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Teahouse Kitten

Ayup! :D

One of us! One of us!

8/5/2013 #151
Stetson and Fedora 1103

Thoughts on the 12th Doctor? O.o

8/5/2013 #152
Teahouse Kitten

Personally, I'm skeptically optimistic. He reminds me of the doctors I grew up with, and I'm really curious how he'll play the character. In my opinion, he's gonna either be really amazing or really awful. Either way, though, it's something different. I enjoyed Matt Smith, but I'm glad they're finally moving away from him and starting "fresh." (And I'm getting a guilty pleasure out of watching the fan girls implode from the announcement of an "old man Doctor." Tee hee.)

8/5/2013 #153
Stetson and Fedora 1103

He's a pretty good actor...and renowned for his swearing :P

8/5/2013 #154
Teahouse Kitten

I always appreciate an actor who swears well. :D

8/5/2013 #155
Stetson and Fedora 1103

It's weird XD It's like seeing a teacher outside school O.o

8/5/2013 #156
Teahouse Kitten

Hahaha, that's a pretty nice analogy.

8/5/2013 #157

Stetson, I see teacher's outside of school ALL THE TIME. How is that weird? Sea of Monsters comes out tomorrow! I'm going on Saturday woth my sister. Would go tommorow but I can't because it's a school night. School's finally starting. Yes!!!!!! And now I see why when we were in the car my brother told me to stop reading for long enough to give him directions to my school.{that he attended a FEW years before.*rolls eyes*} My siblings are weird. Oh well.

8/6/2013 #158
Teahouse Kitten

I guess a better analogy would be seeing a teacher in a bar, piss-drunk. Or better yet, drinking with one. (Which gets less weird the more you do it, lol.) Classes are starting up for me late this month too! I'm so excited to be getting back. I took a year off between degrees, and it was kind of mind-numbing. ;P

8/6/2013 #159
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