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ESP Academy, a place where Espers, people with the abilities that can bend time and space to their will, is offered a more advanced curriculum. So, to all of you Esper's, feel free to enroll and get our diplomatic immunity just by enrolling!
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"Yeah. I want to be killed." Somnia taunted.

(Hehe. Provoking hehehehe........)

7/1/2012 #31

"Well then," said Accelerator, "Let me grant you your wish!" He walked over to a boulder and rested his foot on it. He spun around and kicked it at her. It moved at her as fast as a meteor.

7/1/2012 #32

Quickly, she leapt out of the way, avoiding the boulder. She turned around to see the boulder crashing into the building. "Ow." She looked at her shoulder to see a bloody scrape. "Lovely."

Everyone was watching the scene. She quickly fell to the ground. "Ow! Ow! Owie!" She cried fake tears, earning pity from all the onlookers.

(Sorry if this is a bit Mary-Sue ish. I tried to write it many ways, and this was the best one. Better than the first, at least.......)

7/1/2012 . Edited 7/1/2012 #33

Accelerator gave her a w** look, and walked away.

7/1/2012 #34

(Timey-Timey TimeSkip!)

The next day, Somnia dramatically limped into class, helped by about five girls, with an over-sized bandage. She carefully lowered herself into herself into her seat next to Zero, whimpering.

7/1/2012 #35

He passed her a note, "I know your faking."

7/1/2012 #36

(To classroom B)

7/1/2012 #37

Somnia stood alone in the courtyard, eying everybody there. Who could help them, who she could possibly trust with the plan to humiliate Accelerator...........

7/4/2012 . Edited 7/4/2012 #38

(Uh, Zero?)

7/4/2012 #39

(Meh. Fixed it.)

7/4/2012 #40

Accelerator had killed another kid, with lightning.

7/4/2012 #41

Somnia sighed, and glared at Accelerator. Then, a girl walked in. She fought for awhile, and Somnia noticed her powers were exactly like what Zero had said. She didn't kill anybody, but could have, if she wanted to.

7/4/2012 #42

Zero walked up to Somnia, "That's her."

7/4/2012 #43

Somnia grimmaced. "Really? It's going to be very hard to convince her to fight with us."


From across the room, Lucritia could feel an intense gaze. She sharply turned her head and saw to kids whispering and pointing at her. Curious, she walked over to them, cocking her head, and prowling, making her look very much like an owl-horse.

7/4/2012 #44

"...She's standing right behind you..." said Zero.

7/4/2012 #45

"What? Who?" Somnia asked, clueless. Betraying her personality.

"I am." Came a woman's voice that made both Zero and Somnia jump.

7/4/2012 . Edited 7/4/2012 #46

"Hey, Lucritia."

(Gonna act like he knows her.)

7/4/2012 #47

"Hello, Zero? Was it?" She smiled, but it did not reach her eyes. "I saw you two talking about something in hushed voices, and I thought 'Hm! I wonder just what it is they are talking about so secretly! I would love to know!'". She said in a creepily mocking happy voice. "So, pray do tell me. What is it exactly you two were conversing about?"

7/4/2012 #48

Zero sighed, "She wants to overthrow Accelerator and we're going to need your help."

7/4/2012 #49

Lucritia smiled. "Well, I like this one!" She said to an imaginary audience. "Get's straight to the point! Anyways!" She turned to Zero and Somnia, gazing intently into their eyes. "Why should I help you?"


Somnia smiled. "Well, I don't like him, he doesn't like him the kids he killed doesn't like him, and you-"


"Yeah, I hate him."

7/4/2012 #50

Zero sighed, "What is it going to take for me to get you to help."

(Bet you anything Zero's going to fall in love with one of them.)

7/4/2012 #51

(Yesh. I was thinking the same thing. There shall be many ships.....hehehehe.........)

"Oh. Hm? I dunno? Maybe TRUST." Lucritia sighed. "You honestly can't expect me to help you kill anybody without any knowledge of the other person." She said, as if explaining to a young kid.

(I was thinkin' Somnia/Accelerator for sure, maybe? Or Zero/Somnia. Or Lucritia/Accelerator. Or Somnia/Lucritia. I just don't think Zero and Accelerator would like each other much. Maybe.)

7/4/2012 #52

(Hell to the NO! I am not into that! I agree with Accelerator/Somnia and Zero/Lucritia, possibly Somina/Lucritia because I like crap like that but it is unlikely.)

"I've heard that you get to know a person better when you fight them..." said Zero, he pointed at Lucritia "I challenge you to a fight!"

7/4/2012 #53


Lucritia smirked. "Get ready, you are dealing with a 980 Esper, here." She strutted up to the gray rectangle.

(PIKACHU, I CHOOSE YOU! No, jk, jk.)

"Ready?" Lucritia asked.

(Why am I reminded so strongly of pokémon right here?)

7/4/2012 #54

( )

Zero cracked his knuckles, "I'm not scared..."

7/4/2012 #55


Somnia smiled. She ran at him, and threw a punch at him.

(I need to go eat my din-din. See you in a few! [Hey, that rhymes!])

7/4/2012 #56

(See ya in a few...See what I did there? ...Damn it...)

Zero saw this coming due to his ability. He jumped back and countered with a haymaker.

7/4/2012 #57

(What the hell is a haymaker? O.o)

Lucritia stepped back, momentarily shocked by his attack. She still hadn't recognized his ability, and she needed to before using her powers on him.

7/4/2012 #58

(A punch thrown with all your might.) Zero stepped back, monitoring Lucritia.

7/4/2012 #59

(Oh. Okay.)

Lucritia prepared a roundhouse kick, but before she even stood her stance, she saw Zero ready to defend himself. Lucritia had a tiny inkling of his powers. Mind reading? Extensive knowledge of before and after? Ability to read the future? However, none of these ideas seemed to fit, so Lucritia simply pushed him, but had difficulty doing so, seeing as how Zero already blocked himself.

7/4/2012 #60
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