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Location: Small town in Colorado

Summary: People have been starting to disappear in the town. People, 24 hours before they disappear, start to scream crazily about something call 'him'. From random discriptions givien by victims, experts say that the mysterious mythical creature 'The Slenderman' may be involved.

9/9/2012 #1
Lady Phantome

Rion stood in front of the entrance of a small town in Colorado and stared with slight irritation at the slightly worn down road leading into the town proper. The sixteen year old looked at the surrounding area, taking note of the large expanse of forest that seemed to swallow the town whole.

'Rural town, obviously rarely visited by tourists or even other people and obviously a very close knit community judging by the amount of houses I can see so far.' Rion observed as he took out a piece of paper from his pocket and began to unfold it. "And obviously, that makes them highly susceptible into believing myths and legends." the young detective remarked dryly as he read the paper taking into account the several mentions of 'The Slenderman'. Running a hand through his hair, Rion picked up his bag and proceeded to walk into town while glaring at the people who gawked at him as he did so.

10/24/2012 #2

Craig had already checked into the inn, waiting for Rion. Rion had been a new member and Fredric had insisted he go with Craig.

10/24/2012 #3
Lady Phantome

Rion approached the inn, lazily taking in the small slightly worn down building that was to be his accommodations. 'It's decent.' Rion thought grudgingly as he opened the door and took in the scent of pine wafting in the air. The area gave off a cozy feel while sparsely occupied chairs and couches were scattered around as a lit fire place glowed cheerfully in a corner of the room.

As he checked in with the female employee at front desk, he sighed as he remembered how Fredric insisted, or rather forced, from the teen's perspective, that he have a partner along with him. 'Craig, I believe his name was, male and of American descent.' Rion thought, remembering the information given to him about his 'partner', as he took his key from the front desk worker. 'As much as I would like to look for him myself and momentarily relieve myself of boredom, it would take too much effort on my part.' he mentally groaned before turning again to the desk worker. "Did a person named Craig Walsh recently check in?" the green eyed boy asked curtly.

The woman blinked at his slight rudeness before shrugging it off with a practiced ease that indicated that she had encountered people like Rion before. "Yes, just a few minutes before you came in." she said politely. "He's sitting over there if you're looking for him." she added helpfully, pointing to a blond boy sitting a couple of meters away reading a book. Muttering his thanks, his lips curled up into a smirk as Rion took in the classic American features the boy had and made his way over to him.

"You're Craig Walsh." the European boy stated abruptly once he stood in front of him, startling the other from his book. "I'm Rion, Rion Morgan, your partner." he said, spitting out the last word with obvious distaste.

10/24/2012 . Edited 10/25/2012 #4

"A partner, eh?" he closed the book, looking up, "I hate how Fredric thinks I can't handle my own out on a mystery." He got up, "Judging by your tone, I'm guessing you aren't too thrilled have partner as well."

10/25/2012 #5
Lady Phantome

"Good observation, you must have amazing detective skills to pick out something so obvious." Rion replied, the words dripping with sarcasm as he folded his arms over his chest."Although the man has logically sound reasons for forcing us to pair up for each mystery like high school lab partners during dissection, I never signed up for partner duty." he added, mumbling this to himself.

10/25/2012 #6

"You can at least keep the sarcasm to yourself."

10/25/2012 #7
Lady Phantome

"It's a medical condition, I have a certificate from a psychiatrist if you'd like to see it." the green eyed boy deadpanned but sighed as he saw his companion's unamused expression. "I won't promise anything."

10/25/2012 . Edited 10/26/2012 #8

Craig sighed, "Might as well start collecting facts."

10/26/2012 #9
Lady Phantome

"First off, lets start with the things we already know." Rion replied. "But not here, somewhere more private." he added in a much quieter voice looking around and eyeing everyone with suspicion before picking up his bag. "My room. Let's go." Rion said curtly as he moved past the blond boy.

10/26/2012 #10

Craig walked behind him.

10/26/2012 #11
Lady Phantome

Rion unlocked the door and strode into the plainly decorated room with Craig following behind. Tossing his bag unto the bed, the European boy inspected the room, looking through every nook and cranny while ignoring the questioning gaze of his companion which irked him slightly but he didn't comment on it. Once satisfied with his inspection, Rion sat cross-legged on his bed before turning to the other boy.

"If you're wondering why I did that, I was making sure there were no bugs in the room." he said irritably as a way of explanation. "I don't want anyone, especially the criminal, listening in but forget about that for now, we have a case to solve."

10/26/2012 #12

Craig nodded, "So I suspect you know what we're up against, right?"

10/28/2012 #13
Lady Phantome

"Disappearance case, people screaming of a 'him' 24 hours before they mysteriously vanish, therefore leading people to suspect a mythical creature, Slenderman." Rion began lazily listing off the obvious facts as he lay on his bed and looked up at the ceiling. "Most likely a kidnapping as there is a common factor between all the victims screaming about 'him', probably a person from this town or at least someone well known to all of them, small town, close-knit community. Woods maybe a good hiding place, plus the town is highly isolated so the culprit maybe taking advantage of this." the green eyed boy hypothesized with a slight yawn.

10/31/2012 #14

"Now...let's see..." Craig took out some notes and looked them over, "This is weird...There is almost no key similarity between each victim other then random things that are too small to make a difference in the case." Craig shifted through another note and something caught his eye, "Wait a minute. I think I may got it. It says here that there WAS one thing that tied all the victims together."

11/1/2012 #15
Lady Phantome

"Oh? And that would be?" Rion questioned with a pensive look on his face.

11/1/2012 #16

"All of them spent at least half of everyday on a computer."

11/4/2012 #17
Lady Phantome

Rion's eyes widened slightly at that bit of information. "Well, that explains why people think Slenderman is involved." he said raising himself into a sitting position. "It is an internet meme and coupled with the inexplainable disappearances as well as the people in question screaming about 'him', creates the impression that he actually exists."

11/5/2012 #18

"That also narrows down the possibilities of people targeted next."

11/6/2012 #19
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