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ESP Academy, a place where Espers, people with the abilities that can bend time and space to their will, is offered a more advanced curriculum. So, to all of you Esper's, feel free to enroll and get our diplomatic immunity just by enrolling!
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"Was going to head to the courtyard to see what's happening."

6/29/2012 #31

"Oh. Do you mind if I come with you?" She asked politely.


6/29/2012 #32


"If you want," said Zero. The bell rang, signalling the end of lunch and the start of afternoon classes.

6/29/2012 #33

(That's what she said......)

After class, Somnia followed Zero outside. "So, what are we looking for, again?"

6/29/2012 #34

Zero sighed, "You didn't read the brochure, did you?"

6/29/2012 #35

"Eh? No. Why would I? This is a school for special kids, and that's all I need to know." She said matter-of-factly.

6/29/2012 #36

"The courtyard is the only place on the island where people are allowed to fight using their psychic powers," said Zero. He opened the doors to go outside.

(To the courtyard topic.)

6/29/2012 #37

Somnia read the note. She looked around her, and the other girls were giggling, some thinking that the note was a love-confession. Stupid Idiots. Somnia thought, her smile fading for a moment. Then she scribbled her reply in what looked like dainty cursive, and gave it to Zero. "I'm sorry, Zero." She cooed. The paper read in jagged, messy handwriting,

So, what are YOU going to do about it? Just because you can tell I'm lying Doesn't mean the other idiots can. I'm convincing, and that's all that matters.

7/1/2012 #38

I'm just concerned about your well being. Accelerator is mad at you, and if he puts a finger in one of your wounds, he can reverse your blood flow. That will kill you instantly.

7/1/2012 #39

Somnia folded up the note, smiling. She looked at Zero, smiling fakely."Well, that's lovely, isn't it? I guess I'll have to run away, won't I?" She turned away, but folded up a paper to make it look like a frog. She jumped it over to him, the note saying Well then, I'll just have to fight back with everything in my power.

7/1/2012 #40

If you want to die, go ahead. He wrote back.

7/1/2012 #41

I don't want to die, but at this point I guess it's unavoidable. She replied back, shrugging.

7/1/2012 #42

Don't sacrifice yourself to make a point.

7/1/2012 #43

"I'm not trying to." She whispered. And with that, the bell rung, and Somnia left, limping and m*** with ten girls helping her.

7/1/2012 #44

Zero sighed and followed.


Accelerator sat at a table, eating his lunch.

7/1/2012 #45

(How about a lunchroom Topic. Yes, no, maybe?)

7/1/2012 #46

All of a sudden, there was a big commotion by the door. A sea of girls walked in, all seemingly protecting something. They moved together, and sat down at the lunchtable in the center of the room. Somnia stepped forwards from the center of the group, m*** and whimpering. She had on a large shoulder brace on from where Accelerator's boulder had scraped her. It was a fair cut, but the shoulder cast was more than dramatic.

She sat down, and the large number of girls surrounding her left to get their lunches. Somnia around the room, and smirked when she spotted Accelerator.

7/1/2012 #47

Accelerator wrote something on a paper airplane, and threw it at Somnia, being boosted by his ability. It said: Playing the sympathy act eh? See if I care if the entire school hates me, I'll kill you anyways.

7/2/2012 #48

Somnia scribbled a reply on the back of the paper, and there was a blur, and Somnia was again sitting at the table, her momentary absence unnoticed. She had left the note by Accelerator saying. You have witnessed my awesome power, and it wouldn't be nice to kill me. I don't ask for those girls to horde me, it just happens. Also, CATCH ME IF YOU CAN!

7/2/2012 #49

Accelerator smirked. Two can play at the speed game. I can change the vectors on my feet to make me faster then hell. He threw it back at her.

7/2/2012 #50

"CHEATER!" She sang out loud, but a group of girls were playing tic-tac-toe, so it went unnoticed.

7/2/2012 #51

Accelerator growled. He would not stoop to her level.

7/2/2012 #52

"That was fun." Somnia said nonchalantly a they walked through the door.

9/7/2012 #53

Zero sat down, "Yeah...She wasn't too bad of a fighter."

9/7/2012 #54

"Too bad? She was AMAZING!"

(GTG See you later!)

9/7/2012 #55

"She would have lost if I hadn't gotten cocky."


9/7/2012 #56

(Hello again!)

"She would have won in 5 seconds if she had known your esper beforehand. She knows Accelerator's, so no problemo."

9/7/2012 #57

"Its obvious this argument is gonig nowhere..."

9/8/2012 #58

"But this isn't an argument."

9/8/2012 #59

Zero was about to say something when the teacher walked in. He passed her a note'

Are you honestly afraid of Accelerator?

9/8/2012 #60
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