Shadow Clan
This is an original RP about a secret organization that deals with crime bosses, drug dealers and more! Our mission: keep the world safe. You can RP as my OC's or as your own. More info inside...
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The Shadow Clan is an organization made up of trained assassins to kill Crime Bosses and anyone who poses a threat.To the world, The Shadow Clan does not exist.As a member of the Clan, you will be assigned missions by me through character.This is an action RP, and more.You will be assigned to teams and each team will have missions to fullfill.The main team contains all my OCs (Not Anastasiya or Aleksander).They are the "main" characters, but all will be treated equally, main or not.The characters in this RP are mine, except for any OCs you make. Any questions, ask me in the chat.I am on, everyday, if not, I will let you know.
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RULES! 1.RESPECT EVERYONE.If I see arguing going on out of character i WILL kick you out.2.NO GODMODDING or MARY SUES.Again, you will be kicked off.No exceptions.3.SWEARING.It is allowed, but NOT EVERY OTHER LINE.Try to keep it to a minimum.4.TEXT LANGUAGE.I can't stand it.It's enough to make me want to kick you out.I won't, but do NOT use it.Check your spelling and grammar please.Even I may get it wrong sometimes.5.LOVE TOPICS.Anything to do with love or making love, make your own topic with whoever it's with.Not on the main topics.6.FUN.Is NOT ALLOWED.I'm kidding.Have fun! :D
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