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Lol I gues you have a point Stetson.

You know, they have an actual chat thing on here, kind of like what facebook has.

8/1/2012 #31

I bet your not the shortest though...

8/1/2012 #32
Stetson and Fedora 1103

Nah I'm not the shortest (and I'm trying to resist the urge to turn that dirty somehow...) And yes they do have a chat thing on it...ok i've decided i will call it Malcolm the PM box!

8/1/2012 #33

? huh? wait I don't want to know...

8/1/2012 #34
Stetson and Fedora 1103

Yup...you really don't...

8/1/2012 #35

I don't have a dirty mind and I don't want it to become dirty anytime soon...

my mind has a dark side no one wants to see...*insert evil laugh here*

8/1/2012 #36
Stetson and Fedora 1103

Everyone's mind has a dark side...even me and I don't let it out often :P Blame a couple of years with my friends...they would turn the mind

8/1/2012 #37

ah well for me the dark side grew when I was introduced to the paranormal...ah ghosts, demons...masks...slenderman...

8/1/2012 #38
Stetson and Fedora 1103

You know...one day if we ever meet (like my idea of meeting i came up with weeks ago) I will dress up as Slenderman :)

8/1/2012 #39

i bet none of you guys are shorter than me

8/1/2012 #40
Stetson and Fedora 1103

Well how tall are you? I'm roughly 5ft 6inch :)

8/1/2012 #41

...if you try and touch (or scare) me in that costume...beware of a world of hurt...

I'm like....5 foot 5" or 5 6"

8/1/2012 #42
Stetson and Fedora 1103

I won't O:) I promise :3

8/1/2012 #43

mhm:I *is distracted by video*

8/1/2012 #44

was watching Drunk Cry Reads: Ok-su Station Ghost...pff


8/1/2012 #45

omg :O im like 4'9

8/1/2012 #46

and my character Angie still remains the shortestXD

8/1/2012 #47
Stetson and Fedora 1103

I know people shorter than that, there is my ex for one, she was really short. I know another girl who is half my size

8/2/2012 #48
I know this girl who goes to my school and she 4' ever
8/2/2012 #49
8/2/2012 #50

did we just flock to this topic?XD

and why is it when I get on I seem to miss everyone by an hour??D:

8/2/2012 #51

I read the comments and I'm a bit confused, haha so oh well. Nice to meet you people! I'm new (well, at least to the Forum) here and enjoy talking to random people whom I know nothing about! It's actually quite fun :D

8/21/2012 #52
Stetson and Fedora 1103

Howdy! I'm Stetson, or Jake :) Nice to meet you *tilts hat*

8/21/2012 #53
Nice to meet you too. *curtsy*
8/21/2012 #54
Stetson and Fedora 1103

Ooh another girl O.o Wow I'm outnumbered

8/21/2012 #55

Ah, well I suppose you're going to have to live with it. XD Us girls aren't so bad

8/21/2012 #56
Stetson and Fedora 1103

Of course your nor :) The girls make up the majority of this forum :P There isn't many boys at all on here, not that I'm complaining :)

8/21/2012 #57

Lol, well okay. So you don't mind if we talk about Hollywood gossip, make-up tips, and how much we loooooooooooovvvvvveeeee the color pink???? Right?

8/21/2012 #58
Stetson and Fedora 1103

Most of my best friends are girls, I put up with some of that all the time O.o

8/21/2012 #59
Stetson and Fedora 1103

Plus I like all colours, pink has nothing on me :P

8/21/2012 #60
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