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Location: Ireland

Summery: A couple days ago, at his mansion in the country, a man was murdered. The time of death is around 1-3 PM. However, the victim had invited some friends and family to his house that morning and one of them (a teenage boy) saw the victim at5:30, walking around outside. The teenager has 20/20 (perfect) vision, as well as an alibi for one to three (he was at a store in town). The suspects are as follows: the victim's brother, his sister, his sister-in-law, his niece, and three friends from college (two guys and a woman). None of them has an alibi, and all of them had motive and opportunity.

9/10/2012 #1
"Woohoo!" Tori said, jumping all over the place in excitement.
9/10/2012 #2

"C-calm down...we need to be professional..." Fredric said.

9/10/2012 #3
"Sorry. I've never seen a real murder case before." She took a deep breath and put on an innocent expression. "Where to first? (I'll go fill in a form for the witness)
9/10/2012 #4

"The crime scene, of course."

9/10/2012 #5

Kobe was waiting outside the room where the victim was found. His hands were trembling, yet he seemed to be trying to make it look as if a violent murder didn't bother him.

"Are you the witness?" Tori asked. He flinched.

"Y-yeah. Ask away..."

9/11/2012 #6

"Could you describe what ahppened before the murder took place? Did her get into any arguments, or something?"

9/11/2012 #7
"Around lunchtime Mr. Grant (that's the dead guy) was talking loudly with somebody in the kitchen. I don't know who it was...that's the only thing I can remember off the top of my head."
9/11/2012 #8

"I see...the murder itself?"

9/11/2012 #9
"I...I wasn't there at the time of the murder, really...Mom asked me to go get something at the store and I did... What they tell me is that Mr. Grant went to his room" Kobe knocks on the wall behind him "and never came out. At five o'clock-- dinnertime-- Aunty Lili went to get him, and he was dead. She called the house phone and I picked it up. Aunty Lili told me everything and I could see her coming across the courtyard... But then I saw him walk out behind her! It gave me the creeps!"
9/11/2012 #10

"I see..." Fredric started to think.

9/12/2012 #11
((Wow, I've been gone for a long time! Sorry! And would you like to create the police officer investigating, or should I?)) "May...may we see the body?" Tori asked. Kobe told her that she had to ask the police inspector.
9/23/2012 #12

(I will) "Where is he?" Fredric asked.

9/23/2012 #13
"Down the hall," Kobe said, pointing.
9/23/2012 #14

"Hmm so you say you heard a scream of pain and a brief scuffle before you found the body?" A young sounding voice said down the hall.

9/24/2012 #15
Tori hid behind Fredric. "That scared me! Who is it?"
9/24/2012 #16

Fredric looked unfaze, "It must be the inspector."

9/26/2012 #17
"That's him," Kobe said. Under his breath he added, "And of course the sidekick would be a little scaredy-cat kid." "I heard that!" Tori stepped forward.
9/26/2012 #18

"Tori...we have to be professional..." Fredric reminded.

9/26/2012 #19
"Sorry," Tori blushed, realizing she had made the same mistake twice. "And sorry, Kobe. Shall we go talk to the inspector now?"
9/26/2012 #20

Fredric nodded and walked down the hall, and opened the door.

Reginold was talking to a stout woman in her forties. He was sipping on a cup of tea.

9/27/2012 #21
Having made the same mistake twice, Tori waited for Fredric to make the first move.
10/15/2012 #22

"Hello, inspector." Fredric said to Reginold.

"Huh? Oh. You must be the all famous Fredric Reynolds."

10/16/2012 #23

"Yeah, that's him," Kobe said to Tori.

She bit her tongue and listened closely.

10/16/2012 #24

"You should just go home. i plan on solving this case," Reginold said.

10/16/2012 #25

"Ah, Inspector, I called them over..." Kobe began.

10/17/2012 #26

Reginold glared a Kobe, "Boy. I have this all under control. I do not need HELP to solve this case."

10/17/2012 #27

Maybe we should just pretend to leave and come back later, Tori thought. She didn't say anything aloud, though; it was obvious that this policeman wouldn't listen to a little girl.

10/26/2012 #28

Reginold stormed off.

10/28/2012 #29
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