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Somewhere, you see it. A career-changing notice.


A revival of the 1978 musical by Jim Jacobs and Warren Carey (Music), Allan Carr (Writer). Rehearsals begin in October. Casting: *James Woodwall, *Rebecca Albee Casting. 721 Eighth Ave., Ste, 408, NYC 10036. Upcoming Dates: August 18th-21st.

They grab a pen and paper, and jot down the information quickly.


Zero: Say abit about their life. (Living conditions, relationship status, e.t.c.)


The audition is in three stages (callbacks). (I know it's normally, like, seven, but for simplicity's sake. This list explains first, what happens in each callback, then what to do.)

First: is a song. You come into the audition room and audition for the director, choreographer, stage manager, and musical director. You sing a simple song.

Introduce yourself and the song, then sing. (Copy&paste lyrics) Say how they felt about the audition.

Second: is a dance audition. You come into the room with twenty other people your age. You place yourself, then learn a dance combo from the choreographer. You will be dancing in front as the same lot as earlier, but in addition to that, costume and art directors.

Come in with everybody, Place yourself. (Back, middle, front. It is best to place yourself not only in the dead center-and front, but so close to the chorecograper that s/he can see nobody else. Otherwise s/he won't see you.) Say their dance experience, then leave.

Third: is after most everyone has been cut out. (Usually, in the dance audition, only one person makes it. And that doesn't even count for the first.) You do a short dialogue/ scene from Grease with someone, then leave.

Say their thoughts as they act out the scene.

Directors: Reaction to each round of auditions.

Last: Reaction to the email saying they are cast. They will find out more about their parts at the first rehearsal.

7/19/2012 . Edited 8/14/2012 #1

Celeste Halliburton casually flipped through the pages of BackStage, the actor's magizine. She found a few casting calls that she semi-fitted, and jotted them down. One caught her attention. It was for BROADWAY. There would be a revival of Grease! She hurriedly jotted down the entire paragraph, and called the number for an audition date. She ran around her room until she found her laptop. She sat down and googled everything she could on Grease. Four hours later, she had sung every song, and re-watched the movie. Grease wasn't her favorite movie; she didn't like the message, but it was still an amazing musical. Smiling to herself, she began to prepare for her audition.

Celeste lived in an apartment with five other girls, also struggling actresses. She'd come to NY a few months before, after a year of touring. Since then, she'd had small jobs here and there, but nothing too big. She had a lovely boyfriend who she met while touring. She hadn't seen him for weeks, but she still loved him.


Ethan was sitting, talking to a friend, during a rehearsal brake from Phantom on Broadway. He'd been their for a few months, and he had the feeling he was going to leave soon. Suddenly, his phone went off. "One minute." He said, turning to his friend. It was a call from his agent, saying he'd found an audition for another show on Broadway, Grease. "Sounds fair enough. I'll do it."

Ethan lived in his apartment with a friend from college who worked on Wall street. He had a girlfriend in Rent he saw every so often, but that was it.

7/19/2012 . Edited 7/20/2012 #2

Emily Swartz sat calmly at a table in a laundromat, waiting for her clothing to be done in the dryer. She had her feet tucked up under her legs as she rested from a long day at the coffee shop she worked at while not busy acting or auditioning for acting jobs. She had her laptop open in front of her, enjoying a few hours of the free internet that the laundromat provided. After finishing a few emails off to family members, she quickly hopped onto, trying to find any auditions that had been added within the last few days.

Emily quickly found an audition for Grease that was going through a revival on Broadway. Remembering days as a child and singing along to Olivia Newton-John, she quickly put a reminder into her phone on the date and time of the audition, before signing onto to start looking through her past purchases to see if she had anything that she could work on for this audition.

She was quickly interrupted by the buzzer of her dryer going off and she rose to fold her clothing, putting her laptop into her bag and keeping it with her. As she placed all her clothes on an empty table, she sent a quick text to her room mate telling her that she would be there in just a little while and that yes, she would be fine making dinner that night.


Daniel Evans was lounging in his living room, attempting to catch up on some sleep when he heard his phone ringing from the table next to him.

"Hello?" He answered the phone blindly and didn't even put in the effort to properly open his eyes as he greeted the person on the other end. Suddenly his eyes snapped open at something that was said to him, "Grease revival? You really think that is could have a chance with Newsies still being so fresh on Broadway? No, I'm not doubting your skill- No, I don't think that you are unable to do this, but- Fine, Fine! I'll do it." A smile began to grow on his face as he was talked into the new project from his old friend, "Yes, I know that I'm your all time favorite person. When are you holding auditions and whats the venue? Just send me the script, Libretto, and the Score and I'll see you at the auditions. All right, I love you, too. Bye."

Daniel hung up the phone and leaned his head against the back of his sofa, eyes once again closed, only this time with a small grin on his face as he pictured a young John Travolta in a leather jacket.

7/20/2012 #3
Little Miss StormCloud

Hunter Adams sat backstage of the Phantom rehearsal. Her phone started ringing playing,'I wanna go' by Brittany Spears. "Hello?" She said into the phone. "What of course!" She exclaimed. Her manager had just told her that she had an audition for Grease. And she knew shew she would defiantly get Sandy with a Landslide no questions asked. She already had a song picked out.

She grabbed her jacket and walked out of rehearsal after being dismissed. She walked to her one room flat. She had poster of plays plastered to walls or on frames.She sat oon the couch and just smiled to herself as she flipped on the tv.


Chris Rogers sat in one of the seats in the theater. He had just gotten the call that he got to choreograph and was the dance directer for the revival of Grease. He grinned. This meant a step up the ladder. He was psyched!HE stood up and walked home to his two room flat. He threw his stuff on the couch before wondering if his room mate was home yet. He shrugged. He barley saw the girl except for like twice a year.

8/3/2012 #4

Celeste stood outside the audition room. She was on deck. Calming herself, she did some breathing exercises. "Celeste Halliburton!"

She straightened up her skirt and crazy updo, and walked inside the room. She could see four people, and made eye contact with them. She handed them her resumé and headshot.

"Hello, my name is Celeste Halliburton, and I will be singing 'My Strongest Suit' from AIDA."

"Oh now I believe in looking Like my time on earth is cooking Whether polka dotted Striped or even checked With the some glamour guaranteeing Every fiber on of my being Is displayed to quite remarkable effect."

As she sang, Celeste was careful to be sexy, in a sort of cat-like way.

"From your cradle via trousseau To your deathbed you're on view, so Never compromise, accept no substitute I would rather wear a barrel Than conservative apparel For my dress has always been My strongest suit."

At this point, Celeste's singing quickened, and she made sure to be energetic yet sassy.

"Staying in or hitting town wards From the top and working downwards I ensure that every stitch Is stitched in time Whether wig or hat or turban Whether clad boudoir or urban Is stitched in time Not to strut your stuff Outrageously's a crime And the few who are invited Such a crime To my wardrobe are delighted As they wander through my things To find en route That in negligee or formal I am anything but normal For my dress has always been My strongest suit"

As Celeste walked home, she smiled to herself. It had been possibly the best she had ever sung that song! Bursting with happiness, she took a detour, and sang with a few homeless people in the park.

8/10/2012 . Edited 8/10/2012 #5
Year Of The Black Dragon
Janae heard a woman singing in the park and walked up to her "Wow Ms. You can really sing!" She said.
8/11/2012 #6

"Thank you! I just auditioned for something on Broadway, and I'm hoping I'll get in!" Celeste blushed.

8/11/2012 #7
Year Of The Black Dragon
Janae smiled "Really? I have a part time job a one of the stage crew."
8/11/2012 #8

"Really? Then you should ask for Grease, when the time comes, so we can be together!" Celeste joked.

8/11/2012 #9
Year Of The Black Dragon
Janae laughed "Maybe"
8/11/2012 #10

"See you then!" And Celeste skipped off.

8/11/2012 #11
Year Of The Black Dragon
"Chio!" Janae walked away.
8/11/2012 #12
Little Miss StormCloud

Hunter waited patiently tapping her foot to the beat in her head. Her beat Red stilleto's Her hair curled to perfection. She wore something similar to the outfit Sandy wore in the final Scene of Grease. "Hunter Adams." She stood and walked in confidently.

Hunter made no took no time at all handing them her resume and head shot.

"Hi my name's Hunter Adams." Hunter said confidently,"I will be auditioning for the role of Sandy, and I'll be singing I'm Knockin' by Whitney Houston."

Hunter started singing. She looked at the people in charge. She smiled and sat on the table.

"My heart's been right here waiting

For someone to adore Well if it's true, I'm knockin' Come open up the door My heart's been right here waiting For someone to adore Say if it's true In sight we have two choices And it's told me to do or die And every word he speaks makes me certain" Hunter sang and by the and she had gotten of the Table. She rolled her body sexily. As she sang the last few lines. "Cmon, knock on the doorIt will open, I'm knockin' Please open up the door yeah My heart's been right here waiting Someone to adore Ask me what I want Peace of mind Ask me what I don't Waste of (my) time Tell me that it's true And you will find me knockin" After she was dismissed she walked out triumphant. She kept her stride confidently.

8/14/2012 #13
Little Miss StormCloud

(Should Chris be there)

8/14/2012 #14

(Yes. I'm about to finish Ethan's. Say his reactions to everybody?)

8/14/2012 #15
Little Miss StormCloud

Chris sat there after Celeste had left,"She was pretty good." Than an argument was started. Then they Realized they had oher girls.

*A little while later*

Chris watched Hunter's audition. After she was dismissed,"Is out normal for someone to sit on the table?" He asked after being answered,"They started ranking Hunter. So far favor was in those two girls and Chris was excited for the rest of the girls.

8/14/2012 #16

Ethan stood outside the audition room and looked around. He watched as everyone went in. Most of them looked nervous or apprehensive.'They'll see that right away.' Ethan thought. "ETHAN Middleton!"

He took a deep breath and walked in proudly. He wasted no time in handing in his resumé and headshot.

"Hello, my name is Ethan Middleton, and I will be singing 'Grenade' by Bruno Mars." (A/N: I'm a girl. I dunno any songs at the moment -__-)

Easy come, easy go, that's just how you live Oh, take, take, take it all but you never give Should've known you was trouble from the first kiss Had your eyes wide open, why were they open? Gave you all I had and you tossed it in the trash You tossed it in the trash, you did To give me all your love is all I ever asked 'Cause what you don't understand is I'd catch a grenade for ya Throw my hand on a blade for ya I'd jump in front of a train for ya You know I'd do anything for ya I would go through all this pain Take a bullet straight through my brain Yes, I would die for you, baby But you won't do the same

As he sang, Ethan was sure to be a heartthrob and witty. He seemed as mysterious as possible.

8/14/2012 #17
Little Miss StormCloud

Chris watched at least he could dance. He was silent.

8/14/2012 #18

Emily paced slightly in the hallway outside of the audition room. Butterflies fluttered in her stomach as she ran her audition piece through her mind. Finally her nerves got the best of her and she sank into one of the chairs that were lined against the wall. She begins to take deep breaths, attempting to relax her tightening nerves. She sees a man walk from the audition room and she quickly lowers her eyes to the sheets of paper in her hands, worrying over the short length of her resume. Suddenly the door opens once more.

"Emily Swartz."

Emily raised from her seat and walked through the door, taking one last deep breath before pasting a charming smile across her face. She walked across the room and handed her resume and headshot to the director.

"Hello. I'm Emily Swartz and I'll be singing Adelaide's Lament from Guys and Dolls." She kept her greeting simple, not wishing to bore the panel in front of her, knowing that they had seen many people nearly exactly like her during the day. She knew that what they really wanted was to hear her sing so that they could make their decision and see the next person. She walked over to the pianist, handing him her sheet music, receiving the first smile from any of the others in the room. She nodded at him appreciatively and then moved to the center of the room in front of the main panel. She nodded again at the pianist before she closed her eyes as the opening notes of her audition piece floated over her and she slipped into her character, opening her eyes once more.

It says here: The average unmarried female Basically insecure Due to some long frustration may react With psychosomatic symptoms Difficult to endure Affecting the upper resperatory tract.

As she sang, Emily allowed the character to fill her completely and allowed all of her emotions to play out in the song. She paced slightly as her character questioned her whole relationship with the man she has been with for five years.

In other words, just from waiting around for that plain little band of gold A person can develop a cold. You can spray her wherever you figure there's streptococci lurk You can give her a shot for whatever's she's got, but it just won't work If she's tired of getting the fish eye from the hotel clerk A person can develop a cold.

As she sang on, she allowed frustration and resignation to seep into her voice. She still kept her movements close to one spot as she continued her tired song of illness.

It says here: The female remaining single Just in the legal sense Shows a neurotic tendancy, see note: (looks at note Chronic organic symptoms Toxic or hypertense Involving the eye, the ear, the nose, and throat. In other words, just from worrying if the wedding is on or off A person can develop a cough. You can feed her all day with the vitamin A and the bromofizz But the medicine never gets anywhere near where the trouble is. If she's getting a kind of name for herself, and the name ain't his A person can develop a cough. And furthur more, just from stalling, and stalling, And stalling the wedding trip A person can develop la grippe. When they get on that train to Niagara And she can hear church bells chime The compartment is air conditioned And the mood sublime Then they get off at Saratoga for the fourteenth time! A person can develop la grippe, La grippe. La post nasal drip. With the wheezes And the sneezes And a sinus that's really a pip! From a lack of community property And a feeling she's getting to old A person can develop a bad, bad cold!

As she came to the end of her song, Emily felt anger raging through her at her imaginary partner who wouldn't give her the stability she needed. She allowed herself to move about more freely, her arms moving about is grander gestures, her skirt swinging around her as she nearly begged for a cure to her "cold".

After belting out the last note of her song, Emily smiled as she nodded her head slightly in the direction of the panel, thanking them. She walked over to the pianist, who was smiling broadly at her as he handed her back her music. She muttered a quick thank you to him as well, before she walked from the room. After the door closed behind her, she breathed deeply as she allowed her brain to catch up with what she had just done. Another smile spread across her face as she realized that she hadn't made a complete fool of herself. Letting out a relaxing sigh, she quickly left the building, knowing that if she didn't get home soon, she would be late for her next shift at the coffee shop.

8/14/2012 . Edited 8/20/2012 #19


8/15/2012 #20
Year Of The Black Dragon
Janae chilled backstage she didn't need to be here but she just wanted to.
8/16/2012 #21
Little Miss StormCloud

(That was... oh dang)

During the entire audition. Chris watched with interest as this girl filled a questioning role.

8/18/2012 #22
Year Of The Black Dragon
Janae sighed backstage.
8/18/2012 #23

Celeste breathed in deeply, visualizing the dance audition. Slowly, she lowered herself down to stretch.

"ALL DANCERS, PLEASE COME INSIDE." Celeste stood up. She was clam, prepared, and confident. She could do this. She ran to the very front of the group and entered the room first; even in front of the stage manager. Inside, was the choreographer.


8/19/2012 . Edited 8/19/2012 #24
Little Miss StormCloud

(Okay I don't know the name of the dance moves. Can I just call the dance from like a scene from the play?)

Chris watched them all enter waiting for everyone to enter,"Welcome to the dance auditions." He said with a smile.

8/20/2012 #25

(Okay. Or you can just say like "Turn, jump, get over here in a measure and all that. Something or the other.)

Celeste met his eyes and nodded in respect. She quickly set her bags down and went to stand dead center in front of Chris.

8/20/2012 . Edited 8/20/2012 #26
Little Miss StormCloud

"You've all seen the Musical,'Hairspray,' or watched the movie at least right. So seeing this is The dance audition for Sandy. I'm gonna teach you something like a pop medley, but with different dances from the play. First part will be the beging of Miss Baltamore Crabs, then it will go into a part of New Girl in town. Then we will do a part from I can hear the bells. It will conclude with a big chunk of Ladies Choice. Yes Ladies Choice will be the dance Tracy does in the middle." Chris said.

8/21/2012 #27

Celeste nodded and went to take her place in the center.

(Sorry for that being short)

8/21/2012 #28
Little Miss StormCloud

"bare with me it will look silly having me teaching you the moves." CChris said. "now let's begin." He said facing them. He taught them the moves.

8/21/2012 #29
Year Of The Black Dragon
Janae just sat down and watched.
8/22/2012 #30
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