Mutant Roleplaying
We roleplay mutants like the X-men! We also happen to be needing/hoping for more people to join...just saying...
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May I join?

6/13/2012 #31
Rosie McDonald

yes,yes you may.

6/13/2012 #32

There I go. I posted an OC.

6/13/2012 #33
Rosie McDonald

Awesome for you......You better like cookies,otherwise you must leave! Right Silena?

6/13/2012 #34

I like cookies! Especially peanut butter.... :)

6/13/2012 #35
Rosie McDonald

Ok,that is awesome! Other than the peanut butter part.......

6/13/2012 #36

Are you allergic?

6/13/2012 #37
Rosie McDonald

Naw,I just don't like it......and it gives me a headache......

6/13/2012 #38

Hm. Well, I gotta go. See you later!

6/13/2012 #39
Rosie McDonald

Ok,bye then.

6/13/2012 #40
Okay, I'm back. ...I've noticed that my OC hasn't been accepted. Why?
6/13/2012 #41
Rosie McDonald

Ummmmm, I didn't know I had is accepted then

6/13/2012 #42
Oh. Sorry, I'm used to having my character being accepted before I could do anything with them. How should I start in the RP?
6/13/2012 #43
Rosie McDonald

No,not until Silena comes on.

6/13/2012 #44
Silena River

Hey, Mulunia. I'm River...Or Silena, as Rosie calls me.

Rosie's new to the whole forum-admin thing, so I'm helping her out...sorta. :p

I'm pretty experienced with the whole RP thing, seeing as I participate in eight--wait, make that nine, as of yesterday evening--forums on both FanFiction and FictionPress. I enjoy randomness, so just a heads-up.(:

It's nice to have another person here to roleplay this madness. We have another friend, Zuria, but seeing as she's kinda at camp for the rest of the week, we're not exactly sure how long she'll be out.(: Oh, and Rosie and I will be at the beach with our church until Friday, so we may or may not be able to post until then. Probably Saturday for me, seeing as my cellular device is not web-enabled--besides, I have no clue how late we'll get back from the beach on Friday.


6/13/2012 #45
Rosie McDonald

We get back at 2:30pm on Friday.

6/13/2012 #46
Ooh... Looks like it was a bad time to join. :/
6/13/2012 #47
Silena River

It's alright. Once we're back, it'll be as hectic as usual.(:

Welcome, btw.

And I opened up a spot for you on the Mutants RP thread...feel free to waltz right in.

6/13/2012 #48
6/13/2012 #49

Haro there! Twas Warith here. Ummm, I kinda stumbled upon this and I was wondering if I could join? I think I sent Rosie a PM... ANYWAYS! I used to be part of an X-Men inspired RPG, well still am. But I'd like to join this one too so... I ACCEPT YOUR RULES. :D Do I get a cookie? xD

I'm new to forum RPs (used Google Docs - don't ask how) and to Fictionpress but I've been roleplaying for... 3 years now? I dunno. But yeah. So if you want a little more info about me, see profile.

Excited to meet everyone! :D

7/3/2012 #50
Silena River

Hello there! I'm River, co-admin of this Mutant RP forum.(: I've got a large number of forums I am participating in at the moment ((present count is nine)) and am excited to see a new person here! ((I was starting to think it'd just be Rosie and me.))

Glad to have ya here, Twas!

7/3/2012 #51

Nice to meetcha River! Oooo wow, impressive. I don't think I'd be able to keep up with that many. -.-"

I'll work on catching up and reading old posts so I won't be posting at the moment but I did put up an evil mutant profile. I'll try to get a post up at least by tomorrow, got a swim meet tonight so I need to take a nap... meh. -.-"

7/3/2012 #52
Silena River

Well, most of the forums are pretty much dead, so... I guess it doesn't actually count. :p I don't have that much free time.

*nodnod* Cool beans. Saw the profile. No pressure for you to post. Take all the time you need.

7/3/2012 #53
Rosie McDonald
Yeah forums die a lot........
7/3/2012 #54
Silena River

Yup. Sigh...

7/3/2012 #55
Rosie McDonald
7/3/2012 #56
Aw, well, I'll try my best to help revive it! Get some carrot juice! ((carrot juice=inside joke meaning creative juice)) My friends and I have done... I think up to 17 roleplays now? 4 of those we never started. Just made characters.
7/3/2012 #57
Rosie McDonald
Oh,this isn't the one that is dead,another is,it is about clones......
7/3/2012 #58

Ummm... Hi, is it okay if I join. Looking for a good quality forum. Haven't found anything good lately. Been reading your stuff for a while. Love mutants and think I'd be a great addition to the team! Well, tell me if I can join.

10/17/2012 #59
Le gasp! Hello, new person! I'm Twas... or Warith. I don't mind which one you want to call me by. Just wait for Rosie or Silena to accept you but NICE TO MEETCHA! And @Rosie-sorry I haven't been posting. Just ran my last xc 5k today so I'll have more time STARTING TOMORROW. I WILL POST... TOMORROW. Got a biology test tomorrow SO I GOTTA GO STUDY CAUSE I JUST GOT HOME. But nice to meetcha, Piglet Unless you go by something else.
10/17/2012 #60
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