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This is an original RP about a secret organization that deals with crime bosses, drug dealers and more! Our mission: keep the world safe. You can RP as my OC's or as your own. More info inside...
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This is where OCs from different organizations go.Here, I want you to provide NAME, AGE, GENDER, APPEARANCE (AGAIN, BE SPECIFIC), WEAPONS/ABILITY.STRENGTH, WEAKNESS, HISTORY/BIO,ORGANIZATION,LOVE INTEREST.Doesn't have to be in that order, but provide everything.Describe the organization they're from, WHO THEIR LEADER IS, and if they are with or against the Shadow Clan.Any questions, ask me in the chat.
5/6/2012 #1

Name: Jake Smith (Alias)

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Appearance: Jake stands at a height of six feet and one inch. Jake has a diamond shaped face, with a flattop of chestnut colored hair. Jake's body is like that of an Olympic Gymnast, he is very well built, but compared against guys like boyd-builders he'd look scrawny. Jake's eyes are brown, dark brown to be precise with them. Jake is often shaved, and at the most will have a light stubble, but he never has an actual beard or mustache. Jake will often dress in a cross between professional and outdated. He chooses to wear Zoot Suits, because they remind him of his grandfather. Most commonly he will wear a navy blue one, with a white undershirt, a black tie, and black shoes.

Weapons/Ability: Jake is in peak condition and has trained both his body and his mind extensivley. He is a practioner of three martial arts styles. Those are Shuri-Ryu, Hapkido, and Judo. Jake is also a mental practioner of Mushin. This is a state that allows him to purely act and react without things such as fear, ego, doubt, or anger holding him back. Jake wields a variety of weapons for his job. He will often be armed with two semi-automatic pistols, a combat knife, garrotte wire, tannerite, occasionally a sniper rifle, and anasthetic bombs. They're like smoke bombs, except the smoke is sleeping gas.

Strength: Jake's strength is that he is a well trained individual, and acts professionally.

Weakness: We'll start with the obvious human weaknesses. Jake is more sucsptible to drug related attacks due to being straight edge and not having built up any sort of immunity towards drugs, toxins etc. He is also emotionally weak, in the reserved sense. Jake has trouble picking up on body language cues, and general difficulty in opening up to others.

History: Growing up Jake was a middle class child. He had a small circle of friends, but was often the odd one who got bullied. Jake's father was a drinker, and this caused Jake to grow very close to his grandfather who lived around the block. Jake would often go to him to escape the chaos of his homelife. Jake's grandfather loved Jazz music with a passion, and on some days they would just spend hours listening to it. Jake himself hated it, but he loved his grandfather dearly and would never have told him that. His grandfather was also a war veteran and the one who inspired Jake to be better. When Jake was ten he took his first lesson in martial arts, but decided that he wanted to hone his mind as well, so he started looking into topics on how to do that. School was holding him back though, Jake at the age of 12 decided to use getting bullied to his advantage. In self defense he used his knowledge that he had learned to break an attacker's arm and four ribs. The excessive violence got him expelled, and he used his new free time to fully devote into his craft. Without long school hours slowing him down, it was easy to focus. He also prepared for when he would return to school working out a diet, and excercise program for the event that would conceed with the hours available. Jake from then on had a better life, the beating he gave the previous bully served as enough warning to get the others to back off. This would continue for some time, and Jake despite his father's alcholism was enjoying life. His father no longer scared him, and Jake came to realize that his bark was a lot worse than his bite was. Jake's low point in life came when he was 18, it was a few days before he had decided on what he wanted to do with himself. His grandfather was showing him various items, including weapons. Jake was holding an old knife, the floor had a steep part, and his grandfather fell onto the knife. Despite it being an accident Jake felt entirley responsible, even after being found innocent in court. Jake had an emotional shutdown, and decided at first to join a mercenary group a Private Military Contractor. Working with them Jake became disillusioned with the world and it's people. In particular he came to view no sense of realism. Jake believes that realism is what people make of it, which is why people who are actually cynics or idealists may call themselves realists. The only thing he was certain of was that morality was a sham, at least he thought so, but buried under the apathy he is still a good person at heart who just misses his grandfather. At the age of 23 he left the PMC he was in. They aren't some gang that was going to beat him for leaving, no they were professionals about it, and even threw him a going away party and wished him luck in the future. Now working as a lone assassin for hire, Jake wears the Zoot Suits that his grandfather liked.

Organization: None currently

Leader: The Leader of his former PMC group was unknown only speaking through a synthesized computer voice and referred to as Doc. Jake did hear a lot of rumors though, apparently Doc was a seven foot tall, gray skinned alien, drag-queen. In Jake's own opinion he thought of Doc in real life as probably being an extrmely intelligent, but bored teenager with some sociopathic tendancies but not enough to actually do any harm so he/she started their own PMC group, which also makes Jake think it's probably some spoiled rich kid.

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Accepted.If my other mod disagrees or I change my mind, I'll let you know.
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You can tell me in the Avatar forum since I'm sure to respond there.

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