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Here lies the middle of the town, Nothing much of note other then a few people gathered around the saloon.

5/22/2012 #1

Even in the midst of the night, the saloons' lights were on and music and laughter could occasionally be heard, if one ventured near enough.

5/22/2012 #2
Cool Monsters

Frank passes this area on his way to the saloon.

5/24/2012 #3
Graceful Reaper

Maxine, too, passed this area as she followed him.

5/26/2012 #4
Cool Monsters

"Sure is a quiet place," Frank says, looking around.

5/26/2012 #5

John walked by, looking around, Having nothing much else to do, He headed for the Saloon.

6/3/2012 #6

John Came out of the saloon, Black Eye Bill fallowing him. They talked hushedly about something for awhile before John and Bill got on their horses and rode off toward Johns' house.

6/3/2012 #7
Cool Monsters

Frank decides there's definitely something strange going on. He gets his horse then heads in the direction they traveled in, moving slowly since he doesn't want them to see him. He stops when he can just see Frank's house in the distance, ties up his horse, and starts slowly towards the house, intending to make a run for it if they notice him.

6/3/2012 #8

The Lights are on inside, Dim, but on, And the two horses are tied up outside the door. (Move to Johns' House on the hill.)

6/3/2012 #9
Cool Monsters

Frank ties up his horse and walks back towards the saloon. He passes Bill's horse, giving it a quick once over.

6/3/2012 #10
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