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We roleplay mutants like the X-men! We also happen to be needing/hoping for more people to join...just saying...
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Silena River

"And that's why you'll respect me," Red concluded, grinning slyly.

6/29/2012 #31
Silena River

Johnny glared at Red and muttered,"Yeah,wonder how much respect Marie gave you after the 'incadent'."

Beth facepalmed and smiled to herself.

6/29/2012 #32
Silena River

With a savage roar, Red launched himself at Johnny. "You'll get it now," he growled, shoving a flaming fist in his victim's face.

Little Red chuckled to herself before stepping between the two combatants. "That's enough," she sighed.

Red, attempting to restrain himself, backed away slowly. His eyes glinted like molten steel and flames danced upon his head. The teen gave himself a quick shake to dispel the haze of rage over his vision. "Fine."

6/29/2012 #33
Silena River

Teary eyed Johnny pulled himself up. Trying to walk away,he backed up,ending in a tree. He tried to shake the sight of fire from his mind, he rubbed his head.

James stepped up," I think it would be a good idea if we get on with our tour." he said firmly.

Beth smiled to herself,trying not to laugh.

6/29/2012 #34
Silena River

Little Red nodded. "My thoughts exactly." With a swish of her blood-red cloak the girl spun and continued through the courtyard, following a path leading to a large building like a Roman colleseum.

"Lemme guess," Red broke the uneasy silence that had fallen over the group and pointed to the giant building. "this is the training arena?"

"But of course! I am a colossal enthusiast of the architecture of the Roman, Greek, and Norse civilizations. Many of my buildings are modeled after these great works," Little Red explained, a contented smirk on her face.

"Alrighty then," Red muttered.

6/29/2012 #35
Silena River

Beth looked up at the training arena,"Well,I think it is my turn to say,Woah."

Johnny blinked the tears from his eyes and caught up to the group,"Yes, we train our troops in much hand to hand combat along with weapons training, from many different time eras."

6/29/2012 #36
Silena River

"Yes," Little Red agreed. "We've got specialized troops that follow in the paths of the ancient Spartans, the Norse berserkers, and the Japanese samurai, and those are merely a few examples."

"Well then," Red grinned. "I call the ninjas!"

Little Red chuckled and led the group into the training arena. Along the way she pointed out the different training stations for each area of special forces and explained them with various histories and statistics.

6/29/2012 #37
Silena River

As they walked out of the training arena Johnny stepped to the front of the group,"We will be taking you into our simulácia room. Please follow me so we can start."

6/29/2012 #38
Silena River

Red narrowed his eyes at Johnny. "And why should we trust you?" he challenged.

"Because that is the next part of our tour," Little Red interrupted.

"What does 'simulácia' even mean?"

Little Red rolled her eyes. "It's a fancy little word for training simulation. Slovakian, actually." The girl made her way to the front of the group and led them into a room with whitewashed walls and beds lined up around the edges of the room, a few feet apart. "Please seat yourselves on a bed and we will hook you up to the simulácia."

A creeping suspicion crossed Red's face. "And how do we know to trust you...?"

A puff of laughter escaped the girl's lips. "Good. Be wary of your newfound allies."

"Not yet you're not..." Red reminded her.

"Well, soon to be," Little Red dismissed. "Johnny and I shall enter the simulácia with you to assure your safety."

6/29/2012 #39
Silena River

Johnny nodded and gestured to the beds,"Now if you will please sit, we will help you put on your wrist bands."

Beth narrowed her eyes,"What exactly do the wrist bands do?"

"Guys,why don't we just trust him for once?" James said feeling sorry for Johnny. James started walking to the bed.

Beth grabbed James' arm," We just met him,James. And he hasn't been that trustworthy."

6/29/2012 #40
Silena River

Red clamped onto James' other arm. "I thought you were sensible," he said, shaking his head in disappointment.

"The wristbands merely establish the connection from your brain to the simulácia," Little Red explained calmly.

Red raised an eyebrow. "Then why don't you use helmets?"

"Helmets are so last year. And besides, the wristbands are a newfound technology that establish a better connection to your mental capacities."

"Alrighty then, Miss Large Words. I'll let myself be hooked up to your little fancy-dancy simulation machine." Red shot Johnny a glare. "But not because you said to."

6/29/2012 #41
Silena River

Beth let go of James arm," Fine,but I will put the wrist band on myself,if you don't mind." Beth crossed her arms.

6/29/2012 #42
Silena River

Little Red shrugged and watched as everyone took their seats. She then fastened the wristbands on those of the group--excluding Beth--and seated herself. With a small click she clamped the wristbands on herself and waited for the untold serum to be injected into her bloodstream.

6/29/2012 #43
Silena River

Beth fastened the wristbands onto her wrists,"Ok,these things are tight."

6/29/2012 #44
Silena River

Little Red nodded. "It's just to ensure that you don't accidently hurt yourself during the simulácia." She felt the minute needle slip in and out of her skin.

"These things are itchy," Red complained, tugging at his restraints.

"Calm yourselves. The simulácia will begin momentarily."

6/29/2012 #45
Silena River

Everybody closed there eyes and the simulácia began..........

James opened his,but it was pitch black all around him. He started breathing heavily as he was afraid of the dark,"Beth? Red? Anybody!" James shouted trying to see something,anything.

Beth couldn't help but laugh when she heard James cries for help,"Dude,chill,it is just dark, I am right next to you." Beth rolled her eyes and crossed her arms wondering what kind of training this was.

6/29/2012 #46
Silena River

Red's eyes ogled. "You're afraid of the dark?" he exclaimed, then 'cracked up laughing.' "How pathetic!"

Little Red smiled to herself and made a mental note of James' fear.

6/29/2012 #47
Silena River

James looked down sheepishly,"I......I.......can somebody just light up this place!" James' face went pale as he sat down uselessly closed his eyes.

6/29/2012 #48
Silena River

"Fiiine," Red groaned, lighting his fist like a torch. "Better?" he asked, helping his companion up.

Little Red raised an eyebrow at Red's compassion, but was careful not to let anyone else see it. With a shrug she turned away from the group and gazed off into the darkness.

6/29/2012 #49
Silena River

Beth looked at James curiously,"Why exactly are you afraid of the dark?"

"I have no need to talk about." James answered calming down.

Johnny chuckled to himself at James' remark.

Beth looked to Little Red," What now?"

6/29/2012 #50
Silena River

Little Red turned and set her gaze on Beth. "Well, we'll be going to--"

A loud bang and a flash interrupted the girl and the group found themselves in a field surrounded by barnyard animals.

"What the heck is this?" Red shouted over the 'moo'ing of cows, bleating of sheep, and the grunting of pigs.

"Something went wrong with the simulation," Little Red lied readily. "Set it to a barnyard or something." She stepped aside as a pig shoved its way past her.

6/29/2012 #51
Silena River

Beth looked the at the barnyard asked," We have only been to two places and this doesn't seem like much of a training room."

6/29/2012 #52
Silena River

Little Red, taking this as an insult, glowered at Beth. "It seems that our technicians have made a malfunction on the setting of this wonderful training machine. I can call to them and input you all into a Narnian battle if you wish," she threatened.

Red's face lit up. "Cool! I wanna go to Narnia!!"

6/29/2012 #53
Silena River

Beth rolled her eyes at Little Red's remark," Can we jus get on with this thing?"

6/29/2012 #54
Silena River

Little Red shrugged. "If you wish." She stepped disdainfully over a small pile of sheep droppings and waited for a transition to the next scene.

6/29/2012 #55
Silena River

The simulácia moved to the next seen,bringing them into a glass box just big enough for them all to stand up in.

"Really?" James questioned annoyed with the supposed 'training program'.

6/29/2012 #56
Silena River

Red yawned lazily and stretched his arms, 'accidently' hitting Johnny on the top of the head. "Oops, I'm sorry," he lied.

6/29/2012 #57
Silena River

Johnny rolled his eyes and mumbled,"Yeah,yeah,........and you asked for respect......psshhh."

"Ok,can we get agoing? You know,before Red kills Johnny.....or before I do." Beth said shooting a web into Johnny's face.

6/29/2012 #58
Silena River

"And I'll get that respect," Red remarked, shoving Johnny against the glass wall, "even if I have to ram it down your throat first." He drew his fist back to punch Johnny and hopefully break his nose.

Little Red stepped between the two again. "As you say, 'chill, man.' We will get nowhere if everyone is dead because of your injured ego. Now, let's go." The girl snapped her fingers and the scene changed once again.

They were at the top of a building, seemingly floating among the high cirrus clouds. An eagle soared past, searching the ground for a midmorning meal. The ground was thousands of feet below the group on their small platform in the sky.

"Woah... Nice view," Red breathed, his quarrel with Johnny momentarily forgotten.

6/29/2012 #59
Rosie McDonald

Beth looked around and relized where they were,"Great,just great....." Johnny laughed at Beth's reaction,"Ooooo, looks like the big bad Beth is afraid of something....." Beth shot a web at Johnny and pulled him over to her,"Yeah? Are trying to get on our bad lists? Because you just made it to the top of mine." Beth wrapped her hand around Johnny's wrist and injected a halucination venom into him,"Hope you don't mind a ever present burning sensation." Beth grinned and pushed Johnny back.

6/29/2012 #60
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