Moonsong Realm RP
The Moonsong Realm is an overlap in the Dimensional Plane. A new darkness intends on invading the other Realms of reality. However, people slip into Moonsong every now and then...
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Werewolf of Havok's Epicness

Races to choose from: Humans, Human-Animal Hybrid.

Character Creation Sheet:




Occupation before entering the Moonsong Realm:


6/11/2012 . Edited 2/8/2013 #1
Jackie the Giant

Name: Geneva "Longshot" Jask.

Gender: female.

Species: human.

Description: She is slightly shorter than average. Her frame is wiry, and her left arm, left leg and left eye are all cybernetic. Her hair is silver due to having her hair follicles jump-started, and is tied in a braid all the way down to her waist. She dresses in a gray jumpsuit that looks like it has been to hell and back, and then covered in patches to make up for it; tall, black boots and black, skin-tight protective gloves. Her good eye is dark green while her cybernetic one is red.

Occupation before entering the Moonsong Realm: Mercenary.

Weapons: She has a small blaster cannon that is incorporated into her cybernetic arm; she has knives hidden in her hair, boots, and jumpsuit; and a large blaster rifle she carries with her. The last one is about the size of a rolled-up rug and can blast through just about anything, but can only shoot ten shots before it has to be re-loaded.

7/6/2012 #2
Here is mine. Name:Derrick Jaydon A.K.A. DJ Race:Human. Gander:Male Description:He is a little taller than average,he has black hair in spikes covered by a beanie,blue eyes and tan skin,he wears a black long coat over a black tank top,black jeans,and black shoes,all of which are stained with dirt stains,and he also wears a metal glove on his right hand. Occupation before entering the Moonsong Realm:Rapper/Parkour teacher. Weapons:A katana carried in a sheath on his side,bow and arrows,a revolver,and a hidden blade connected to a chain on his right hand.
7/21/2012 #3

Name: Vincent Canton

Gander: Male

Race: Human-eagle hybrid

Description: He is very tall, about six-eight, and is mostly lean muscle. He usually doesn't wear a shirt so that his wings aren't restrained, and the equivalent of skinny jeans for aerodynamics. He wears no shoes (bird feet), and has the head of a golden eagle, which means he must talk using a telepathic link.

Occupation before entering the Moonsong Realm: SWAT Officer

Weapons: a belt of throwing knives and two scimitars.

2/4/2013 #4
Werewolf of Havok's Epicness

Accept, Accept, Accept. Sorry I took so long. whoops.

2/6/2013 #5
Werewolf of Havok's Epicness

Name: Darien Addams

Gender: Male

Race: Wolf-Human Hybrid

Description: Grey fur with a white muzzle. Wears a black sleevless shirt under a red jacket. Blue pants

Occupation before entering the Moonsong Realm: Merc

Weapons: sword and pistal

2/8/2013 #6
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