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It's Broadway! A musical is being made, and the show needs-you! Journey, and land a role on Broadway anywhere from Chorus, to, well the main role! Beat the competition, take a break for drama, and be the best! NOW ACCEPTING OC's.
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If the musical being done is an original, well, this is the discussion topic! We can either discuss it, but I'll set up a form anyways! 9You don't have to follow it!)

RP number: (We only have one right now!)





Musical or play:

Other: (I can't think of right now)

6/6/2012 . Edited 7/19/2012 #1

Okay, I was wondering, what year is this in? It would affect the musical or play...

6/17/2012 #2

Hm. It's probably 2012. Unless you guys want it different.

6/17/2012 #3
Little Miss StormCloud

na I would keep it 2012

6/19/2012 #4

Yes, so, do you want to make a show based off a person, a time, or what? I mean, we could so a WWII play, a Greek gØd thing, you know, the possibilities are litteraly endless.

6/19/2012 #5
Little Miss StormCloud

This is hard...

7/14/2012 #6

Well, we could do an already existing musical!

7/15/2012 #7
Little Miss StormCloud

mmmmmmm we could do Wicked, or Phantom of the opera.

7/15/2012 #8

Wicked would be good! I know it really, really well. I live in San Francisco, and it was here for about a year! I'm sorry to admit that I don't know Phantom well....But we could still do it! I know it, I'm just not super-familiar with it.

So, Wicked. That's one. Some others I think may be doable are: Anything Goes, Young Frankenstein, Hairspray, Chicago, Gypsy, Fame, Grease, Le Mis, Mamma Mia, Peter Pan, Rent, SWEENEY TODDEH, and West Side Story. These are (obviously) a very, very small portion of musicals, but, I think the musical we do should be well-known, and have at least two female leads.

Any ideas? What do you like/not like?

7/15/2012 #9
Little Miss StormCloud

The ones I now well are Phantom of the Opera, Hairspray, and Grease. I saw all three of them as movies though. Sweeney Todd scares me. I've seen young frankenstein I've never seen a musical version though.

7/15/2012 #10

So, possible musicals are Wicked, Phantom, Hairspray, and Grease. Of those, I think the best choices would be Wicked, or Grease. Possibly Phantom. I just don't think our OC's are gonna' put on fat suits.

7/16/2012 #11
Little Miss StormCloud

Probably not.

I like Grease and Phantom and I don't know much about Wicked though. So you would have to clue me in on that.

7/16/2012 #12

Well, I dunno Phantom well, so Grease?

7/16/2012 #13

I'm fine with Grease. It was actually one of the first musicals that I ever knew the whole soundtrack to.

7/16/2012 #14

Grease. We need RoseSpell's permission. Then, we get started!!!!!!

Also, we need more OC's. We need directors, writers, boyfriends, and such. We have enough female actors. Just anyone up for making director/anything else OC's?

7/16/2012 #15

I've never seen Grease, and don't know too much about it, but I'd be fine with that.

7/17/2012 #16

I would be fine with making a few extra OC's. I think I would be alright with doing a writer, or musical director, and I could make up a male actor as well.

7/17/2012 #17


Also, are any of your OC's willing to cheat on someone? we need drama.

Also, we don't HAVE to do Grease. Also, we're not doing every bit. It's gonna' be like the TV show SMASH. Just like, They block the dance, it's beautiful, then the drama afterwards.

7/17/2012 . Edited 7/17/2012 #18

I think with the emotional past that my character has, I'm sure I could work her into some situation where she might cheat... If no one else is willing. If it aids in the drama then I can see where the plot drags her.

7/17/2012 #19

KK. 'cus Celeste has a mighty fine boyfrand who anyone might fancy....

Also, anybody is allowed to make topics. In all honesty, I just made this forum. I have no clue how to run it. So, you guys may DO AS YE PLEASE!

7/17/2012 #20

My character might cheat too...

7/17/2012 #21

Kay! 'Cus we need CHEATERS! Drama. Yes, lots of it! Also, if anybody want to make musical directors, choreographers, stage managers, e.t.c., That would be cool. Then we can start with AUDITIONS!!!!!!! (I guess)

7/17/2012 #22
Little Miss StormCloud

Sorry I really need to start remembering.

But like I said mine is willing to do anything.

8/3/2012 #23

Is RoseSpell here? If not, I'm moving on with the auditions.

8/10/2012 #24

I'm afraid I'll have to withdraw from the roleplay for the present. Best of luck to you.

8/10/2012 #25

I'm sorry. :( Will you ever come back?

8/10/2012 #26

Maybe. I'll try to, anyway :)

8/11/2012 #27

Okay. Come back soon! *Waves away with handkerchief* I love you! Watch out for the big, bad wolf!

8/11/2012 #28
Year Of The Black Dragon
8/11/2012 #29

'Ello! :D

8/11/2012 #30
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