Shadow Clan
This is an original RP about a secret organization that deals with crime bosses, drug dealers and more! Our mission: keep the world safe. You can RP as my OC's or as your own. More info inside...
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Well we could banter with semantics, on the exact nature of the game. But that about nails it. A war of Human vs Aliens vs Aliens

5/10/2012 #31
I don't know, People are weird.
5/10/2012 #32
Kay guys so, my OCs or the "Cannon" characters, I was thinking:Anastasiya needs to stay in the HQ, so I will use her every once in a while.My OCs that have not been claimed, I will use them TEMPORARILY, Until someone claims them.Just to keep Ana in her office to assign missions
5/11/2012 #33
Oh, and, The Tournament will start soon.I'll explain it a little more in a sec.
5/11/2012 #34
In the tournament, your OC will fight against an OC from a different organization (I may make up a temporary OC to fight against you, or someone else can to keep things going) Whoever wins gets to gloat, but also gets their opponent's weapon and or ability/power.You CAN have rematches to get your stuff back.
5/11/2012 #35
Woooo, anyone on today? :3
5/12/2012 #36
Kay guys so, does anyone have any ideas they would like to share to make the RP more interesting? it's not boring, but I want everyone to have a say and have some control
5/13/2012 #37

I've got an idea. We could all pitch in and create a major villain? I'm good with personality so I could write how he/she acts, someone else could make his/her history, another one would come up with abilities. A collective Villain made by all of us.

Also I need to say something.

I was on ComicVine, and I made a battle

All characters were comic book characters

The Battle had never been done before, I know because I checked their history in the search, and other online sites.

The combatants I made sure to check were all in the same region of power and abilities so one of them wouldn't over-power the others.

I followed every single rule. I even checked twice to make sure.

..... And some dickbag moderator locked it on me. I'm not saying whoever did it is a bad person, just that, I think they should be skinned alive, or shot in the head. And I know that might sound mean, but quite frankly they could at least say why they locked it.

5/14/2012 #38
That's a fantastic idea :3 And I think it's pretty bogus what the mod did
5/14/2012 #39

Cool so I just need the name and gender decided on, and I can write a history for this character. Also I'd need to know if the character is decided as having any super human abilities, so in the history I'd know what to say for when and how they acquired them.

5/14/2012 #40
Well I can text Baines about it, but I think it should be a dude seeing as how Ana is the head of the Shadow Clan and she's a girl.As for name, I can look some up.Super human abilitiess, I'll think about.I had a major villain idea one time.It was a character that was, well a zombie basically cept not like brain dead or falling apart.His skin was tough and he had buzz saws as weapons.I drew him and everything
5/14/2012 #41

That's cool , I just made a Young Justice forum today. Which since the first person I've got is being obnoxious I'll probably be forced to delete it. T_T I really wish I was meaner person sometimes so that when I make a forum and someone challenges my rules etc, I would just ban them instead of trying to be the bigger person about it.

5/14/2012 #42
YOU WANT ME TO BEAT THEM UP?! D< I'LL BEAT THE LIVING SH*T OUT OF THEM! Not really, but It's always easier when it's two against one :3
5/14/2012 #43

I can be mean for you. :D Oh, and your idea for the villain sounds really cool. Although, what if it was a chick or something? Since it seems like a lot of the time it's a dude, or at least it seems like that to me.

5/14/2012 . Edited 5/14/2012 #44
I see chick villains all the time, but anything's good :3
5/14/2012 #45

It could a robot (genderless)

Also has anyone noticed that fight threads are basically popularity contests. I can not describe how many times I've come across a fight, where logic is forgotten in place "I like character X so he wins."

Some examples of this idiocy

1. A whole bunch of people saying Spider-Man would lose to Master Chief. Let me put something into perspective here. Chief can not actually pick up tanks, that's just in the games so that if a tank flips over, you can get back in it. At best he's around maybe 2 ton level, and that time when he has a speed burst of 60 MPH it damaged his tendons. His usual speed is about 32 MPH.

Spider-Man - Okay let's see here spider-sense, capable of lifting 10 tons, though it seems to be 15 tons sometimes, fast enough to dodge point blank gunfire, oh and some people may not know this, but Spider-Man once took an entire machien gun clip to the chest, and while it did knock him out, it did not do any lasting damage at all. And yet all of these morons and don't get me wrong here I like Master Chief, I'm a huge Halo fan, but logically speaking, Spider-Man is much stronger, much faster, and with the advantage of his Spider sense.

2. Midnighter's fan boys. Midnighter is a Batman rip off. He has this battle computer that allows him to run through a combat scenario millions of times in his head, allowing him to know virtually every move his opponent will make. What his fans seem to forget is that for one, if an opponent is simply too powerful or too fast then his battle computer means jack squat, also predictions are the key word here. Midnighter can predict what his opponent will do, not actually know what they will do. And yet I've seen threads with people whole heartedly agreeing he could take out Superman, and The Flash.

5/14/2012 #46
Cause people are alwaysss, what's the wordd, Like leaning towards one sidee.You know?
5/14/2012 #47


5/14/2012 #48
YES.And especially if it's their all time favorite super hero or villain.
5/14/2012 #49

Or if they're like me and they know nothing about super heroes; and they just pick a side to mess with people. xD

5/14/2012 #50

So boy, girl, intersexual or robot?

5/14/2012 #51
Well a robot would be no fun to kill, You know? They are assassins after all.Intersexual sounds cool, or we could make it a girl
5/14/2012 #52

So Ana's a cannibal?

5/14/2012 #53
A civilized cannibal >w> xD Yeah she is :3 I have a thing for canniballs
5/14/2012 #54
Sonny13Sandy18 since you did the YJ Rp, would you do a Marvel one?

5/14/2012 #55
Mhm :3 She's my favorite character to draw x3 I may post a picture of her.Anddd I would :3 Not THAT into Marvel, but I would :3
5/14/2012 #56


5/14/2012 #57
I'll join :3
5/14/2012 #58

Quick question

Everytime someone starts out with "Well first of all" or "Obviously/Well obviously"

It means they're about to a combination of chewing me out, while also playing psycologist and deducing my history, political views etc.

Anyone else have this happen to them?

5/14/2012 #59
Not to me, why?
5/15/2012 #60
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