Moonsong Realm RP
The Moonsong Realm is an overlap in the Dimensional Plane. A new darkness intends on invading the other Realms of reality. However, people slip into Moonsong every now and then...
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Werewolf of Havok's Epicness

a large forest with several cities and towns. Goblins and trolls roam the mountains and woods. Most common entry point to those who fall into Moonsong Isles.

2/6/2013 #1

Vincent woke up in the shade of a huge tree, whose roots were several feet long, and over six inches thick. He sat up, and rubbed his aching head. God, it feels like I got hit by a truck or six..., he thought. That was when he realized that his scalp felt odd, to say the least, like it was covered in strange growths. He plucked one of these off, and it turned out to be a feather. He then noticed that his feet were the oversized talons of a bird of prey, like a hawk or eagle. Beginning to panic, he scrambled over to a nearby pond to view his reflection. He was horrified to discover that his head had become that of an eagle, and he had wings spanning at least 8 feet.

When he screamed, it emerged as a raptor's hunting call.

2/8/2013 #2
Werewolf of Havok's Epicness

Darien woke up to the screech of a bird, some distance off, and raised a hand to his head. That's when he realized that his hand was more of a paw then a hand. Panicing, he stood up to survey his body. He had a tail, and his shoes had been destroyed by his plantigrade feet, and his fur had caused some damage to the end of his jacket sleeves. Calming down a little, he took a survey of the area. He was in a thick, wooded area, with thinner trees. His sword and favorite pistal were near where he had awoken. Picken up his holsters, he hid his weapons under his jacket and began searching for food.

2/8/2013 #3

When Vincent finally calmed down, he let his training kick in. He knew that he needed to find, first and foremost, shelter. He was relatively confident that he could make do with a pile of leaves and some dirt, so that wouldn't be a problem. Therefore, food was his biggest concern. God I could go for something meaty, he thought, and preferably with a little fight in it. He shook his head. Whoa. That was weird. He picked up the weapons that were laying on the ground next to him, and checked out his wings again.

Time to see if these babies work.

2/8/2013 #4
Werewolf of Havok's Epicness

Darien was having trouble getting used to balancing in his new form. Walking was fine, but the acrobatics he was used to doing didn't factor in his feet and tail, and hunting was getting difficult. Taking stock of his gun, he knew he had two clips, and he doubted that would be very helpful. He hoped there would be a city nearby where he could get some more rounds. "now to find some food, Darien." he muttered to himself. He was getting hungry, and couldn't find a water source.

2/9/2013 . Edited 2/9/2013 #5


There was a loud CRACK as Vincent smacked beak-first into a nearby tree branch, breaking it off from the trunk. He managed to right himself in mid-air, and continued upward. He was elated; he had never felt so free. Then, out of the corner of his eye, he detected movement in the distance. He focused his eyes on the rustling brush, and dove at it.

2/12/2013 #6
Werewolf of Havok's Epicness

Darien had finally located something he could hunt. As it was feeding unaware of it's hunter. Suddenly, a loud cracking sound eminated from the nearby forest. Darien's prey looked up and moved into a bush. "Oh no you don't!" he sai as he dived into the bush after his prey.

2/12/2013 . Edited 2/12/2013 #7

Vincent glimpsed his prey through a small clearing in the brush. It seemed as if it was running from something, or someone. He caught a glimpse of what looked like a biped wolf running through shortly after, another hunter on the prowl.

Oh, no you don't!, he thought, and flew ahead to intercept his prey before he lost his meal to...whatever that other guy was.

2/13/2013 . Edited 2/13/2013 #8
Werewolf of Havok's Epicness

Darien sped ahead. He couldn't afford to let his meal get away from him. Through the bush, he caught glimpses of some large bird following his target, but he didn't care. That deer was his!

2/13/2013 #9

Vincent managed to avoid hitting any more trees, and landed in front of the deer. He could clearly see its pursuer now, some sort of anthro wolf. He held his ground though, and the deer, realizing that it was trapped, stood still in shock, almost like- as much as it pained him to use such a cliche- a deer in the headlights.

Hey! Step away from my lunch!, he thought as loudly as he could, in the somewhat improbable hopes of the wolf-man hearing him. As he did so, he felt a strange sensation in the back of his mind, like a sort of physical hum, and his thoughts seemed to have a strange echo to them.

2/14/2013 #10
Werewolf of Havok's Epicness

Darien charged out of the brush towards the deer. The bird-man was now full visible in front of him. That deer was trapped and clearly aware of it. Darien was about to let out a low growl when he heard something. Not the way one would usually hear something, but in the back of his mind almost. "Hey! step away from my lunch!" Darien was about to move when he realized that the words hadn't been spoken, and his musscles relaxed. "So my mysterious hunting rival can communicate with his mind? Neat trick." Darian's voice was deeper than he remebered, and it dawned on him he had barely spoken after waking up under that tree. he whipped his pistal out and aimed it at his adversary. "Now how about you give me some answers, beak-face."

2/14/2013 #11

Vincent was somewhat surprised that the wolf was capable of speech, more so that it had heard his thoughts. Admittedly he wasn't too surprised by it, seeing as he was apparently now a bird-man with telepathy or something, but he was caught a little off guard. He was actually kind of pleased to have someone to talk to, even if they were pointing a gun at him. He decided to try his telepathy thing again, and hoped that wolf-boy here wasn't some sort of trigger-happy madman that would rather shoot him than talk.

"Whoa, there. I don't think shooting me would be a good idea. We'd probably have a better chance of survival together, so please put down that gun; getting shot would really ruin my day. My name's Vincent, by the way." He pulled out one of the swords. "That deer's got plenty of meat on it. How about we share it. Deal?"

2/16/2013 #12
Werewolf of Havok's Epicness

Judging from the birdman's look of surprise, Darien suspected that his target was just as confused as he was. Another telepathic message came through, and Darien sighed, convinced of his theory. Reholstering his gun, he extended his other hand, er, paw and said simply, "Darien. nice to meet you."

2/17/2013 #13

Vincent sighed inwardly, relieved that he could keep his head, at least for today.

"Likewise," he said. Then, in a flash, he threw a knife from his belt, catching the deer right in its eye. He put up his sword, and pulled out another knife. "Now, let's have some lunch. I'm starving. See if you can start a fire or something, but don't set the forest on fire."

2/18/2013 #14
Werewolf of Havok's Epicness

Darien started breaking twigs around the clearing. So much for friendly hand shake, he thought. Darien was a survivalist. In his line of work, unusual situations were normal. There was something he needed to clear up. "You know anything about where we are, or why I woke up with fur and fangs?"

2/19/2013 #15

Vincent shrugged, holding the deer's head in his hand. "Your guess is as good as mine," he said. "I was chasing a crazy homeless guy through a warehouse. Then he ran through the freakin' wall, and I followed him. The next thing I know, I'm lying half-naked under a tree covered in feathers. Which is, admittedly rather unusual"

2/22/2013 #16
Werewolf of Havok's Epicness

Darien nodded slowly. "Last thing I remember, I was hanging out at my place after a succesful mission. Went to bed, and woke up with a tail." He placed the kindling in the ring of rocks he had. "This should do it," he said. "Throw a larger stick on when it starts to die." He stabbed his blade into the center and scraped a rock against it until it sparked. Removing and sheathing the blade, he turned to his new ally. "All done."

2/22/2013 #17

"Awesome. Thanks." Vincent began to butcher the deer, starting with the legs. His thoughts began to turn back to his life. His son Sam, his wife Kayla, his squad in the army, even his father, who he hadn't seen in four years. Then he thought of all the odd jobs he'd done for various private security companies before joining the Chicago PD, all the guys he'd worked with. Then he started getting a weird feeling in the pit of his stomach. There was something he needed to know.

Vincent hesitated for a moment. "Just out of curiosity, what organization do you work for?"

2/23/2013 #18
Werewolf of Havok's Epicness

"No one really. The police turn the blind eye because I help them catch the guys they can't, but usually it's just the guy with money and the picture. People ask me to bring in a target. I get the job done." He turned to the birdman. "you?"

2/23/2013 . Edited 2/23/2013 #19

"I am the police," Vincent said calmly. "SWAT, as a matter of fact. You ever been to Chicago?"

2/25/2013 #20
Werewolf of Havok's Epicness

"Occasionally. I had some missions there, but not many." Darien replied, looking around cautiously. "I don't keep up one place for long. People tend to not like it when I find them."

2/25/2013 #21

Vincent chuckled. "Yeah, I guess that's one way of putting it. Sorry about the 20 Questions. You just kind of remind me of someone I worked with, when I was freelance." He paused. "You know, I just thought of something. If we're not on Earth anymore- and I'm pretty damn sure we're not- then where in the hell are we? And why isn't there anyone else here?"

2/26/2013 #22
Werewolf of Havok's Epicness

Darien unsheathed his blade. "Who said we were alone?" he asked. "I've been hearing... things out there. I was afraid of this, the smoke attracted them! You have any weapons? My gun isn't exactly high in the ammo department." An arrow missed Darien's head and stuck into the tree behind him. Then some wierd things about three feet tall and had yellow leathery skin charged the clearing with swords before the arrow had even stopped quivering.

2/26/2013 #23

Vincent cussed a blue streak, jumping to his feet and pulling out his swords. "Here," he yelled, tossing Darien one of them and a couple of his knives. "I'll take the ones on the left, you get the ones on the right! LET'S GET THESE UGLY LITTLE FREAKS!"

2/27/2013 #24
Werewolf of Havok's Epicness

Darien caught the sword and allowed the knives to pass him into the bass of another tree. Aiming a low slash, he took out one of the goblin wannabes and twisted around pulling out one of Vincent's knives and shoving it into the face of another ugly freak.

3/2/2013 #25

Vincent threw a couple of knives at a group of the creatures, then immediately spun around and hacked at the neck of one charging him from behind.

3/2/2013 #26
Werewolf of Havok's Epicness

Darien wtched as Vincnet succesfully murdered the remaining beasties and turnded to him. "Think there are any more?" His response came in the form of a large cry from the surronding forest, followed by a much larger and uglier version of the goblins. "'Well. This could be am issue for us."

3/7/2013 #27

"Good point," Vincent said, after sizing up the beast. "As it is, we might just be outmatched. However," (pausing to pick up a bow and quiver from one of the fallen goblins), "It might be easier if it was blind." He nocked an arrow, aimed at it's eyes (remembering how poorly he did in Archery) and, praying, let fly.

3/8/2013 #28
Werewolf of Havok's Epicness

The arrow embeded itself in the thick neck of the beast. Despite that fact that the wound should have been fatal, the beast was barely stunned. "Give me that!" Darien said. "Archery isn't that hard!" Unfortunately for the two demihumans, the large goblin had gotten over its momentary setback and swung it hammer at the ground, causing a shockwave to come crashing at the two.

3/8/2013 #29

Vincent watched the beast shrug off his pathetic shot and slam its large hammer into the ground. Alarmed at the shockwave rapidly heading their way, he grabbed Darien and tried to fly up out of harm's way. "Try not to move around too much," he said. "I'm not sure this will work as it is; you're a little heavier than you look!" And still the shockwave approached...

3/11/2013 #30
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