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Just to make everyone understand, You attack somehow along the lines of, Drawing the weapon, aiming, And firing it. And any other things one might need, Ie: A cannon, Instead of Drawing you must load it instead. Also, Your weapons are not all Snipers, You cannot shoot someone in the Head from 500 Yards away with a Revolver, Ya got that? Good. An example of attacking would be something like, *I draw my .357, Aim for Person2's Kneecap and fire.*, You don't have to use *'s Btw, You can go: John Drew his .357, And, aiming for Person2's Knee, he fired. You also don't need Italics, That's just for Emphasis so you can see what's an action and what's not.

Also, You don't have 5,000 Bullets, You have to reload after So-and-so shots

And last, but not least, Don't go around Shooting everyone! That's how the movies might make it seem, And sometimes Bandits did attack towns, But they didn't shoot people every Five seconds, okay? Good.

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