I claim the essay forum in the name of Radyn
because it's always nice being the first
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My forum is better than your forum. The end.
10/18/2006 #1
Hello?! God sent me! Ergo, my forum is superior.
10/18/2006 #2
Obviously, tofunky, the forum created by someone sent by God is inferior to the forum of God Himself; ergo, the forum of God is better. Since I am God, obviously this marks mine as the superior.
10/18/2006 #3
My God, you theomaniacal narcissistic b***. You sunk my battleship!
10/19/2006 #4
I totally win.
10/20/2006 #5
How interesting that only in the essay section are people staking forums like prized land and then encroaching upon others' forums like the borders of said land. . . Or something. Don't look at me, I'm ill.
10/21/2006 #6
Jesse the Storyteller
Hahaha that's because nobody wants to talk about essays. Booo. And it scares me how many times the word "ergo" was used here. -Jesse
10/22/2006 #7
10/22/2006 #8
maybe im better than any of you. *whistles* ;-)
11/2/2006 #9
Fictionpress Watcher
Flame War 2006. Arm yourself.
11/13/2006 #10
Will Sachiksy
It's a forum about nothing! ... How do we know when it's over? I would ask you to give reasons why your forum is better than any other forum (reasons that are actually about the forum, not the creator), but you're obviously just trying to attract attention. The expression goes that it's easier to catch flies with honey than with vinigar, but it seems to me that people are more interested in the caustic today.
12/4/2006 #11
Typewriter King
2/5/2007 #12
Bump 2. No, what happened to the war? I still wanted to watch. Keep it going!
7/18/2007 #13
Fractured Illusion
Oh my God (no pun intended) concerto what are you doing here?! You're everywhere, and the fact that i listn to Michelle Branch's song "Everywhere" does not ease my paranoia O.o *declares concerto as God of being Everywhere* But what of the war? *pokes dead thread*
7/19/2007 #14
Will Sachiksy
As far as I can tell, there was no Flame War. Just some spammer saying there was. Please correct me if I'm wrong (and show me proof).
7/19/2007 #15
Fractured Illusion
Will! I stalk you too! *surprised* So many faces catching up. And proof? They competed over the God title. Doooh. *escapes from logic*
7/19/2007 #16
Will Sachiksy
No, he posted about a "Flame War" in other forums. Really annoying.
7/19/2007 #17
Fractured Illusion
Well, as long as the threads were created for the flame wars (which I am assuming, because I like to assume) it's alright. Easy to avid then. ...And where did you come from? *pokes*
7/19/2007 #18
I'll start the flame war if no one does. Bring it on. *Burns down your house* - that's enough flames! How about a dragon?
7/19/2007 #19
Will Sachiksy
"Trogdor the Burninator" By Strong Bad http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7gz1DIIxmEE - TROGDOR!!!! TROGDOR!!!! Trogdor was a man! I mean, he was a Dragon Man Or maybe he was just a dragon But he was still TROGDOR!!!! TROGDOR!!!! Burninating the countryside! Burninating the peasants! Burninating all the peoples And their thatch-roofed cottages! Thatch-Roofed Cottages!!! Whoa, this has wicked cool guitar solos It's like squeedly vs. meedley over here Go squeedly! Go Squeedly!! SQUEEDLY WINS!!! When all the land is in ruins And burnination has forsaken the countryside Only one guy will prevail. My money's on TROGDOR!!!! TROGDOR!!!! And the Trogdor comes in the NNIIIIIIIIIIGHHHHHTTT!!!! - That enough flames and dragons for you?
7/19/2007 #20
How did a poem end up here? What's going on? Or was it a song? Does it matter? I asked...asked for a dragon. Thanks for starting the war. Holds sword.
7/19/2007 #21
Fractured Illusion
This matters not, immature lads, for I, the female, will give you both the firey death glare, and thus pawn you all!! *fires away*
7/20/2007 #22
Sorry. By the way, I began reading that someone's hot seat. Yours was better. That one was a bit wrong. A friend I know as I said before is even more wacko like that. Well, I can immitate writing styles believe it or not - I even wrote like Shakespeare before. I dropped writing this way, because I couldn't perfect it - e.g. remembering the words - you can't write like that unless you remember the vocab. Though, don't waste having the talent to write like that. A lot of pros do. 1 thing though is that use it wisely - many people just chuck paragraphs of them and go on and on. I was described everything in very detailed - long description like that. It was...ah...perhaps I'll try that style. I aim to do something unique still.
7/20/2007 #23
Fractured Illusion
You, kind sir, are incredibly random, replying to a story I gave you the link for in another topic :P But I thought she did it better than me, because I felt it ran smoother and the dialouge was more realistic than mine as well. Plus there was feeling and all. And if you write in that style, let me know once you post it! Spamming: Review Revolution: http://www.fictionpress.com/ft/542052/1423/1/
7/20/2007 #24
No, it's not random. Same person. Doesn't matter. I was doing this one after reading that one, so replied here. Since you are interested in that - I said I can't remember the vocab to write it. I don't want to check the dictionary 24/7, unless someone can write it for me. Read celestial_sailor then. http://www.fictionpress.com/u/325922/ cs actually told me about this place ages ago. Guess cs doesn't know I'm here. Note used cs to cover gender. cs might not want me to say. Haven't seen cs in life for quite a while.
7/20/2007 #25
No Longer An Account
TROGDOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mrs. Flames, I challenge that you can make all the opinionated, ill-informed, dated little comments in the world and still not stand up five minutes in a real debate about something.
8/1/2007 #26
I can only presume that was an attempt to respond to me. I have my own forum, and I'm not going to clutter Radyn's forum here if you want to discuss something in more detail. Any subject, any time.
8/3/2007 #27
No Longer An Account
Your review of my essay was so stupid and assumption-filled that it didn't merit a response. Idiot. I was just calling you out.
8/4/2007 #28
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