Mutant Roleplaying
We roleplay mutants like the X-men! We also happen to be needing/hoping for more people to join...just saying...
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Silena River

"Let's just assume he's part of the enviornment, alright?" Little Red stretched her hand out toward the boy in the smaller boat and hauled him into hers. "Sit down and chill," she ordered, professional manner gone.

Red didn't look up as the boy jostled him a bit. Finally tearing himself away from the undulating waves, Red looked to the boy. "Who're you?"

((Gah. Sorry to go when you've just got here, but it's lunch time here. Make sure you get some too, Rosie. :p Laters!))

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Rosie McDonald
"uhuh......" Beth said. Looking at johnny she wanted to push him out of the boat,but decided not to.
7/3/2012 #92
((Oh, right, sorry about that. 3 years of rping in 1st person. Old habits die hard. Will edit later)) Switchup took the offered hand but wiped his hand on his shirt, with a disgusted look. He sat down in the boat and glared at the little girl in red. "Switchup." He introduced himself to the strange boy. "And you are?" ((it's cool! I have to go too... accursed swim meet,))
7/3/2012 #93
Silena River

((No problem, Twas. I've never encountered a first-person RP forum, though.(: Well, there's a first for everything!))

"Red," the redhead replied. "Nice to meet 'cha. Wonderin' what the heck you're doin' in this watery grave, though." Red uneasily eyed the salty brine before letting his gaze wander back to the teen who called himself Switchup.

Little Red adjusted her cape and hood so more of it shadowed her face; only her grey-blue eyes could be seen, shining like small stars in the darkness of the cowl.

7/3/2012 #94
Rosie McDonald

Beth nodded in agreement,"This thing isn't the most pleasant......." she turned to Little Red,"Is this program over or what?"

7/3/2012 #95
((Actually first time using forum. Any roleplaying I did was between me and my friends thru email but we actually did quite a lot. o.o But since there was only 3 of us, we could keep up with all the characters.)) Switchup shrugged, grimacing. "I'm not sure either. She," He glared at the girl in red and then turned back to Red. "Captured me yesterday." He scowled but raised his eyebrows at the redhead. "And you are here for...?" He left a blank for the boy to fill in.
7/3/2012 #96
Silena River

((I see. Sounds fun!))

Little Red glared at Switchup. "I didn't capture you," she corrected loftily, "a couple of my agents did. You were snooping around my agency grounds, so I have the right to detain you."

Red nodded slowly, processing the new information, before replying to Switchup, "We are currently taking a tour of Little Red's 'training simulator.' And so far, not much training has commenced. Just a lot of drama." He shot Johnny a pointed glare, completed by a scowl.

7/3/2012 #97
Rosie McDonald

Johnny narrowed his eyes and tried to pull off the webs on his mouth,without luck.

Beth looked at Little Red,"Ok,is this thing over or what?"

7/3/2012 #98
Silena River

"No," she said simply, the snapped her fingers.

Sudden darkness enveloped them all, and the steady rocking motion faded to only a sensation existing in the minds of a few. Rock floor appeared beneath the group's feet and a vast cavern formed itself around them.

Red lit his fist like a torch. "Uhh... What the heck just happened?"

"Scene change," Little Red answered.

7/3/2012 #99
Rosie McDonald

"Where the heck are we this time?" Beth asked. She noticed that Johnny had gotten the web off his mouth; she crossed her arms annoyed.

7/3/2012 #100

((It twas. xD but it sorta died. one of my friends has gotten really busy lately so we're stuck Dx which is why I'm here!))

Switchup glared at the girl, protesting furiously, "Well, I wasn't 'snooping'! If you had taken the time to ask, you might have understood that I've been wandering around for a few days now and somehow stumbled upon this place." He crossed his arms, mumbling, "Wasn't my fault." Seeing Red glare at someone, he turned and saw two others. More people. Great. Switchup looked the two over with a glance. Didn't look too annoying. But the boy looked familiar. "Hey! You're the one that got me imprisoned!"

((hope you don't mind that -.-" needed a reason for him to acknowledge Johnny))

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((gtg to bed sorry my post is a bit delayed -.-" you guys post really fast, i can't keep up Dx, but sorry again -.-" i can just delete it tomorrow - still on mobile so cant edit))
7/3/2012 #102
Silena River

((No problem, Twas. Just post at your own speed. We'll wait up for ya. bI'm playing Minecraft and posting right now, so you can see that I multi-task. :p

Night, man!))

Red noticed as well that Johnny's gag had been removed and groaned. "Great. Another bout of verbal sparring," he muttered to himself.

7/3/2012 #103
Rosie McDonald

"Seriously,where are we?" Beth asked once more.

Johnny smiled,but was too busy planning to say anything.

7/3/2012 #104

((Thanks -.- I was on my itouch so it's a bit harder for me to post. My thumbs can only move so fast Dx but thanks :D))

Switchup crossed his arms, glancing around the new area. A training simulator... "I'm assuming this is a cave." He said not to anyone in particular. However, that boy that had been gagged... he sure did have a creepy smile on his face. "And you are?" Switchup motioned to the girl and the creepy guy.

7/4/2012 #105
Rosie McDonald

"I am Beth." said answering Switchup.

Johnny chuckled,"I'm Johnny,seems like you did not enjoy imprisoning you,as you call it."

7/4/2012 #106
Silena River

Little Red stepped forward to intervene and gave her intern a hard glare. "You will toe the line or be fired, young man," she growled threateningly.

Red chuckled and held his flaming fist higher to better see the events unfolding. With a swift flick of his wrist, the flame coming from his palm grew. "I'll help ya rough 'im up if you want, LR. It'd be my pleasure..." A malicious grin crept onto Red's face and was lit by the flickering light from his torch-like hand.

7/4/2012 . Edited 7/4/2012 #107
Rosie McDonald

Johnny grunted and walked to the the toe line. Beth snickered enjoying Johnny's obediance.,"Ok,what are we going to be doing in this one?"

7/4/2012 #108

Switchup nodded at the girl, before switching his glare onto Johnny. "No. I didn't." He said crossly. The holding cells weren't quite... pleasant. Not wanting to exchange conversation with the annoying assistant, Switchup turned around to glance around the cave. "Do we have to find our way out of here or something?"

7/5/2012 #109
Rosie McDonald
"Most likely,"James answered stepping up to Switchup,"Oh,I am James."
7/5/2012 #110

Switchup nodded at the third boy, now having met everyone. Red, Little Red, Beth, Johnny and James. He could remember that. He turned away to glance down the dark cave. You couldn't see much since Red's fire was the only thing illuminating the dark cavern.

7/5/2012 #111
Rosie McDonald

"Hey,why would they want to capture you anyway......unless of course you were a mutant." James asked knowing that he was,but wanting to hear it from him.

7/5/2012 . Edited 7/5/2012 #112

Switchup smirked a little, morphing into a ten year-old with black hair and blue eyes. "Unless of course you were a mutant." He mimicked James, still smirking. He morphed back to his usual blonde, blue-eyed self and grinned arrogantly. "What about you?" He said, still using James' voice. Switchup cleared his throat and then asked again, normally, "What about you? Aren't you a little young to be running around?"

(Yeah no problem! :D)

7/5/2012 . Edited 7/5/2012 #113
Rosie McDonald

(hey,I meant James,can you edit that?)

7/5/2012 #114
Rosie McDonald

James smiled and started to make Swicthup float,"Well I have telekinesis, illusions,and I can sense people with powers,I knew you had one. I just wanted to know what."

7/5/2012 #115
"Whoa," Switchup saw the ground move away from him and realized he was now floating. "Wha-" Then James said he had telekenesis... Oh. Switchup's expression of fear disappeared as quickly as it came. "That would explain why you're here and not with your parents. How old are you anyways? Eight?" He raised his eyebrows at the young kid, still floating.
7/5/2012 #116
Rosie McDonald

"Ten,thankyou very much." James said crossing his arms.

7/5/2012 #117
Switchup rolled his eyes. "Pardon me. Ten." He never got why little kids cared so much about their age. Wasn't really a big deal. "You sure it's not an illusion?"
7/5/2012 #118
Rosie McDonald

"You know that didn't make much sense,besides I can make an illusion and you probably would think it was real." James said smiling.

7/5/2012 #119
Switchup crosse his arms, mimicking James. "Make sense? A ten year-old with telekensis on his own doesn't make sense." He said back and smirked. "Really? Prove it."
7/5/2012 #120
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