Shadow Clan
This is an original RP about a secret organization that deals with crime bosses, drug dealers and more! Our mission: keep the world safe. You can RP as my OC's or as your own. More info inside...
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I will assign you to certain mission topics to try and keep things organized.
5/4/2012 #1
Kiyami walked out of the Shadow Clan HQ and out to where they kept their vehicles.She grabbed her motorcycle and looked over, waiting to see when The other two would join her outside.
5/4/2012 #2

Kairi and Genevieve had stopped on the way out so Kairi could quickly. Genevieve had been curious as to what Kairi had to do, but she wouldn't tell her. Frustrated, she waited until Kairi came back. When she did, they both walked outside to Genevieve's bike. They quickly got on and rode off.

5/4/2012 #3
Kiyami followed them on her own bike.She turned on her radio to speak to them "Anastasiya said we'll be staking out a pier.There are drugs being smuggled and we need to confirm it."
5/4/2012 #4

"Okay!" Kairi called over the radio. The pier wasn't that far away, and already, the ocean was coming into view up ahead.

5/5/2012 #5
Kiyami added "We need to take pictures and find out which company is smuggling this crap." she sped up and went past them.She skid to a stop and pulled her helmet off.After fixing her hair, she began to walk the rest of the way.
5/5/2012 #6

Kairi and Genevieve stopped shortly by Kiyami's bike and followed her. They made sure to keep quiet and avoid as much suspicion as possible. Kairi also became serious, which was the only time that she was ever serious about anything. "Look over there, I think I see something." Kairi said in a low voice.

5/6/2012 #7
Kiyami motioned for them to follow her to some crates nearby.She hid behind them then asked "What do you see?" she made sure to whisper.
5/6/2012 #8

((/creeps in oAo ))

Mae looked around as she drove then grinned under her helmet as she saw the bikes. She parked her bike beside theirs. Mae pulled off her helmet and put it on the bike. She quietly ran off to find the girls, fixing her hair.

When she saw them, she made her way over there quietly. She stood behind them and grinned. "I see three girls bein' sneaky." She whispered.

5/6/2012 . Edited 5/6/2012 #9
Kiyami gasped then whipped a hand gun out and pointed it at Mae "Don't sneak up on people like that!"she hissed.
5/6/2012 #10

Mae held her hands up as if surrendering, her eyes wide. "Woah, calm down." She frowned. "Sorry if I scared you, but Miss Ana sent me to join you guys."

5/7/2012 #11
Kiyami lowered her weapon "Oh.Sorry" she smiled sheepishly "Just, don't do that again."she warned then turned and peeked at the pier "there's alot of guards, we'll have to be careful."she murmured.
5/7/2012 #12

Mae nodded, lowering her hands. She peered over at the peer curiously then looked to Kiyami, "Do we have a plan yet?"

5/7/2012 #13
Kiyami looked around and saw some crates closer to the boat "What's your name?" she asked, looking at Mae.
5/7/2012 #14

Kairi also looked at Mae, intently gazing at her as if she had a zit on her forehead.

5/7/2012 #15
Kiyami heard what sounded like shouting then turned to peek at the boat "Nevermind, we'll get to know each other later." she said as several of the guards began to unload more and more crates. "Genevieve, Kairi, think you guys can get closer and take pictures? we're supposed to spy, not confront them."
5/7/2012 #16

"I got it." Kairi said, taking the camera from Genevieve's hand and dashing around corners quickly and silently. "Well, that is one of Kairi's many interests." Genevieve mumbled under her breath as she watched Kairi get closer and closer. Suddenly, a trigger started a panic through Genevieve. The trigger was a flash of light coming from where Kairi was poised. "Oh no." She said, her stomach beginning to turn. "Why had I turned the flash on?" All of the hoping and praying that no one on the boat noticed, but that praying went unnoticed. Listening to the radio signals of the boat, she heard one of the crew men voice "Hey, anyone else see that light over there?" Genevieve suddenly put her radio transmitter to her ear. "Kairi, get the hell out of there! NOW!!!"

5/7/2012 #17
Kiyami could hear shots being fired.She darted to Kairi's location, ducking here and there.She pulled out her gun and returned fire.
5/8/2012 #18
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