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ESP Academy, a place where Espers, people with the abilities that can bend time and space to their will, is offered a more advanced curriculum. So, to all of you Esper's, feel free to enroll and get our diplomatic immunity just by enrolling!
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A fairly decent classroom for fairly decent students. Usually, kids who got straight A's in regular school are placed into here.

5/12/2012 #1

Class two filed in the classroom, all talking noisily. At the bell, the teacher walked in with a slightly nicer attitude than normal. "Please, settle down. Today we have a new student, Somnia Nova. Somnia, come here please."

A tall, pretty girl who looked like a model walked up to the teacher. She was extremely cute and looked like a doll. "My name is Somnia Nova. It's an honor to work with you all!"

"Questions?" The teacher asked.

6/26/2012 #2

Zero noticed the new girl, "A new student this late into the year?"

6/26/2012 #3

(I guess I'm modding the teacher! Cool!)

"No, we just, um, found out about her recently." To her side, Somnia nodded her head like an eager puppy.

6/26/2012 #4

"I see," said Zero.

6/26/2012 #5

(Activate! Cliché!)

"Okay, then. Somnia, go sit next to Zero."

Somnia skipped over to her seat, and swung her feet as she sat. She turned to Zero. "I'm Somnia Nova, nice to meet you!"

6/26/2012 #6

"Zero Tyler," he said, "Nice to meet you too."

6/26/2012 #7

Somnia giggled politely before turning to introduce herself to another ten people.

*Time Skip, End of class!*

The bell rang for lunch, and students filed out of the classroom. Somnia turned to Zero. "Do you mind if I have lunch with you?" She asked ,blushing.

6/26/2012 #8

"I don't mind," he said.

6/26/2012 #9

"Okay! Thanks!" And she walked to lunch to Zero, smiling at everyone she saw.

6/26/2012 #10

Zero bought a lunch when they got to the lunchroom.

6/26/2012 #11

Somnia did the same, sitting with Zero. "So, Zero. How long have you been at this school?" She asked, trying to make conversation.

6/26/2012 #12

"This is my second year. What's your power?"

6/26/2012 #13

"Speed." She blushed lightly. "I can move 30x faster than normal things. Say, you running four meters and me running a mile is a fair race."

6/26/2012 #14

"Me, I can predict things are going to happen before they happen, just by the slightest of movements."

6/26/2012 #15

"Really?" Somnia asked. She took deep breaths calming herself.

6/26/2012 #16

"Your nervous about something," said Zero, using his ability.

6/26/2012 #17

She looked back at him. "Almost. Not quite. But I'll have to say it was fairly close."

6/26/2012 #18

"What is it, then?" asked Zero.

6/27/2012 #19

"Sure, I am nervous about showing you my power, but I was preparing to do it. I was going to do this-" And with that, there was a blur, and she was taking a bite of Zero's sandwich.

6/27/2012 #20

"...You know I have a habit of spitting on my sandwich so no one takes it, right?"

(Had to do it.)

6/27/2012 #21

Somnia froze half-chew, and spit it out on to her napkin. "Ew! Gross! That is completely unsanitary!" She handed it back to Zero, but not before ripping the bread in her fingers.

6/27/2012 #22

"I told you I do it so no one will take my lunch."

6/28/2012 #23

"I give up on life." Somnia drawled, collapsing her head in her hands.

6/28/2012 #24

"Your lucky I'm not sick," said Zero.

6/28/2012 #25

When Somnia brought her head up, she had a flicker of a tear in her eye, but it left quickly. "You're lucky I don't smack you upside the head."

6/28/2012 . Edited 7/1/2012 #26

"Go ahead," said Zero. He was ready to dodge. No matter how fast she was, he could still block or dodge her attack.

6/29/2012 #27

"I could, but I won't, so be quiet and eat your lunch." She snapped, then turned around and did a 180 flip with her personality. Smiling, she waved at people who were watching them.

6/29/2012 #28

Zero wasn't surprised by her 180 personality flip. It was regular for girls her age to do that kind of stuff.

6/29/2012 #29

"Anyways." She smiled, turning back to him. "What are you doing after classes today?"

6/29/2012 #30
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