Moonsong Realm RP
The Moonsong Realm is an overlap in the Dimensional Plane. A new darkness intends on invading the other Realms of reality. However, people slip into Moonsong every now and then...
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Werewolf of Havok's Epicness

Darien rolled his eyes and backflipped over Vincent, pushing off lightly against hime to grab an overhead branch. swinging, he launched and landing on a sturdier limb of a differant tree. Unsheathing his bald after sticking the landing, he turned and called out to Vincent to move.

3/15/2013 #31

Well, that works too, thought Vincent. He flew to a tree behind the beast, almost directly across from Darien. "Okay, I'm clear!", he yelled. "If you're planning something, do it quick; this thing looks pretty damn hungry!" Then he waited and watched, realizing that Darien was far more in command of the situation than he was.

3/18/2013 #32
Werewolf of Havok's Epicness

Darien sat overhead of the ugly troll, and had no ide what to do about it. His gun was loaded, but not much ammo was on him, and the arrow had demonstrated his thick flesh. Darien also had never worked on a team before, and had no idea how to effectivly order another person. the troll had gotten restless and was trying to uproot the tree Darien was in. Darien was about to flip over him, when a blue energy sphere crashed into the back of the monster. It roared in agony and then dropped. Darien drew his gun and turned to the source of the shot. A shorter man sat on a metal hovering oval, holding a thick blaster that was smoking. "If you two'r in the woods here, y'must be from another world." It was not a question.

Darien turned to Vincent questioningly and walked towards the man, but kept the gun in his hand.

3/21/2013 #33

Vincent watched Darien closely, expecting more of his admittedly impressive acrobatics. The guy was like a ninja with a gun and a tail and, even if he didn't see it himself, he was a natural leader. Even a cynic like Vincent could see that. And, on a more personal note, he reminded him of his son. Sam had the same kind of intensity and conviction as the young merc, traits Vincent admired.

When the bolt of energy punched a gaping hole through the monster, Vincent was almost fried crispy; as it was, he felt a few of his feathers singe off. He saw the short man with the blaster that had fired the shot, still smoking. He was standing on something resembling a giant metal Frisbee with a control console. The man said "If you two'r in the woods here, y'must be from another world," in a thick southern drawl. As Darien began to approach him warily, he turned to Vincent with a quzzical expression on his face. Vincent shrugged, hovered over and said to Darien privately "I have no clue who that guy is. I say we should go with him; he's the first actual person we've seen, he's not attacking us (yet), and he probably just saved our asses. Plus, he seems to have an idea of what's going on. If he does turn out to be effing nuts, we shouldn't have too much of a problem taking him out. Your call."

3/25/2013 #34
Werewolf of Havok's Epicness

Darien nodded slighly and jumped aboard the craft.

"I hope you have answers, 'cause we sure as hell have questions!"

The short, stocky man laughed and nodded.

3/26/2013 #35

Vincent sighed, relieved that there wouldn't be any sort of conflict, at least for a while. He put up his swords, retrieved all of his knives that he could find, and flew onto the craft. He asked the man, "First of all, where are we? And, following that, what the hell were those things and why am I a freakin' birdman?!"

3/26/2013 #36
Werewolf of Havok's Epicness

Darien continued, "And why do I have fur and fangs?"

The short man shook his head and told them their questions would be answered when they made it to the nearest settlement.

"untill then, those things are 'oblins and an ol' mountain troll. Very nasty. strange blastar you got there." he pointed to Darien's gun. "We cn remodel it so ya can get some ammo far it." the disc turned, and a short blue colomn of energy burst from behind, propelling the craft forward at high speed.

3/26/2013 #37

Vincent decided to sit down and rest while he had the chance. That last battle was rougher on him than he'd expected. He leaned against the rail, closed his eyes and passed out almost immediately.

3/30/2013 #38
Werewolf of Havok's Epicness

Darien looked down at his unconscious new friend and decided that sleep was a wonderful idea. He laid down, resisting the urge to curl up like a dog, and fell asleep too.

4/1/2013 #39

Vincent awoke with a start, after an unsettling nightmare where he was served up for a Thanksgiving dinner. Based on the change in light, he figured that they'd been travelling a couple of hours. He got up, a little stiffly, and approached the man.

"Where are we headed anyway?" he asked. "Also, do you know of any place to get a good gun? I'm not too bad with these," gesturing with a sword, "but I'm more comfortable having something that has some range to it."

4/4/2013 #40
Werewolf of Havok's Epicness

Darien sat up and yawned. "Sorry Vince, I need an upgrade too. I have no idea where to get one." "Ya c'n getcherr guns at the settlm'nt up ahead. We'll be there in a few." the pilot called back, "Be on yer best behavior, they don't take kindly ta strangers."

4/4/2013 #41

Vincent nodded to the guy and said "Duly noted." He stretched, and then sat down again and examined the swords, realizing that he had no idea where they came from. They were heavier at the tip than at the hilt, and had a slight curve to them. They looked to be made of bronze, and had weird squiggly marks running across the blade. He put them down for now; mmaybe someone would have a clue about them.

He looked at the man and asked "By the way, I'm Vincent, he's Darien. Who are you?"

4/23/2013 #42
Werewolf of Havok's Epicness

"I'm one o' the guys that comes for folk who fall through like you two. Me names not important since ya won't be seein' me much," the man replied.

5/10/2013 #43

"Alright, then" Vincent said. He realized that he wasn't going to get a lot out of this guy, so he decided to just sit back and watch the scenery until they arrived.

5/15/2013 #44
Werewolf of Havok's Epicness

"We'll be comin' up en Apa soon. This should cover the cost of some new gear. Meet me in the tallest building in Apa in one hour."

A large fortified wall came into view as the man spoke, and he tossed Vincent a sack filled with gold-like tokens inside.

5/16/2013 #45

"Much obliged," said Vincent,catching the sack of coins. He hesitated for a moment. "Um, do either of you have a belt or a piece of string or something? These pants don't have pockets."

6/21/2013 #46
Werewolf of Havok's Epicness

"My jacket has pockets," Darien said, " but I'm not sure I trust the locals yet."

6/22/2013 #47

"Paranoid, much?" Vincent shook his head and sighed. "Fine," he said, "I'll carry the money until I can find a belt."

6/26/2013 #48
Werewolf of Havok's Epicness

"Better paranoid than dead or robbed," replied Darian. "Always assume someone is trying to kill you. It'll keep you alive someday."

8/22/2013 #49

Vincent agreed with Darian, though he didn't want to admit it. He paused as a thought came to him. "Darian, does it bother you as much as it does me that this guy won't even give us his name, much less where we're going?"

8/28/2013 #50
Werewolf of Havok's Epicness

"Do you have a better idea? We know nothing about this world. For all we know, humans don't exist!" Darian responded

8/29/2013 #51

"Hey, I'm not denying that. I'd prefer this to being on our own. All I'm saying is that we shouldn't get complacent. Besides, weren't you the one who was worried abot the money being, like, a bomb or something?"

9/3/2013 #52
Werewolf of Havok's Epicness

"Hey, if all else fails, two guys like us could probably take him easily." Darian whispered, "And besides, we might as well learn how this world works."

9/3/2013 #53

"Agreed," Vincent said. He laid back, closed his eyes and waited for the journey to reach its desitination.

9/4/2013 #54
Werewolf of Havok's Epicness

Darian finally relaxed his muscles, but unlike Vincent, kept his eyes focused on their pilot. Their pilot on the other hand, was keeping his eyes on the city below looking for a landing spot.

9/14/2013 #55

Though his eyes were closed, Vincent was far from unaware of his surroundings. Ever since he'd arrived here-wherever here was- he'd had this odd itch in the back of his mind, a kind of tingling sensation that seemed to reverberate off of the minds of everyone and everything he encountered. If he concentrated, he began to hear whispers in his head; most of these were little more than gibberish, but some words and emotions would occasionally spill over. He sensed the approaching minds of a great many people, likely the village the man had referred to. They were getting close now.

10/29/2013 #56
Werewolf of Havok's Epicness

"We seam to have 'rrived" their pilot said calmly. "Now landing. Ya might be able to get a discount at Bertham's if ye say 'a friend says hello'". Darian repeated it to himself.

12/16/2013 #57
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