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Come on in!Everyone welcome.There is a designated M topic too,for lemons and such.xD
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Thee Cult of Personality

You want to make him or her?I can't do slash,I'm horrible at it.

6/10/2012 #31
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Ok I guess, it would be weird though if I was rping with myself lol
6/10/2012 #32
Thee Cult of Personality

Lol.You can try with another member,then?

6/10/2012 #33
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If they are partial to doing it. I would like ask Mark or Clark.
6/10/2012 #34
Thee Cult of Personality

Well,no,you could ask someone to create a new character.If they change the character,everything else has to change,too.

6/10/2012 #35
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True, or make them bi
6/10/2012 #36
Thee Cult of Personality

Maybe,but it would still require a character change.Especially with Clark,since he has PTSD.

6/10/2012 #37
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True again. I even I thought that Clark was hot lol.
6/10/2012 #38
Thee Cult of Personality


6/10/2012 #39
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Lol, well who wants to to make a gay oc, let me know.
6/10/2012 #40

can I has two chartatatas?

Name: Natalia Brookes

Age: 21

Nickname(s): Nat

Looks: Chocolate brown hair with fiery brown (almost red) eyes. She is small (about 5,3 :s) and has a broken cuff around her left wrist, a small chain (2 inches) hanging from it.

History: Grew up in a bad part of town, she survived in a gang since she had family problems. She was excellent at stealing and she could run pretty fast, she threw that life away when she was wrongly accused and sent to jail. It was a small sentence thankfully, the only problem was the key to her cuffs was jammed, they had to cut it. When she got back to her town she made up some bizarre story that she escaped from jail and broke the chain with her bare hands... nobody believed her.... she was 4.9 at the time and frail.

Family: Mother was choked by her father, she despised them both so she didn't care. She ended up running away at at the age of 15.

Hometown: a small Ghetto in thunderbay

Occupation: Scored a job as a cook in a fancy restaurant, (cooks like a boss)

Likes: Bars, running, telling stories, acting tough, she loves pissing people off and is rather sly herself.

Dislikes: Jails, heights, people commenting on her shortness. (She will RAGE)

Anything else? .... Meh not really

6/11/2012 #41
Thee Cult of Personality

You can have two characters...She's accepted,though I'd prefer less pauses and parenthesis.

6/11/2012 #42

Second chartatatata

Name: Nole

Age: 22

Nickname(s): NO

Looks: White hair and gray eyes, tall enough (6,1) and has a bit of muscle

History: Nole had studied biology and chemistry ever since he was a child, fascinated by science, his life long dream was to became a surgeon.

Family: Moved out when he was 19, his parents are around they call to bug him from time to time. He has a little sister (Mel she lives with him) who annoys him at his job.

Hometown: Was Burlington but moved for work related reasons

Occupation: Surgeon

Likes: Fast food, science, water and amusement parks

Dislikes: Crime, fish, and spiders. Don't try to push the fact he died his hair (Its effing natural aaaaaaaaaayyyy)

Anything else? He is bi

6/11/2012 #43
Thee Cult of Personality


6/11/2012 #44

Oki and sorry for the pauses and stuff. xD

6/11/2012 #45
Thee Cult of Personality

It's alright,just minor adjustments.

6/11/2012 #46
old inactive account

Name: Aiden Nile

Age: 23

Nickname(s): Daredevil, just for fun by his friends

Looks: Aiden stands about 5'11" tall, and he mostly wears his black sunglasses. His body's masculine and lean, including his chest and arms, but he's not too muscular, so his stomach is somewhat smooth and doesn't show his abs much He has short curly/wavy dark hair and his eyes are pale gray. His skin tone is slightly pale, and he has light chest hair that's like stubbles, but it's not too hairy, thank god.

History: Aiden was born and raised half of his life in a small town in Oregon until he was 10. He doesn't know his mom, who left him at his dad's doorstep after a few months, and his dad raised Aiden as a single parent but with friends for help. He learned how to play the piano first when he was 7 and he nearly stopped when a lightning strike caused him to go blind, and that was when his mom came back, but his dad haven't forgiven her for leaving. He and his dad moved to Canada. Aiden began to like singing after learning how to play guitar, but other kids bullied him about it, so he usually stuck with playing instruments. After college, Aiden visited L.A. to try getting a record deal, but several companies rejected him and he gave up. He decided to go to the retreat when one of his friends weren't able to go.

Family: his dad Austin and grandma Betty

Hometown: Montreal, Canada

Occupation: musician

Likes: baked pastries especially muffins, music, singing, anything/one that smells good

Dislikes: pity, anyone who thinks he's helpless, feeling useless, too much loudness, blind jokes, people waving their hand up at his face

Anything else?: he plays piano and guitar

I never played a blind character before xD

6/15/2012 . Edited 7/3/2013 #47
Thee Cult of Personality

Awe!xD Accepted.

6/15/2012 #48
Thee Cult of Personality

Ah,if only he wasn't famous...xD

Name:John Cena


Nickname(s):Johnny;JC;Cena;Johnny Cena

Looks:John is six foot,one inch.He weighs two hundred and fourty pounds.He's a rugged type of handsome,except for his bright blue eyes,sweet smile and his dimples.He's incredibly muscle,able to lift four hundred pounds in dead-weight.

History:John Felix Anthony Cena was born and raised in Massachusetts.He became enamored with professional wrestling when he was young,and can't remember a time in his life without it.When he got older,he played high school football,which ultimately got him a scholarship in Springfeild University.There,he played College Football,though he says that he was never very good at it.There,he and Cassie Rivera became fast friends.They remained close,and when they graduated,they never lost touch.John then moved to Miami,Florida and started to enter muscle-man contests.He was spotted by an OVW recruiter and joined,before he was spotted by WWE talent associate Jim Ross.He's been in Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment ever since.John joined the retreat for a few reasons.One,because Cassie and Jess would be there and he hadn't seen them in ages.Two,because he needed time off from the WWE before Vince McMahon wrung his neck,and three,because his Dad forced him to go because he'd been "moping around the house".

Family:John has five brothers,where he's the middle.His mother and father are divorced,and he's closer to his father who he nicknamed Johnny Fab,because he's JR.

Hometown:West Newbury,Massachusetts

Occupation:Professional Wrestler in the WWE.

Likes:Wrestling,kids,dogs,rap music,being an 'All American' boy,the troops

Dislikes:His ex wife,snobby people,rude people,heavy metal,anything fancy,cats,people accusing him of taking steriods.

Anything else?:He's Cassie's college friend.:D

6/15/2012 #49
Don't suppose I can add another character to the mix, can I?

Name: Devan McCarey

Age: 20

Nicknames: Dev, Carey, Kenzie (Will be explained in History section)

Looks: Devan has long, curly red hair that falls in ringlets to her lower back. Her skin is pale and spotted with freckles, however it seems unplagued by acne, unlike most teens her age. Her green eyes are naturally wide and framed by thick lashes. She is tall, reaching 5'11" and has a thin frame, lacking any kind of muscle. All in all, she's the type of person who would stand out in a crowd.

History: When Devan was just one year old, her mother auditioned her for a part in a sitcom that was to be aired in Ireland and Great Britain. She got the part and the show soon began production. Throughout the years, the show gained popularity, eventually becoming a top show in both countries it aired in. Devan's character, Kenzie, garnered her much attention. The show began airing in the US and Australia as well, and though it did gain some attention, it was not quite as popular as it had been in Ireland and Great Britain. When Devan turned fourteen, the show filmed it's final season. Afterwards, Devan continued in acting through movies. Again, her noteriety grew. However, when she turned eighteen, she stopped auditioning for roles. Though she still does interviews and the like, she has not been in any movies for over a year. She wants to spend time on herself and developing her future, which is why she came to the singles' retreat. Not only does it provide a vacation, but she might just be able to find a guy.

Family: Maria McCarey (Mother, 46) Scott McCarey (Father, 46) Carson McCarey (Brother, 23) Erin McCarey (Sister, 17)

Hometown: Waterford, Ireland

Occupation: Actress

Likes: Laughter, acting, ice cream, and swimming.

Dislikes: Sexism, boredom, veggies, and laziness.

Anything else?: She was born and raised in Ireland, so she has an Irish accent.

6/16/2012 #50
Thee Cult of Personality


6/16/2012 #51
Yay! Awesome, thanks! XD
6/16/2012 #52
Thee Cult of Personality

xD No prob.

6/16/2012 #53

Name: Lana Weston

Age: 43

Looks: Lana has frizzy blonde hair that she always keeps pulled back in a ponytail, greying at the ends. When it's down, her hair falls to her shoulders. She has green eyes that seem very knowing. She is short and stocky with short, stubby fingers. Her skin is tanned from years of working in the fields.

Family: Braden Weston (Husband, 43) Lane Weston (Son, 22) and Brackley Weston (Son, 20)

Occupation: Housewife


Name: Braden Weston

Age: 43

Looks: Braden is tall, dark, and handsome with tanned skin and black hair that is in a buzz cut. His eyes are brown and he has a muscular build, despite his older age.

Family: Lana Weston (Wife, 43) Lane Weston (Son, 22) Brackley Weston (Son, 20)

Occupation: Farmer


Name: Brackley Weston

Age: 20

Nickname: West

Looks: Brackley looks very much like his brother with his wavy blonde hair, tan skin, and green eyes. He is shorter than his brother, standing only at 6'0", but is more muscular. His skin is tanned and he has freckles spotted across his face and arms.

Family: Lana Weston (Mother, 43) Braden Weston (Father, 43) Lane Weston (Brother, 22) Lianne Hardy (Fiance, 19)

Occupation: Farmer


Name: Lianne Hardy

Age: 19

Looks: Lianne is a very delicate looking, pretty girl. Her hair is silky brown and falls down to the middle of her back. She is of average height, 5'8", and is very thin. She has tanned skin from spending time out in the sun. Her eyes are a light blue color and are the most captivating part of her.

Family: Lana Weston (Soon to be mother-in-law) Braden Weston (Soon to be father-in-law) Lane Weston (Soon to be brother-in-law) Brackley Weston (Fiance, 20)

Occupation: Life guard at a nearby beach. Once she's married, she will help Lana Weston in housekeeping.

6/22/2012 #54
Time Tinker

(This forum still alive? How graphic does this get?)

6/29/2012 . Edited 6/29/2012 #55
Thee Cult of Personality

Um,well,that's a tough question.Yes,it is still alive.Everyone poofed,and I'm not sure where they went.

How graphic it gets depends on you.Private RPs and The M Topic are allowed to go as far as the users want,whereas the main RP is strictly PG.

6/30/2012 #56
Time Tinker

K. Uh, how would you feel about an Ancient Egypt topic? I can't find any that are alive.

7/1/2012 #57
Thee Cult of Personality
Well,not on this forum.I can,possibly,create a new Romance forum with different time periods or places.
7/2/2012 #58
Time Tinker

That'd be awesome

7/2/2012 #59
Time Tinker


7/2/2012 #60
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