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We roleplay mutants like the X-men! We also happen to be needing/hoping for more people to join...just saying...
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((o. sorry. -.-" my bad. goes to show what one word can do. my bad.)) Switchup shrugged. "I know she didn't like me but I don't think she's that mean either." He bit his lip. "I don't even know where James is." ((how much does this memory wipe include?))
7/16/2012 #211
Rosie McDonald

(How much do you want it to include? You have already passed how much i thought,but whatever......I am just a bystander right now.)

7/16/2012 #212
Silena River

"Well, you should go to the infirmiry," Red stated firmly. "I'll go look for Beth."

7/17/2012 #213
Rosie McDonald
Meanwhile,Johnny walked down the hallway thinking of a way he could ditch Soka.
7/17/2012 #214
Silena River

Soka followed closely behind. "You'll never ditch me," she stated loudly, almost as if she'd read Johnny's mind. Feeling a powerful annoyance radiating from Johnny, she added, "Just sayin'."

7/17/2012 #215
Rosie McDonald
"Uhuh......"Johnny saw the Men's restroom,"Hey,I need to go to the restroom."
7/17/2012 #216
Silena River

Soka rolled her eyes. "Just be quick about it...and no funny business!" She stood guard outside the door, arms crossed and a scowl of half embarrasment, half annoyance upon her face.

7/17/2012 #217
Rosie McDonald
Johnny looked around the bathroom to make sure no one was there then he opened a secret door and ran down the hallway to his room. He entered his lab and started getting a white poison out of Beth.
7/17/2012 #218
Silena River

Soka, having waited for quite a while, knocked on the door and called, "Johnny? You've been awhile... No one takes that long to pee." She waited for an answer.

7/17/2012 #219
Rosie McDonald
Johnny botttle the poison and put a spray top on the bottle.(Please do a long post)
7/17/2012 #220
Silena River

((mNEH. In a little while; I'm playing MINECRAFT.(; Teehee.))

7/17/2012 #221
Rosie McDonald

(It seems that the words "little while" have been lost on you)

7/18/2012 #222
Silena River

((Whatever. I've got my own life. And why am I the one who has to do the long post? You're quite capable. Grrr...

Sorry. Had to rant. I was Peeved.))

Soka put her ear to the door. "He'd better be in there," she muttered to herself. An intern passed by, a confused expression on his face. Soka's turned a bright cherry red. "I'm guarding someone...uh...and he hasn't come out yet... It's been like fifteen minutes," she stuttered.

"Yeah...okay," the intern replied, thinking that this girl with the boomerang was quite odd. Shaking his head, he walked away.

Soka face-palmed, producing a loud smacking noise. She closed her eyes and sighed heavily.


Red exited Little Red's office, stunned. She had just revealed an astounding piece of information that he had not forseen. He shook his head slowly, feet guiding him down a hallway. His eyebrows creased as he came to a halt outside the men's restroom only to find Soka, arms crossed, head bowed, and leaning against the wall next to the door. "Uh, hi?"

Soka looked up, startled. When she saw that it was Red, she relaxed a bit. "'s just you."

Eyebrow raised, Red asked, "Would you mind telling me why you're camped outside the men's restroom when you're supposed to be on the tail of that snake Johnny?"

"Oh! W-well, he had entered the restroom...then kinda went silent. I didn't want to go into the men's restroom. Those stink!"

Red pursed his lips. "Well, thanks."

Soka's face flared red again. "I didn't mean.... Ah, nevermind." She slumped against the wall. "Could you check for me? I-inside the restroom, I mean."

Red shrugged and pushed open the door. "Sure. But hold your nose. It stinks in here." With a playful grin, he stepped inside.

Soka buried her face in her hands, deathly embarrased.

7/18/2012 #223
Rosie McDonald

(Hah,poor Soka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Johnny took a orange poison and started altering it so that it could be used on Beth. He smiled as he poured the toxic liquid into droppers.

7/18/2012 #224
Silena River

((Baha. Totally. I'll do my return post sometime after lunch. But if I don't, it'll be tomorrow. Going to a sleepover today/tomorrow. Woot. Woot.))

7/18/2012 #225
Rosie McDonald

(Why was Red in Little Red's office? I mean he just left to look for Beth,I don't think all those people would be aloud to just waltz into her office and she couldn't have revealed anything with Switchup still in there,so....I am confused.)

7/18/2012 #226
Silena River

(( -_- Red had said that he was gonna go looking for Johnny...but I never wrote anything about him leaving LR's office. So technically, he was still there, but had to finish up some business. Let's just assume Switchup's been taken to the infirmiry by an unpaid intern...named KYLE!. :p Bwahaha.))

Red, inside the men's restroom, began pounding on the tile panels of the walls with the flat of his fist. "If it worked on Scooby Doo, it's gotta work here," he muttered to himself.

Soka cocked her head and furrowed her eyebrows. "Why did I just hear Scooby Doo?"

The teen had worked himself into a corner and gave a final loud smack on the last uncheck panel. Like clockwork, the large panel slid forward and to the right, exposing a secret tunnel. "Great. I get to crawl on my knees for a mile," Red mumbled sarcastically. Sighing, he lowered himself onto his hands and knees and crawled through the hole. A few seconds later, the panel slid back to its place in the wall. "Just wonderful!"


A few minutes later Red came to a dead end. On a hunch he punched the wall in front of him and, as he had predicted, swung open. "Aha!" he exclaimed as he pulled himself out of the tunnel, startling the maid who was vacuuming the carpet a few feet away. "Sorry, ma'am! Do you know where Johnny Ray's quarters might be?"

The woman, still flustered, pointed a gently trembling hand at the door at the end of the hallway.

"Thanks!" Red dropped into a crouch and proceeded down the hall, chanting the Mission Impossible theme song under his breath.

7/19/2012 #227
Rosie McDonald

Johnny got ready to drop the orange poison into Beth's gunshot wound.(Sorry for the suckish post,I couldn't come up with anything else!)

(ok,this is me trying to make this post better.)

Johnny checked Beth's heart monitor and her heart beat shot up,"What the heck?" Johnny asked himself.

Beth was having a flashback.......

The air was filled with a smoggy mist,Beth looked around confused about where she was,"DAD!!!!!" Beth shouted. There had been a attack on their city. There was a war going on,a secret war between the mutants,and Beth's father was one of the top generals.

"DAD!!!! Where are you?" Beth shouted. The streets were empty,and there didn't seem to be anyone there.

A man came out of the shadow and grabbed Beth.

"Let go of me!" Beth yelled. She flipped over the man using her webs to land safely.

"Now,now,little girl I just wanted to help you find your father." The man said.

"I can find him by myself." Beth said turning and running away.

Beth searched the whole city,but couldn't find her dad.

She found a park bench,sat down,and started to cry..........

(Selina,I hope this is a better post for you,Twas and I were talking and i relized that we had no idea what Beth's backstory was so,here it is!!!!!!!!! Tada!!!!!!!!!!!)

7/19/2012 . Edited 7/20/2012 #228
Silena River

((I don't have time for another long post...leaving in two minutes! Well, I'll post this evening, I think.))

7/20/2012 #229
Rosie McDonald

(Ok......well I shall have to wait then......)

7/20/2012 #230
Silena River

((YES YOU SHALL. Sorry, Caps Lock!))

7/20/2012 #231
Rosie McDonald

(CAPS ARE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!)

7/20/2012 #232
Silena River

((Yeah, that was a suckish post earlier. And you didn't get my whole unpaid-intern-named-KYLE thing! Grrr.))

7/20/2012 #233
Rosie McDonald

(Ummm,I got it,I just didn't respond to it)

7/20/2012 #234
Silena River

((Oh. :p ))

7/20/2012 #235
Rosie McDonald

(Hey,didn't you say two minutes,it has been half a hour......)

7/20/2012 #236
Silena River

((So the Wingos were later than I thought. Whatever.))

7/20/2012 #237
Rosie McDonald


7/20/2012 #238
The first thing he woke up to was white. "Ugh, must've fallen asleep..." Switchup ran his hand through unfamiliar hair. "Huh?" He said in confusion. The mutant stood up and glanced into a nearby mirror. A strange face stared back at him. "Whoa!" He flinched at the pink eyed, black haired person in the reflection. Sighing, he shifted back to his normal blonde hair and blue eyes. Sometimes when he went to sleep, Switchup lost control of his power. He had woken up to find that he was a short girl with a mustache before. Muttering grumplily to himself, he left the room, seeing as he didn't know why he was there in the first place. Switchup tried to remember what had happened before he woke up... and it hit him. "Red!" He shouted, dashing down the hall. ((Let's say that while he was in the infirmary, his memory came back to him. That cool?))
7/20/2012 #239
Rosie McDonald

(He won't be able to find Red,so how about he goes and looks for James,to see if he is OK or not.)

7/20/2012 #240
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