Shadow Clan
This is an original RP about a secret organization that deals with crime bosses, drug dealers and more! Our mission: keep the world safe. You can RP as my OC's or as your own. More info inside...
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I have many OCs to pick from, I will list them and provide brief Bios for each, claim an OC of mine, or make your own!
5/3/2012 #1
NAME: Daisuke.His real name is Sebastian Valentino Moreno.BIO: Daisuke performed in a circus run by his father who he is named after.Daisuke has short wavy black hair with red tips.He has deep red eyes and light tan skin.As a child his father hit him, and killed his mother, Cassandra.Daisuke left his father after his mother's death.He joined the Shadow Clan at age thirteen.He was friends with Kiyami while they were in the Circus.Daisuke is flirtacious, funny and kind.He is an empath, feels and controls other people's emotions.Daisuke has days where his emotions are out of control, angry one moment, sad the next.He means well, and loves to make Mitsuru mad.
5/3/2012 #2
NAME: Katsuo, Real name is unknown.AGE: 18.BIO: Katsuo is a very happy, playful guy.He is skilled in explosives and is in love with Hajime.He met his lover on a rescue mission and they have been together since.He has medium length spiky blonde hair, light blue eyes, fair skin and wears clothes very similar to fatigues (army clothes).He has a large family back home (Six brothers and a sister, mother and father) His parents are elderly and can't work.He sends them money to support them.He is a kind, very child like and hyper active guy.He loves to have fun, and is always confident on missions.
5/3/2012 #3
NAME: Mitsuru.AGE: 18.BIO: Mitsuru has a bad temper, he is addicted to drugs and alcohol.He loves to gammble, especially when he is out doing street races.He hangs around a bad crowd (loose women, other gammblers, gang members) He enjoys his life style.He is one of the more difficult members of the Shadow Clan.Not much is known about Mitsuru.He has light brown hair that spikes up in the back, his bangs are long and cover his left eye.He has gold brown eyes, and wears open buttone up shirts and jeans.He is skilled with guns and tries to be the tough guy on missions.He is particularly annoyed by Daisuke.
5/3/2012 #4
NAME: Akihiko.Real name, Vesper Alti.AGE: 19.BIO: Akihiko is a prince.He chose to join the Shadow Clan when his sister lost her life on a mission.He does not like having the responsiblities of being a prince.His former home is a small island off the coast of Africa.It is where his family's kingdom is located.Akihiko has shoulder length, jet black hair with green emerald eyes.He is very reserved, but ocasionally will lose his composure.Akihiko is the most mature in his team, and also his team's leader.He keeps a calm and collective attitude on missions and is not easily intimidated.He can read minds, but can be forced out by those who have been trained.
5/3/2012 #5
NAME:Genevieve.AGE:19.BIO: Genevieve is flirtacious, vain, and hates to lose.She cannot stand Kiyami, and Kiyami cannot stand her.They have hated each other for a long time and will start fighting whenver they argue.Genevieve is loves to compete with Kiyami, but she does take her missions seriously.She is a bit greedy, and selfish.Her light reddish hair is kept in a loose bun, with curls hanging down on both sides of her face.Her eyes are a caramel brown, her skin is a light tan and she wears close from the latest designers.Deep down, Genevieve is afraid to be judged, so she hides behind make up and a tough attitude.
5/3/2012 #6
NAME: Kiyami.AGE: 17.BIO: Kiyami is a short tempered, funloving, tough girl.She has super strength and is okay with weapons in battle.She is good in combat but sometimes fights with her teammates when she doesn't agree with their decisions.She is spunky and has a hidden maternal side.She can be shy when trying new things or meeting new people.She has long black hair, dark eyes, light skin and wears mainly dark colors.
5/3/2012 #7
NAME: Anastasiya Varennikov.AGE: 24.BIO: Anastasiya is a refined young woman.When she and her brother are together, most of the time it is childish bickering.She is the head of the Shadow Clan along with her Twin brother Aleksander.Anastasiya was married but then betrayed by her husband.He was only after the organization and a good time.Ana is very suspicious of men because of this and trusts only her brother.While she is very proper and mature (at times) Ana has a dark secret (Will reveal later).She has long white hair (natural) that curls, she is thin and very light skinned.Her eyes are a greyish color.She wears white dresses and white clothes in general, she loves the color.She gets along with her foster parents well.
5/3/2012 #8
NAME: Aleksander Varennikov.AGE: 24(he's younger by five minutes).BIO: Aleksander and his sister Ana constantly fight.He teases her about her many failed relationships,though he has not had many himself.He was in love with Akihiko's sister Kazumi (deceased).As a children, he and his sister were child actors.He doesn't really like his foster father.He has short, slicked back black hair, grey eyes, light skin and wears black suits and black clothes in general.He is childish, opposite of his older sister Ana.He can be protective of her when other men come around.Aleksander also runs the Shadow Clan with his sister.They love each other, but sibling fights are unavoidable.
5/3/2012 #9
NAME: Hajime.AGE: 17.BIO: Hajime comes from a small village hidden from modern society.He has adapted, and likes to be in the Shadow Clan.He had an accident and cannot speak, but he writes and can talk with Akihiko throught the latter's mind reading.He can use sign language as well.Hajime is a medic.He does fight, but mainly hand to hand, no weapons.He can see bits and pieces of the future, but they do not always happen and the visions occur randomly.He has white hair with a sort of violet tint, it is between medium and short, and straight.He is in love with Katsuo.He is always by Katsuo's side.He has dark brown eyes and light tan skin.He wears clothes made by hand and no shoes.Hajime is very shy and is usually seen hiding behind Katsuo or a friend.He is caring and loves nature.
5/3/2012 #10
There will be more characters posted later on.If you have ANY questions about any character you are interested in playing, ask me here and I will answer.I will let everyone know who has been claimed and who is available.
5/3/2012 #11
CHARACTERS CLAIMED: KIYAMI Claimed by KiyaMae. ANASTASIYA claimed by KiyaMae.DAISUKE claimed by ThatDaisukeGuy.GENEVIEVE claimed by Reba911
5/3/2012 #12
ALEKSANDER claimed by Kaii-chan
5/3/2012 #13
MITSURU claimed by SlenderFairy
5/4/2012 #14
NAME: Yareli.AGE: 18.BIO: Yareli is a strong leader.She is from an Organization called Sangre (blood).She is not the head of the organization, but she is her team's leader.Yareli is very stubborn, and when angered, unreasonable.She is medium height, Tan, her eyes are an orangish color, her hair is blonde, though her roots are brown.She always wears very loose fitting clothing, she dresses casual even on missions.She keeps a bandana wrapped around her head and has a tattoo of a bleeding heart on her left shoulder.She keeps her hair in two low pig tails.She doesn't like anyone from the Shadow Clan except Akihiko.She has a crush that she is not afraid to hide.She is best a close combat, mainly using her fists as weapons.She has no abillities but she is a fantastic acrobat.
5/6/2012 #15
NAME: Leonel.AGE: 26.BIO: Leonel is a heartbreaker straight from Paris.He runs his own organization, and his goal is to bring the Shadow Clan down.He married Anastasiya, though he was still with another woman.They were together for a while before Anastasiya discovered her husband cheating on her and more.She figured out his plan to use her to destroy her organization, and they fought viciously.Leonel escaped, And Anastasiya was left to discover she was pregnant.She miscarried and Leonel has no clue she was going to have his child.Leonel has short red hair and golden eyes (eye).During his fight with Anastasiya, she managed to tear his left eye out and now keeps it as a trophy.Leonel has an eyepatch, and his bangs cover it.He is muscular, and tall, and very seductive.He constantly goes back and visits Anastasiya when she is alone, and reminds her of what fun they could have together.He is very cruel and doesn't care much about his current girlfriend, only himself.
5/7/2012 #16
NAME: Minette "Mina" AGE: 25 BIO: Mina was Leonel's girlfriend while he was married to Anastasiya.She is still with him, and loves him very much.Mina despises Anastasiya, she feels Leonel finds her more attractive, and any time they run into each other, hell breaks loose.Mina is mainly Leonel's secretary and she has skills in combat.Her hair is a medium brown, shorter in the back and longer in the front.Her eyes are a bluish color and her skin is tan.She wears business clothes (secretary ish) until she goes out on missions for Leonel.She'll wear skin tight clothes and she'll be all over Leonel whenever the two are around Anastasiya.
5/9/2012 #17
NAME: Avani.AGE: 17.BIO: Kiyami and Avani spent alot of time together.They became friends while Kiyami was passing through Avani's village.Avani taught Kiyami how to dance, and the two performed every night since then.Kiyami began to realize that Avani was obsessed.Avani would never leave her side and even though Kiyami is now with a secret organization, Avani has managed to find her.She is a very "gets in your personal space" type person.Her hair is blue, and about two inches below her ears.She wears clothes you would see on a belly dancer.Her skin is darker than the others.She has bright orange eyes.She is constantly calling Kiyami her best friend, though the latter and Kiyami's team find her irritating.Avani is a dancer, not a fighter, but she is acrobatic and flexible, so she can be a fighter when need be.She joined the Shadow Clan in hopes of always being on missions with her "best friend."
5/11/2012 #18
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