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ESP Academy, a place where Espers, people with the abilities that can bend time and space to their will, is offered a more advanced curriculum. So, to all of you Esper's, feel free to enroll and get our diplomatic immunity just by enrolling!
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Zero had thrown a kick to sweep Lucritia's legs out from underneath her.

7/4/2012 #61

Lucretia fell to the floor with a thud. She looked up at Zero, fire burning in her eyes. Yes, he must be able to tell the future. She went up to him, ready to punch, and in the moment he blocked himdelf, she thought frantically Abillity to tell the future! It wasn't quite right, however, so his attacks were only merely brushed. "Damn." Lucretia breathed.

7/4/2012 #62

"Having trouble?" asked Zero, throwing a punch. She blocked his fist with her face.

(Internet picture I saw. Can't find it. Very funny.)

7/4/2012 #63


"What. Is. Your. Esper?"

7/4/2012 #64

"I'll tell you after we're done," said Zero. He stepped back, ready for some more attacks.

7/4/2012 #65

(She's gonna' loose, isn't she?)

Lucritia sighed. She had used all her logic. Maybe? Wait. I know. She smiled, and waited for an attack.

7/4/2012 #66

(Let's have her barely come out winner.)

"I forgot how fun it is to fight..." said Zero. He circled Lucritia.

7/4/2012 #67

Lucritia smiled. She began to circle Zero as well. "I wouldn't act so cocky if I were you; it's not over yet."

7/4/2012 #68

"Then come on then," said Zero, smirking. He needed her to attack first, as this was his best attack method.

7/4/2012 #69

"I'm waiting." Lucretia taunted, crossing her arms and checking an imaginary watch.

7/4/2012 #70

'Time to switch up the fighting tactic,' thought Zero, he ran to attack Lucretia.

7/4/2012 #71

Lucritia sidestepped, and kicked him in the back, making him fall to the ground, before he could register what she would do. She grabbed his hands behind his back and held him tightly. The ability to tell what is going to happen before it does. Lucretia prayed.

7/4/2012 #72

Zero used his legs to bring Lucretia down with him.

7/4/2012 #73


"Ugh!" She yelled, and pulled him in a fish-hook, but not attacking. They were both on the floor, and Lucretia had barely won.

7/4/2012 #74

"Alright, you win," he said.

7/4/2012 #75

"Alright!" She said, falling to the floor, laughing. She continued to laugh hysterically until tears came out of her eyes. "That was fun. Really fun. Thank you, Zero." She said, extending an arm to him.

7/4/2012 #76

Zero pulled her up, "You seemed to have figured out my ability."

7/4/2012 #77

"And just in time!" She joked. She seemed to be high from the fight. "Anyways, Don't worry. I do know Accelerator's ability, so that won't be a problem."

7/4/2012 #78

"...We all know Accelerator's ability...." said Zero.

7/4/2012 #79

She suddenly turned solemn again. "I know, I was just just mentioning in case you had doubts." And she left.

7/4/2012 #80

Zero shrugged and returned to Somnia.

7/4/2012 #81

(SOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSO SORRY! I lost this forum in my expansive email folder! You must forgive me!)

"Well, that was something." Somnia stuttered, eyes still dilated in shock.

8/29/2012 #82

(I do. I forgot this myself.)

"What?" Zero asked.

9/4/2012 #83

"That purple lion jumping over the moon." Somnia said. "No, the fight."

9/4/2012 #84

"Oh. Yeah, I always use my power in a defensive way. She seemed to have found that out after I always let her attack first."

9/5/2012 #85

"I see." Somnia said inquisitively. "Let's get back to class, shall we?"

9/7/2012 #86


9/7/2012 #87

(To hallway or classroom?)

9/7/2012 #88


9/7/2012 #89
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