Moonsong Realm RP
The Moonsong Realm is an overlap in the Dimensional Plane. A new darkness intends on invading the other Realms of reality. However, people slip into Moonsong every now and then...
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Werewolf of Havok's Epicness

Rules and guidelines to follow while RPing on this forum.


1. No Mary Sues. By this I mean no ridiculously overpowered characters.

2. Suspenison of Disbelief. ( i.e. If you have a character with wings, Flight would make sense. A human with no outside help and flight would not be accepted.)

3. Any weopons your character has must be realistically carried on them. That means you can't have 8 super death cannons the size of cars on you at once.

4. Try not tou use outside knowledge to help your character(s) (Knowing whats happining somewhere else and reacting)

5. Limits. (having magic and using it as an excuse to go bonkers isn't allowed: have SOME restrictions. Same with Pscho-kintic powers such as telepathy)

6. Loosly turn based. For instance: You: X throws Y and it impales Z. is wrong. You: X throws Y. Me/Moderators: it impales Z. is right. Lossle meaning you can skip a turn if someone is taking a while. (like five days or so)

7. script based posts. this is technically our story, so let's write it!

8. have fun!

You must accept these rules to RP

6/11/2012 #1

I guess I accept, except- what's the real plot?

6/13/2012 #2
Jackie the Giant

I accept these rules! :D

7/6/2012 #3
I'll accept Dem.
7/21/2012 #4

Sounds more than fair. I accept the rules.

2/4/2013 #5
Werewolf of Havok's Epicness

Plot is up now. Yeah.

2/6/2013 #6
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