can't get any better since my dad said he was going to "the grocery store" and he went to Stacey's. He knows I'm sick and need help doing stuff and hasn't even cared one bit. So far he's told me to get over it and suck it up.
2/9/2013 #10,044
Soon the males will out number the girls O_O WE CAN'T LET DIS HAPPEN! And wtf! Okay that's it. Idc how but my ass is going to take care of you :I
2/9/2013 #10,045
Sir Maple the Grand

for me that was a small "conflict"

2/9/2013 #10,046

*Flies through window* It seems Kyle is making friends

2/9/2013 #10,047

Hi Jakel :D,nice to see you again

2/9/2013 #10,048
*pushes Xeno's shoulder playfully* oh yes, I forgot. Demons have different measures of "conflicts" than angels, huh? *grins*
2/9/2013 #10,049
*screams* IT CAME BACK!!! *snorts* jk hey Jakel!
2/9/2013 #10,050
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